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December 08, 2010


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Darth Sidamo.

This person is a douche bag. I went ahead and said it. There are ways to beat all systems. I could never pay for salt or ketchup again if I stole the packets of each from McDonalds. However being cheap and doing the ghetto latte directly effects the cost in drinks for yourself and others. Those price increases werent to add extra profit as much as it is to offset the cost of free syrups and higher cost of milk.

Every customer you could tell them some ridiculous way to ring some stupid drink. This throws your fellow baristas under a bus who do choose to ring a person up for the product they consume correctly. This is also unfair to the person willing to pay full price for their drink, because you decided to help a customer be cheap. Next time you want a cost of living raise or more hours remember that money comes from somewhere


I really hope that is NOT a partner writing that piece. The person has no understanding of what MyStarbucksRewards is. None. You do not have to buy TWO pounds of coffee do get any free tall beverage. A customer is ENTITLED to a tall free drink (any beverage) IF buying one pound of beans and paying with their registered, loaded, card under MyStarbucksRewards, at the "green" level of perks or higher.

But more importantly, sure you can save a few dollars here and there with this kind of thing, and the company CAN afford it. They can throw $750 million dollars at Kraft. They won't go bankrupt on ghetto lattes, because that person did pay something. But STILL I would discourage this kind of thing as much as I possibly could. I would totally discourage it in every possible way.

The article says become friends with baristas in hope of getting free drinks - Nooo! I don't want to do anything to even put my favorite baristas at risk of getting admonished. They should not be handing out free drinks. On top of it all, you pay a premium for a premium experience. It is like an unwritten contract: I pay you full price for this drink because in exchange I get great partners who get health care and are happy!!

I'm sorry, I just cringe at this kind of thing. I so hope that isn't really a partner writing, and I hope no customer takes it seriously (except for the part about bringing in your own cup - That's a green thing to do).

Sorry. /rant over


Thank you Melody. There are several things wrong with that list. Also, baristas are instructed not to ring up separate transactions for the gold card.Of course, we have to just say yes, but we tell them that next time we won't be able to do it. As a partner, I don't appreciate someone buying seven drinks and requiring me to ring them up separately while I'm the only ringer and there is a line out the door. It happens quite a bit. I don't give free drinks very often, but I will if someone said they had a bad day or something. But I don't give people free drinks just because I like them, I'd get fired. I also NEVER put decaf in the coffee if a customer is rude. I just take it and rant about it later. The only time anyone I know has ever given decaf on purpose has been to a pregnant lady. I also hope this person is no longer a partner. What leads me to believe they might not be is that they said the gold card rewards are every 10 drinks or so. It's 15, and that has been drilled into everyone's heads.


I stopped reading after the second paragraph, because I got really upset. An americano does NOT contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. It's much stronger flavor as far as flavor, but if you're looking for a long-lasting pick-me-up, order tea.

I seriously want to kick that person in the kneecaps. Befriend a barista so you can get free drinks??? Are you freaking kidding me? Sorry, my friends don't get free drinks, unless I am actually paying for them with my own money--even then, it's usually my bestie and my mother. If my own husband comes in while I'm on the clock, I expect his ass to pay full price for his drink! Granted, I will "surprise and delight" customers if they are having a bad day, but I'm not going to risk losing my job over five bucks.

I'm so tired of these baristas who have only been around a year or so and act as if they are seasoned partners who know every detail of every standard and how to "cheat" the system. If your partner numbers pre-date mine AND you're not a rehire, then I'll take you seriously...


People who ask for a venti frappuccino split into two cups have no shame. None. Seriously, I'm embarrassed for them when they order.


"Also, baristas are instructed not to ring up separate transactions for the gold card." That is a false statement.

Darth Sidamo.

The separate tranactions are a pain and i feel for the customers behind them, but atleast it increases customer count and adds labor. Also just adding a shot to an americano automatically charges for the next higher size in a smaller cup. A shot is 75ml of caffeine. A coffee being a small bit higher. The best bang for your buck is easily a black eye, red eye, or since VIA came about the brown eye.

Darth Sidamo.

The brown eye (coffee with a pack of VIA) trademarked original by Darth Sidamo.


This guy wrote an article full of so many flaws it's ridiculous. I mean, cheap health care? Really? A free beverage every 10 drinks with a registered card? Seriously, this guy needs to go through training again.


