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November 30, 2010


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Venti Urnex Latte

Anyone else remember the rugelach? I think they sold for 40 cents. They weren't very good -- too greasy.

And those little homemade-esque chocolate cookies? My neighbor would come in and buy just one.

Jeff Tom

I truly miss the whole grain walnut baguettes they sold in the seattle market a few years ago. I THINK they were made by Schwartz Bros, but I contacted them and they said nope.


Starbucks is DUMPING FSN. YAY!!!



... i desperately miss the whole wheat bun, and the raspberry scone. oh and the toffee almond bar --who's idea was it to get rid of the toffee almond bar?!?

Coffee Soldier

The lemon bar sold 30 a day in the summer time!...I even miss the peanut butter and jelly bar with a nice glass of cold milk!....So many good pastry items have gone away over the years!

Happy 12 Days of Sharing by the way ALL!
Can't wait to rock it on Xmas WB coffees when they are BOGO!!!

James Connolly

We never got a peanut butter and jelly bar here. I now feel ripped off.


Ditto to the Toffee Almond Bar. Or the Java Pecan bar....holy man, best pastry ever. Chocolate cream cheese muffins were r0xor too.


Whoa, I forgot about the Toffee Almond Bar. What happened to that? Did the anti-transfat movement kill it? THAT was a great pastry item.

James Connolly

Agreed with the Toffee Almond bar. The marzipan in it was killer.


Toffee Almond Bar and Lemon Crumb Bar are my favourite!

Especially the latter with a delicious cup of Sidamo!

Mrs. Tillinghamshackles

I miss the butterhorns :)


Maple nut scone - where art thou?


Butterhorns creeped me out. In fact, any pastry that can be kept as long as they could does. Polar bear cookies, anyone?

Herman M.

How can she list plain old Awake tea as a "substitute" , yet completely gloss over the fact that what is nominally the core product, coffee, has always been on the lower calorie list? It is simply all the junk that folks add to the beverage that makes it higher calorie.

In a similar vein, the whole hullabaloo about Starbucks entering the "energy beverage" market a couple years back...coffee is one of the original energy drinks. Yet it took loading it wih sugar and putting it in a can for someone to feel they had filled that niche.

Just sayin'...


Sounds like a reason to push the Marshmallow Dream Bar to me!

Seriously, Toffee Almond Bar, I would sell my first born to get you back.


I miss the carrot cake then turned to carrot cake bars. I second the chocolate cream cheese muffin!


Chocolate Cinnamon Bread....ahhhhh


#7 Grande Nonfat cappuccino...

What is the point of a nonfat cappuccino??? Yeah, you can make lots of foam with nonfat but it doesn't taste good... Gotta go with whole. If you get a short or a tall, it's still not that terrible for you.


When the world ends, there will be two things left: cockroaches and butterhorns.

Darth Sidamo.

A cup of me? Why thank you and welcome to the dark side. Carrot cream cheese muffin rocked my socks. But how could you not know those things would kill you. The serving size should be of 3 not 1 of the mini items. People are stupid enough for it to be misleading

Coffee Soldier

The seven layer bar was also a customer favorite as well as the M&M cookie..they have been gone for more than 3 years but nearly weekly someone asks for the M&M cookie....stupid transfat!!!


Molasses cookie FTW! I also enjoyed the large peanut butter cookies. The toffee almond bar and the seven layer bar were also two of my favorites. Anyone remember when the peppermint brownie had like red sprinkles on it? I remember liking that much more than the current peppermint brownie, but I can't remember exactly what was all on top of it.


I loathed the peppermint bark brownie, but the Andes mint brownie from 2006 was fan-freakning-amazing!


I still remember molasses cookies from about 10 years ago. They were great.
So, a couple weeks ago, we had a family emergency. I'm a black drip coffee person but the PM my my days better.

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