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October 29, 2010


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Laid Off

The last time someone was told they were Banned from Starbucks the SM, was fired, stating they didn't have the right to kick anyone out of the Store, they should have called the DM, have them come to the store and find out what was going on, the DM lived two hours away...
So by saving time just call the Police and have them remove the customer. This way you have a paper trail, and if Starbucks fires you, you have the right to Sue, because you are looking after the Store, Partners and the other customers.

Starbucks loves to get Sued, 4.8 mil for not taking care of the floor in a store, Shame.... where was the FSM... 4 to 5 states away, not in this case right there in their home state... JOKE..

Let’s save money by laying some more partners,

VIA needs to be dropped like a bad habbit...
It only took starbucks 5yrs to come up with freeze dried coffee,
I heard that the astronauts had this in outer space,,, but it wasn't Starbucks
<< HA HA HA >>

so how are the Beer and Wine Stores going to work, most States you have to be over 21 to sell Alcohol,
Can’t wait for the first Bum that get's busted, and places the blame on Starbucks, and they get Sued AGAIN....

Laid Off

Let’s save money by laying OFF some more partners,

Sorry,, bad spell check....

Venti Urnex Latte

Jim, I believe it is commonly "set foot," not "step foot."



We've already discussed this.


It's obvious to call the police first. She should be fired for putting starbucks in such a bad place.

Former Lead

Yes I banned 2 people from one of the stores I was at. 1 guy was always borderline causing trouble outside and finally one day he grabbed an umbrella and started shaking it and finally broke it in half (the old wooden umbrellas). He after a month came in the store and asked for me and apologized so I let him back in the store because he had the respect to come in and act like an adult and talk to me.
The other guy threatened the partners in my store with physical harm so I informed him that as long as I am at that location he will NOT be able to come back. He tried to come in and apologize to me and I told him that threatening bodily harm to my partners is inexcusable and he is NEVER allowed back. Even after I left that store the following partners still did not let him back in. Sad to say that store was on the hit list for closures a year ago.


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Yeah you can ban people. It's not fun to do and it really just gets messy most of the time. We've recently had to ban a person who kept stealing food items and such because he started stealing the tips. More then once. We finally told him he was no longer welcome in the store - cause lets face it, if all he is doing is stealing, theres no point in letting him in anyways - he isn't buying anything he's just stealing.

So it happens.

No one is getting fired for it.

Other reasons I've heard of people getting banned are when a male customer begins to stalk a female employee. It happens more often then it should and thats an easy way to become banned when you become a creepy stalker.


I've seen two people trespassed in the past year, and had a two more arrested at my store. If you tell someone they are not welcome back, and they return, have them trespassed. That way there is official documentation as to who, when, and why. In my experience, Starbucks does not take issue when you keep your partners and customers safe.

Prefer Pike

I've noticed that when Italian Roast is the coffee of the day, the Pike Place tastes like Italian, too. I've noticed this at a few stores. Has anyone else noticed? (I hate Italian, which is why I bring it up.)


When I was an SM for Starbucks, I permanently uninvited someone who came into the store, crapped all over the bathroom (we called Hazmat it was so bad) and proceeded to eat a meal at the restaurant next door, covered in her own feces.


How about for fun, in honor of Halloween; Baristas--what is the scariest moment you've ever had while working at The Bux? (and no, having to push VIA doesn't count.)


We have banned one person from my store in my memory. He was always tempermental, rude, and angry, but that was mostly managable. One day, though, he lost it and grabbed the barista over the counter. He was banned after that.


OMG we kick people out all the time. There are tons of drunks constantly coming around so we have to kick someone out on almost a daily basis. Usually "asking them to leave" is enough, but probably at least once or twice a week we have to straight up tell them to, and threaten to call the cops. We end up having to follow up on that threat probably once every week or two at least. Most of those times we don't bother to have them trespassed, but if someone is a repeat offender, or if their behavior was particularly threatening, we do. That's really rare, probably only 2-3 times a year.

I <3 music

I've seen people kicked out of two of the stores I've worked at. There was a couple who were doing heroin in our bathrooms. For a few months. We called the cops. The cops didn't seen to care about the needles left. The users got harassed but nothing really came of it.

Then months later I was working at another store and the same homeless couple started coming in. I warned the team about them. I caught them drink in our restrooms. They were told not to return.

My question is.....why do people do this at Sbux?

Coffee Drinker

"There are tons of drunks constantly coming around so we have to kick someone out on almost a daily basis. "

"Drunks"? In a Starbucks, in a coffee cafe?? What were they thinking, that the place served alcohol?

Maybe if it did you coulda give 'em a drink to calm them down, rather than have to kick them out.

Don't worry, I know the difference between a "drunk" and someone who merely "drinks." (This is no disparity of what Aaron wrote; it's to the SBUX alcohol issue in general.)

Bravo to baristas who have the guts to do the right thing to keep patrons and community safe.

Venti Trenta

Does anyone know what the official policy is on co-workers living together? So long as they are not in a romantic relationship, is it forbidden?