Dear Starbucks customers and the "partner" who wrote this article,
My two cents: Times are tough. I know this. I'm the girl who makes your handcrafted beverage and hundreds just like it every day. I make $7 an hour. I look for ways to save money all of the time, so I don't mind that you bring in your personal cup or your coupon or your registered Starbucks card so you can save a little bit yourself. These are options available to each and every one of you and should be encouraged. I, however, take offense to the majority of this article, and you should too. Starbucks, as a company has money to spare. I don't care one way or the other if you want to cheat the company, its not my money. I don't even care that you think I'm stupid or ignorant enough to not know what you're doing, which I do. What I care about is that you are cheating me. Not as a Starbucks partner, but as a Starbucks customer. I, and the other thousands of honest customers out there, order the drinks as they are and should be and pay for them accordingly. Why is it fair that you pay half of the posted price, or less, just because you've figured out how to cheat the system? Why is it that you seem to think that you're better or more deserving than the rest of us? A certain sense of entitlement comes along with the $4 cup of coffee, I get that. Its our fault because we've allowed and even encouraged it from the start. I will accept my share of responsibility for that, but do not think for even a second that I am going to risk my job to give you free drinks or discounted merchandise just because you smile and tell me I make a damn good triple espresso macchiato in a grande cup with extra milk and foam to the top.
Your barista

*A french press is 32oz (or two grande cups) not 45oz.
*An Americano does not taste just like a cup of coffee.
*It takes 4 shots of espresso to equal the caffeine content of a 12oz. cup of regular coffee.
*You will receive a coupon by mail good towards a free drink every 15 transactions, not 10, with your GOLD level rewards card.
*You get ANY tall beverage free with purchase of just one pound of coffee with your GREEN level rewards card.
*You should not be offered any free drink or special offer in exchange for buying VIA unless it is a company approved promotion.
*The coupon on the side of grocery store purchased coffee is for a tall coffee. Not a venti coffee. Not a discount on another drink.
*You will not be offered a pound of our coffee for the price that you paid at the grocery store. You didn't buy a pound of coffee at the grocery store. You bought 12oz.
*Your friend, the barista, should not be giving you discounted merchandise or free drinks. They will get fired, and that won't do either of you much good.
And lastly...
*We PREPARE lots of things, mix them, combine them, handcraft them even, but we don't "hand-make" shit.

yeah, I said decaf

Gee, I wish some of you were my baristas. I visit almost every day, get my humble grande soy cappuccino. I respect someone who can make a good cappuccino above most things these days :)


I want to know where she works and who the heck trained her. Americanos taste like coffee? Guess why?! Not to mention that they do NOT contain more caffeine. Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge.
And yes, please. Not enough news articles have taught how to make a ghetto latte. Let's publish it again! Does she realize that the price of an iced latte actually pays her salary and her health insurance. Not the brightest crayon in the box.
It just got worse and worse! What a bunch of nonsense.


@allie shame on you for giving decaf to someone because you thought you knew better than her! It's ok to have some caffeine when you are pregnant, and either way, that's not your call


Feel free to order your shots of espresso on ice. And about 70% of the time they will be decaf.

Me No Likey Melody (Or Juan Valdez)!!

get a life melody!


says the person who took the time to post this

Have some self-respect.

Why do people have to be such cheap bastards? If you want to save money on your drink--MAKE IT AT HOME.

As a former barista, people who asked me to add an extra shot that they _intentionally_ did not order annoyed the crap out of me. People who think it's ethical to constantly try to pull scams in life just irritate me to no end, no matter what the context.

For the love.


Oh my, so much fun...

-Americanos have less caffeine than drip. Doh!
-Ringing Americanos by shots, not cup size, is part of Barista 100 training. Doh!
-No one should be ringing two tall drinks as a venti. Two tall lattes is not the same charge as a venti latte. Frappuccinos are not some crazy exception. You either pay for two talls or ask for an empty cup. Doh!
-Starbucks rewards: my oh my
-Free drink with VIA? Are we still trying to fake it till we make it?
-I have never, ever heard of anyone price matching a grocery store. Hell, bring in your Costco ad and buy the store out of VIA!
-You do not get 10 cents off for using a for here mug. The cost of providing and washing your cup far exceeds the cost of a paper cup and lid. As Starbucks has said again and again, labor is expensive!! 10 cents = bring ur own
-No one working here calls us "Bucks." Tacky, anyone?
-There are standards for qualifying for benefits... not everyone is just handed health care, a lot of baristas have to fight for hours just to stay qualified.
-Having a Mastrena has ZERO to do with how "good" a store is, how much money it makes, or who the manager is... every store is supposed to have them by the end of this month anyhow.

