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August 12, 2010


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Stopped in the Starbucks beach side in Cocoa Beach Florida last week and every table had at least one lap-top and the folks looked like they had been there for a while.


I thought the partnership with Apple only really affected the Seattle market.


Does anyone know if the LCD "Now Playing" screens are still in use/being installed in stores? I have never seen one but have heard at one point they were really putting a lot of effort into installing them.


LCD screens are still up and in use in NYC. From what I'm told, they are not being installed in newer or remodeled stores.

I too was amazed at how quickly, and quietly the "iTunes wifi music store at starbucks" went away.

Jim  Romenesko

>>>>I thought the partnership with Apple only really affected the Seattle market.

If you read the release I posted, you'll see that this was a national initiative. There were supposed to be 500 LA stores involved, and 300 in Chicago. I'm in Chicago and there's not a single store with the NOW PLAYING LED screen.


Sorry, Jim! I was relying strictly on my bad memory.

Ralph Daily

I opened iTunes in my local Alabama store last week and iTunes popped up a panel that showed songs that were playing instore and offered to let me buy them. So the Apple partnership doesn't need the lcd, you just open iTunes while connected to the store wifi.

Spider Jerusalem

Anyone else seeing losers en masse showing up to just use the internet for hours at a time and not buying anything?

Nat Sanit

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Deb Snell

i own a coffee shop with free wifi. high schools kids dominate the seats and do not buy drinks. i even sell smoothies,etc. i am losing my paying adult customers. help?

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