I have long been told that it was, but recently several people from the store are looking to rent a house. I'm a shift and the rest would be baristas. Is this a problem? I am now told that it only matters if the SM or ASM were to co-habitate with baristas.


Technically, it is in your best interest to not fraternize with people at a different level than you. I do not think that shifts and baristas are allowed to cohabitate, regardless of a romance or not. Unless they are at different stores - that would be okay. If your boss found out, they would probably try to transfer you.

Julia Perez

Technically, got banned because doing something that not appropriately...

im sure there is better explanation about this...



The guy arrested in New Jersey is identified as Tamer Tawfik, 42 years old. Hey, with a name like Tamer in NJ, it's a good bet he just needs to go.


When I worked at Starbucks, we had this one guy who was banned from the store and arrested. We're right across the street from a high school and he use to come here and sit outside the store with some of the kids and he would say he was an undercover cop to some of the kids that use to hang out in front of the store supposedly to deter drug dealing from being done out there. At one point, he "arrested" a girl and drove her off in his car.. At the time we didn't know any of this but later we found all that out. Then he disappeared for a week or two and then came by the store either before the bank next to us opened or after it had closed. He'd say he had to go to court to testify against someone the next day (or later that day if it was in the morning) and needed a check cashed. So he would ask partners to cash the check in the ATM and he'd say just give him $200-$400 from the check and keep the other $100 or $200. Finally, one barista did that and guess what? The check bounced. A police report was filed, he was banned from all SBUX in the area and at one point the FBI came to investigate the check fraud. We were told he was arrested some time later so a happy ending to this story!


Partners in our district were allowed to dress up in costumes today. Were partners elsewhere allowed to? Anybody see baristas wearing cool costumes?

sample cup

I don't know if we were allowed to wear costumes, but I assume not because we got no communication on it.

Another reason I don't think we can is that during the launch of Flavored Via, we allegedly had a spirit week, which included a day where we could dress up like we were camping... but the email read that we all had to continue to wear slacks (NO JEANS!) and our regular shoes and the assumption was that we had to wear the apron. So we could wear a flannel shirt and pigtails? No thanks.

I guess for Halloween I went as an apathetic coffee monkey.


Try this drink: Iced, breve, salted caramel hot chocolate. Tried it today - the best!


Your Dm decided if you could dress up or not. Ours let us and everyone was wearing cool outfits


we dress up every year at my store!


People can be banned on a store level, district level, and world wide (yes, this happens). Make sure to always report everything to corporate ASAP because you know they will be calling as soon as it happens.


Now that Halloween is over....does anyone know when the Christmas bevs start? I'm hoping this year's gingerbread is an improvement over the last two years!


Coleen they start tomorrow nov 2nd


Coleen they start tomorrow nov 2nd

Doppio Con Karma

@ Colleen,
Just curious what your issue with the gingerbread was? the candied ginger bits? I would think the syrup would be the same year to year, but I confess very limited personal knowledge of many of our seasonal drinks.


Years ago in the Boston area there was a guy banned from most stores, know as "honey man". Honey man would grab a fist full of honey packets and take them into the bathroom to masturbate with. He got caught at several stores, as he wasn't much for cleanup, and we all started keeping honey behind the counter.

The Moar You Know

I left in 2003, I don't know if things have changed since then, but from reading some comments in this thread, it seems to be more scattershot than it used to be.

You formerly couldn't ban people at all.

I had a situation where a guy and his married girlfriend came in the store often (regulars). And her husband came in (also a regular). The inevitable happens and the husband beats the boyfriend to the floor and threatens to shoot them both (he was a raging alcoholic and owned guns and probably would have done it). We called the cops, boyfriend refuses to press charges, I toss them all out of he store and tell them to not come back.

They call corporate and bitch about how unfair the ban was.

Corporate calls me, I give 'em the story. Corporate calls back the next day, tells me "no ban", apologizes for my rude behavior to all three customers and gives 'em $20 gift cards. Interestingly enough, I was not reprimanded, but I left shortly afterwards. The incident showed me that the company does not care about your safety. Period.

Here's the truth of the matter; all Starbucks cares about is sales. They could care less about the safety of either their employees or customers, and there are plenty of stories floating around out there that can prove that assertions.

So, you cannot be banned from a Starbucks unless you want to be. Just call corporate, you'll be back in that store crapping all over the restroom every day if you want, there's not a damn thing the employees can do about it if you want to indulge in whatever sick behavior you like.

Remind me to tell you about the child molester that bragged about his exploits to our female employees. They refused to ban him, too.


You can very much ban someone from a store. You just have to follow proper proceedure and create paper trails.

You must write incident reports ever time the person creates a problem and call them in. YOu must email you DM about the problems.

You must contact Partner and Assets protection.


Anyone care to help out this reporter?


I'm a reporter for Bloomberg News who recently started covering Starbucks. I'm working on a story about Starbucks's progress in remodeling its stores, both at high profile locations like Olive Way as well as rank-and-file stores across the country.

I've read posts on your blog about the new Olive Way store, and also about a legal settlement due to disrepair at a Pasadena store.