Finally, I've got to say that lack of integrity seems to be a huge problem at Starbucks these days. Free drinks for friends! Abuse of partner discount! Free drinky for buying VIA that was less than the cost of your drink!

Anyone around long enough likely would have had a close friend or coworker laid off during the 2008-2009 purge. For me it was the best DM I ever had and a very, very promising ASM. These people sacrificed their jobs so the company could stay profitable and thrive. I don't throw money away, I don't encourage people to cheat the system, and I don't give away the store. The fact that someone wearing a green apron would, and brag about it, is really disheartening.


@ Me No Likey Melody (Or Juan Valdez)!!

Hush your face. Melody knows more about Starbucks than many of its partners. You shouldn't tell her to get a life, because you could probably learn a thing or two from her.

@BAYAREABUX, The best SM I have ever had the pleasure to work with left our store for a job at corporate. Six months later, she was given a pink slip. I take offense to partners who can't be bothered to meet at least the minimal expectations set forth. Just today, I had the pleasure of listening to one of my co-workers gripe because she was reprimanded for not properly breaking down the DT machine at closing the night before. I really just wanted to tell her the shut up and quit if doing her job right was such a burden.


@webmaster Jim
Really? Must be a slow news day. Judging from the depths of misunderstanding this partner exhibits it's safe to say they're the worst barista ever. 90% of this is totally false. The other 10% just shows their lack of integrity.


I could join in on the attack of this anti-barista, but I feel like you guys nailed it. It's good to see that there are still partners out there with integrity.

Don't let money-grubbing rule-breaking managers tell you to "just say yes" to every scamming customer. Managers who create false discounts and who break corporate policies should be found and terminated.

Profitability is essential to our success.

Darth Sidamo.

I wont lie, bad uneducated baristas are brought on by ourselves. My store alone has cut the entire training down to a 3-4 day process before they act as regular coverage. Even the best baristas cannot learn in that amount of time and educating while understaffed is at times impossible


I love some of these comments. You folks working at Starbucks just keep on thinking bad things of your paying customers and decaf-ing folks "70% of the time" and whatnot.

The ultimate revenge is that your paying customers get to walk out the door onto much better things and you're stuck behind a counter, being managed like a child and making probably just-above minimum wage doing your oh-so important retail foodservice job. I mean, it has to be important when your worries include stocking the gift wall and complaining about the recent push of instant coffee from your bosses in home office, right? Am I right, guys? Super important.

Feel good about that.

Iowa Bumpkin

Maybe because I only go to *$'s where ghetto lattes aren't common, but it seems the bean counters must've worked out that just keeping milk on the "fixin's" counter probably moves the purchase line faster and spares everyone some arguments at checkout ("No I said THIS much cream, the rest milk!"). This is from me, who usually orders the "Grande in a Venti cup" so I have room for whole milk.

But I wold understand if was suddenly told that Corporate has decreed that the barista has to charge by cup size instead of serving size. That's how any place works where you have to fill your own cup.


I've been around a few years and I can honestly say I've only seen one customer "decaffed." And that customer was a former partner who had become a seriously obnoxious customer trying to make himself look good in front of friends.
Merry Christmas Everyone.


I can understand the urge that many customers have these days to "cheat" Starbucks by one of the many ways mentioned in the previous posts. Over the past three years, prices have steadily gone up, while at the same time quality has gone done. While I very rarely visit Starbucks these days, when I do, I get a good beverage and genuinely friendly service about 50% of the time at BEST! If Starbucks is going to continue charging premium prices for it's product, then it needs to ensure that it's customers are getting their money's worth, These days, thats just simply not happening. It all boils down to respecting customers enough to give them good value for their money. If you don't, they WILL screw with you!!


What is all this barista nonsense???? Starbucks no longer employs baristas.

Geez, its like calling Burger King line cooks executive chefs.....


