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December 02, 2010


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Bearded Barista

Yup, today is BOGO on Christmas Blend and tomorrow is BOGO on Via, so stock up!

Coffee Soldier

It is only Xmas Blend, Decaf Xmas, Holiday Blend, and the Xmas Espresso Roast today...not any WB...You can go to Starbucks.com and sign up they will send you a text to tell you each a.m. what sale is running that day for next 10 days.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Great, I'll stock up on VIA for my Christmas travels. The store manager at the SBUX I visited today was pushing the deal pretty hard -- although not obnoxiously. I asked if there was a cash incentive. No, he said, just a goal that had to be met.


When I left work at 4 we were at 255 pounds... so I'd say my customers are taking advantage of it.


My store is considerably smaller than most, and sold a modest 74 lbs. Quite the pull in my experience. The VIA today should go over very well.

east coast mgr

we sold over 200 pounds with 'only' 584 transactions for the day.
we were in the top on our region. I sold a TON of Xmas blend today & had fun doing it.


My store sold over $1400 in Via in one week; it's awesome!


I always buy enough Xmas blend to last me most of the year because of this promotion. Its my Xmas gift to myself.

deborah t.

I would buy this promo but I can't bc Starbucks laid me off and I don't have a job. :(

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