I'm looking to speak to some of the baristas who commented on those posts, as well as any others who would tell me about the condition and repair of their Starbucks stores. Could you make my contact information avaliable to your barista readers on Starbucks Gossip? Here's my info:

Burt Helm

Anthony Esparza


This happens quite frequently in larger cities & SM are not handling proceedings correctly however do not suffer any consequences. I've been with the company for 4 years now and once a person is asked to leave a store an accident report is then filled out & sent to corporate that day.

As for Burt contact our media department no Barista, Shift Manager, of District Manager has the authority to answer official question about Starbucks



SBUX has an actual form for banning people, it was in some kind of manual. You just needed DM approval and then fill out the form and present it to the offending customer(s) and call the police if the offending customer(s) ever came back. Some DM's liked to present the form themselves to the customer(s) banned to verify the partner's statements about the unreasonable customer(s). I had to do this several times when I was an SBUX manager. The main offenders were former employees fired for theft and a poor homeless guy with mental problems that kept throwing coffee or furniture on customers. I never experienced any problems with being able to ban customers for inappropriate behavior.


When I worked for Starbucks, we had group of homeless people who regularly frequented the store. From morning to evening they'd be there, and every once in awhile get a coffee. Sure, it was a little annoying they were loitering but they didn't bother anyone.

Anyway, I'm going to the bathroom one day and I see a homeless person washing his head with shampoo in the sink. This wasn't the first time a customer or someone had mentioned the homeless showering in the bathroom, but after having seen it in person, I had to report it. We had the man banned from the store, but not with anything to do with the DM--we contacted the police and they took care of it.

Later I saw another homeless man taking a shower in the bathroom, rinse and repeat the same procedure. That's the only time I've ever known about "banning" anyone.

bean there done that

In part of any business there are always a few who can't behave and have to be asked not to come back.This is nothing exclusive to Starbucks. Something more of concern is why are they holding so many manager recruiting days in CT? Several stores have comanagers and I walked into a local store store to find they were interviewing even more? WILL STORE MANAGERS BE THE NEXT TO BE "ASKED TO LEAVE"?

James Connolly

New Reuters article about the company.


Coffee Drinker

In Tucson there was a homeless gentleman with a shopping cart and a dog who sometimes took advantage of the shade near Starbucks, which was part of a strip mall. I occasionally filled his old Starbucks cup from my fresh brew, or just gave him the whole thing. He was most appreciative. I asked the manager if he was OK, and they said yes, they saw him each morning. I don't know if he ever went inside.

The other night at my current SBUX a man was SHOUTING across the room, talking to some young girl who was using her laptop. He went on and on about the time he met Reagan, on and on. She didn't seem to care but politely interjected "wow that's interesting" now and then.

Now he was rude and inconsiderate, and maybe not worthy of being banned, but certainly of being told to quiet down. It was funny because the more coffee he drank, the louder he got. Caffeine buzz!


If I ever saw a homeless person bathing in our sink I'd never have him banned!! That could be someones father. Or one day you! That's such a heartless thing to do. I can understand the junkies shooting up and the honey guy but a harmless homeless guy trying to clean up. My god, have a heart. We had a lady living in her car out back of my store and she sat in the store everyday on her laptop (this was right after we started the free wifi) and one day I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her. She said no, a bit rudely but she's in a situation where anyone would get defensive. Eventually she asked if she could wash up in our bathroom. I told her that was fine and even brought her paper towels cause our bathrooms have the electric hand dryers. Her brother helped her out. But for about a week I would mark drinks out for her, mostly I'd just give her iced water. And at mght whenwe would have to throw away all our out dated pastries I'd go give them to her. Being homeless is no fun. Put yourself in their shoes and grow a heart!!!

Me, myself, and I

I kick people out all the time, I just make sure to yell at them outside. After many, many, many years, I've learned to bypass the DM and all the red tape. After all, if the people are so screwed up to get kicked out of SBUX than they're less likely to go through the proper channels to get me fired because they're ignorant idiots. Just tell them you'll have the police escort them out if they come back in.


I worked for Starbucks for 3 years and we kicked out plenty of people for doing really weird things such as a homeless man who would threaten customers and employees or customers that would stalk our employees and make sexual remarks.


Off topic perhaps but can a barista tell me if the "Caramel Apple Spice" is made with 1 or 2 pumps of syrup? I am in love with the drink with the cool weather but it is a tad sweet ( like many SBUX drinks are). Is there a way to make it a bit less sugary ?


~15 years ago at what was then my local Starbucks, I saw a situation where a guy who was drunk and causing a disturbance was asked to leave. I don't know whether he ever came back, or if so, how he behaved.


Well, let's see there was the woman snorting coke in our bathroom, the guy that threw up on our patio and then attempted to assault a female barista for "poisoning him," the drunken guy that threatened to stab one of our customers...
It goes on and on like this. I have kicked out many people and 86'd (permanent ban) or helped the manager 86 at least 5 people in the 3 years I worked for the company here in Las Vegas.
And that's probably the important factor. Vegas...


SBUX policy controls the genitalia of its employees. Excellent idea even though it was discredited decades ago. How does any SBUX non-executive employee except this intrusive policy?

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