Well...technically you can't get Clover Brewed, Pour Over or Starbucks Reserve coffee/beans.  ;)


I have to say though, only a handful of the Starbucks I've been to honor my 1lb. purchase with the gold card with 'any' tall beverage (as stated on their website).  A few have told me they've never heard of that and its only a tall coffee.  I even printed out the page and brought it in once and the barista shook her head and said, "Sorry, I'm not supposed to".  One location actually couldn't swipe my gold card...the barista called over the SM and they both stared at the card for a moment.  The SM then said she'd never seen a card like that before (?!) and asked if I had a regular card as mine wasn't valid.  I was at a loss and just paid cash.  The next day at my regular Starbucks my card worked just fine and my Barista and I had a laugh over it.  It is annoying though when you never know which version of the rules will be acknowledged from store to store.  


Is the My Starbucks Rewards program really up to interpretation depending on the location?  And no, these were @ Target or the bookstore, but regular stores.


I imagine the Starbucks Sentinels are on top of this matter. My fingers are crossed that this girl (I can't even call her a partner) will no longer have a job after the new year.



Denise, that's the textbook example of bad management and lazy partners who can't be bothered to read the "Barista need-to-know" posters we receive before each promotion.

getting too tired to continue

Ya know, at first, I thought she must be a former partner w a grudge. Now, I'm thinking she's a partner on the floor screwing up. There was a time when I studied the "Barista needs to Know" and the promotion books during my breaks. Now, I work during my breaks. Yeah, I know I'm entitled to them but reality is we don't have time for them. I have a duty roster to attempt to complete.


@G yea, you are right. starbucks is struggling for customers...oh wait!


@hatebuttonpushers most cafes I go into that have manual machines, the baristas are clueless, about coffee, about steaming properly, about calibrating their grind so their shots were good. There is a lot more to being a barista than manually pulling a shot. Get over yourself

A Non eMoose

green cup, if you're going to troll at least be man enough to use your full name.

correcting misinformation

This article is so full of misinformation I don't even know where to start. So I won't go into detail because I would probably end up taking apart the entire thing line by line, by... line.

Instead I will just comment on a few points that particularly irk me.

1) I think someone already mentioned this, but it is a common misconception from barista's who don't really understand their job that Americano's have more caffeine than coffee. While espresso has more caffeine per ounce, the amount of shots used is very small. A venti americano barely has more caffeine than a tall coffee, a grande coffee has more caffeine than a venti americano. Guess which one is cheaper?. My source? Go to starbucks.com, go to the nutrition section, look up the caffeine contents of various drinks. Think of it this way, an espresso shot has approximately 75 milligrams of caffeine. A grande coffee has about 330, it would take a five shot venti americano to beat a grande coffee for caffeine. You could get a stronger kick, and cheaper, by getting a grande or venti red eye.

2) The gold card, it's that you get a free drink every fifteen TRANSACTIONS. It has nothing to do with whether you buy a drink or not, it is the amount of transactions, period, and it's fifteen not ten.

3) Somewhere in that semi-literate screed the alleged barista says something about saying you are out of coffee and getting them to give you a discount on Starbucks whole bean as opposed to the packaged Starbucks kraft stuff in the grocery stores. If I read this right, it's complete nonsense. It's at the very least definitely against the rules, and I have never heard of anyone offering anyone a discount on whole bean because they bought some from a grocery store. The bags in the grocery stores cost less because they are smaller bags (12oz), period. Complete rubbish.

4) Getting to know a barista, so you can get free drinks. This is ridiculous, yes, some unethical barista's give away free drinks. This is, believe it or not, completely against the rules and stealing from the company. Of course in many stores it's common, even among management, but that doesn't make it okay. This is common at every restaurant in the world, acting like it's secret knowledge is ridiculous. And if you seriously try to befriend someone just to get free stuff, you are a snake.

5) The frap thing (I shortened it to frap and their's nothing you can do about it), yes, it's... possible to do that. Some stores will say they can do it for you this time, but in the future they can't, because it's basically cheating the company. Some just don't care, it depends on the store. But it's still unethical, anyone who does that has no shame. Sorry, but if you can't afford the full price for the two talls, maybe you should be spending more money on the rent you are having trouble paying and food for your children than luxury drinks. Starbucks is not a necessity, no matter how addicted you are to caffeine, it's a luxury. That's why business dropped off so much when the economy tanked and people's throw away income all but disappeared.

6) Finally the decaf thing. To whoever wrote the article. Shut up, shut your stupid mouth. Yes some barista's give people decaf because someone looked at them funny, some of them do it because someone really made them very mad. Telling customers that is just going to make them suspect everyone. If they get mad at a barista they are now going to hold up the line and demand someone else make their drink because they don't trust the person. It means more work for us and longer wait times for everyone. Are you happy? It really doesn't even happen that often, I know a few barista's who do it and it's not like they do it on a whim. Also, if a customer isn't going to be nice anyway, they are not going to start being nice because they fear decaf. They are not nice people, nice people are not nice, no matter what stupid petty childish threats you throw at them.

To the supposed barista who wrote that barely legible bit of filth. Next time think before you publish something, and think about why it was a bad idea to write it in the first place.

correcting misinformation

Oh I'm sorry, one more thing I forgot to address, I suppose it deserves its own post.

The infamous ghetto latte. The first laughable part is that this guy thinks the ghetto latte is something new, as if he is letting people in on some big secret. This nonsense has been going on for ages, it's not a secret. It has been published ad naseum in news articles.

So why doesn't everyone just do it? Well, it's actually pretty simple, because it's an inferior iced latte. For starters, the milk at the condiment bar is sometimes not fresh, because people forget to change it out. In that case some people just ask for a new carafe, it's kind of hard to say no considering if it gets above a certain temperature we have to replace it (because of the risk of bacteria growing in the milk). So fine, you either found fresh milk, or demanded it to make your cheap latte.

It's still inferior. Why? Because this is how a normal iced latte is made. The shots go in the cup. The milk goes in immediately afterward. Then the ice goes on top, finish and connect etc.

So a ghetto latte? Ice, shots. Hot shots melt ice and turn into a half watery/half icey espresso soup. Finish, connect, customer adds milk.

It's a very watery latte, and it's inferior in quality, the taste is different and it's just not the same drink. If you are willing to sacrifice quality that much then just go to mcdonald's, or 711 or something for your coffee. The jokes on you, and as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.


Whaaaa! Someone doesn't wan tot know the truth!!!


@correcting misinformation: you strike me as one of those REALLY obnoxious know it all types. And FYI--McDonalds has consistently better tasting coffee than Starbucks these days--it's fresher, hotter, and without that notorious over-roasted flavor. So yeah--customers at McDonalds DO get what they pay for--GOOD VALUE!


i have question.... has anyone else here had problems with the free tall beverage with purchase of a pound of coffee with a registered starbucks card? sometimes the computer recognizes it and it's free, but there have been times i've looked at the receipt after customers have left when they actually get charged for the free drink. heck sometimes it even charges for a tall drip. just a heads up to all you registered starbucks cardholders. check your receipt when you're buying whole bean. :)


Wow the censorship around here. I guess I should post on Wikileaks if I want to get my opinion out.....


@allie and @baristamclane - This is just a simple thank you for having my back. What's sad about the 'hacks' article is how much it shows how some baristas know so little. Lately I've been talking to partners about the new community only website partnership with HandsOnNetwork.org. Obviously I can't log in, but what a great idea for a partnership, and it's the kind of thing I love hearing about. I'm excited about these kinds of positive moves by Starbucks so it's easy to talk about. Many partners tell me that they've never heard of it before. There is so much information being thrown at baristas all the time. I really appreciate the partners (and customers!) who are spreading correct information. I liked the post by @correctingmisinformation too! Getting defensive, angry, or personal about getting _right_ information is childish.


To put the nail in the coffin on what you get with a pound of coffee:

If you are not a green or gold level registered Starbucks card holder, there is NO offer for a free anything when you buy a pound of coffee. Once upon a time, Starbucks offered a complimentary tall drip with the purchase of a pound of coffee. This offer has not been around for some time, but because so many partners and customers became accustomed to it, there are stores that will still honor it. So, sometimes you will get charged and sometimes you will not. Partners, find out from you manager which policy your store follows. Customers, ask if the offer still stands before you buy the coffee. A 12oz. package at the grocery store comes with a coupon for a free tall drip (but the grocery store coffee is often not as fresh as ours and the price per oz. is higher).

Green/Gold level members receive a free tall handcrafted beverages with any purchase of a pound of coffee, if they want it. Whatever they want is free and should come up as "nc" after the swipe of the card. If the green/gold member pays with anything other than their Starbucks card, they do not get a free drink. There is no upgrade, no pay the difference. It is a tall. But - you can put all the shots you want into it.

correcting misinformation

@ncsm: I will be the first to admit that there are some things I don't know, but when I see misinformation, things that I know are not true, I point it out. I will not sit by while people are misled.

As for McDonald's, if you like McDonald's go to McDonald's, most people I know think their coffee tastes burnt and filtered through a shoe, but it's a matter of personal taste.

You are obscuring my point through ad hominem attacks. You say I sound like an obnoxious know it all, but you don't refute anything I say.

As for the McDonald's thing, you are again obscuring the point, that is if you want cheap coffee go somewhere where it is cheap, don't go to Starbucks where drinks are expensive and try to play games to get something cheaper, why? Because if you do the quality of the drink is not going to be as good. You can get the equivalent somewhere else for a cheaper price to begin with.

@Melody: Glad you liked my post. Sorry if I sound angry/petty I just don't want customers to be misinformed by this nonsense and sometimes being loud is a good way to get people's attention. Any anger in my post is directed at the unethical barista who wrote about the "Starbucks hacks" not at anyone here.


first off, you charge the customer for what they ask for, you have no say in what they do with their beverage after they get it. they could put a whole bottle of liquor in it after they leave and nobody but the customer should have anything to say about it. can you make suggestions? sure but that's it.

Corporate is well aware of ghetto lattes and it is factored into the coffee sales. so all those who drink black coffee (which are alot more than baristas think) are made up for the "ghetto" lattes.

Baristas worrying about how much milk I put in my drink, is akin to mcdonalds worrying how much ketchup I use.
you don't want people using your milk, don't put it out... oh thats not an option is it.

who cares what they do with their drink after its made? not only that, but your not doing the work anymore, the reason for the extra charge is labor however you want to count it, time, benefits, vacation, or work that goes into it. the barista is afforded the labor for the drink they made, go on to next one and forget about the last one.

If it still bothers you, upsell them to a real latte, by explaining that the drink will taste better with fresh cold milk as opposed to the milk that could be an hour old, that everybody touched. That will make your managers, DM's, and RM's happy.

even if you have a capped salary as a barista or shift it is NOT your problem. taking ownership in the company is a way to make you love what you do, but a side effect is that you think you actually own the company, and if it was your business you would face losing a 2 dollar sale for 25 cents worth of milk.

Milk is 4 dollars a gallon(in the grocery), and we put out a quart every two hours, and maybe dump it when we are supposed to.so for a dollar every two hours people are using the milk thats supposed to be thrown out.

correcting misinformation

I'd just like to chime in and say, I don't care if people make ghetto latte's at all, like I said they get a watery latte, if that's what they want they can have it all day, every day.

I put the ice and then the shots in the cup like they want and give it to them. After that they can do whatever they want with it. It won't be nearly as good as a real latte, but I just give them the drink.


As someone who likes iced espresso sometimes, I'd like to point out that it's usually obvious who wants iced espresso and who wants to make a ghetto latte: the cup size far exceeds the space needed for the shots plus a splash of dairy. Triple over ice in a venti? Ghetto latte. Quad over ice in a tall? Iced espresso. Please don't decaf me 'cause some people try to cheat you.

dirty chai

@correcting misinformation:

I completely agree with 99% of everything you've said - however, you may want to check your recipe cards. An iced latte is made milk first, then shots, then ice, lid, blahdeeblah. The only exception to this is drinks with heavy sauces - mocha, white mocha, pumpkin. In a sauce-based drink like a mocha, you need the espresso shots to melt the sauce, but otherwise you do milk first so you're not pulling hot espresso shots into a plastic cup and causing the plastic cup to leach chemicals into the drink. Just a heads-up. :)


Good coffee is an art. Would you say that the great artists would still be great if instead of one Mona Lisa, they made 1000 at the same time? Starbucks lost it's credibility as a fine coffeehouse when it opened its xteenth store. The have coffee yes, good coffee maybe, but they don't have near the quality that a good coffeehouse can offer. The atmosphere is pretty much shot to hell as well with all of the snobby know-it-all buttonpushers. All of the employees that do work hard, realize this is not aimed at you. The true Brat Buttonpushers know who you are. Sbux has walmart-ized their coffee shop biz.


The true nuance of working at Starbucks is customer service. And sometimes, you just cannot teach it. Second to that is time management! Do it, do it well, do it quickly and efficiently.

correcting misinformation

@Dirty Chai, ill read the cards again, I am always willing to learn.

That said the way you mention still has the ice last, which means no watery shots in a genuine latte. Which is very important.

Thanks for pointing that out.

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