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January 04, 2011


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we sold a ton of them. Seems the price is just right at $2.00 and the newest egg and veggie is really good.

livin' la VIA loca

yes & thnx Sbux for not offering a similiar special for all non-warming stores yet still sending us tons of promo materials on it, as if we need to be reminded of what we tell our customers 100x a day here: "Sorry our store doesn't sell the sandwiches".


I think the name "veggie artisan roll" conjures up images of broccoli spears, asparagus, slices of onion, and wilted lettuce on a roll. Probably just me though. I'd have named it the "western omelette" or something like that...you know, to pair with the huevos rancheros wrap... Yes, selling big. So, so glad the drive through no longer has a giant picture of the ham roll though.


I can't afford it after the 25 cent per cup raise in the price of my grande cup in the morning.


Veggies? If you look with a magnifying glass you may see a couple specks of red bell pepper. Very bland.


Trenta is cominggggggggg.


We sold at least twice as many sandwiches. We sold breakfast sandwiches at lunch as well which is unusual. The new veggie egg sandwich was well received.


Just looked over the nutritional stats on these. 28% of your daily total fat, 35% of your saturated fat, 57% of your cholesterol, 27% of your sodium. And that's on the 'Veggie.' My heart aches just looking at these numbers.

How about an egg white version with soy cheese and some actual veggies?


Crateish, Starbucks is in business to make money. Every time Starbucks brings healthy alternatives to the table, they bomb. yeah, we still sell a few kind bars; but very few. We also sell a some smoothies. Annies products waste a floor basket. The public screams for healthier choices but then decline them when offered.


You can make yummy, healthy things too and they don't have to be crazy nutty stuff like that thing I had at Starbucks--forget what it was called--they advertised that it was made by two women in the raw or something like that (a very unappetizing image as I recall). . . it was inedible.

What about just like hummus, lettuce tossed in a vinaigrette in a gluten-free wrap. That's what I used to get at college and I loved it. So good and vegan too! I don't eat gluten so Starbucks doesn't have much to interest me. Their gluten-free orange cakes were actually quite good, but apparently they didn't want to carry them because the shelf life wasn't long enough--that's what I was told at least. They packed quite a lot of protein as well as they were very egg heavy.

Starbucks reminds me a bit of airplane food in what it seems capable of making. They sort of have a galley but it seems like it's difficult for them to really do any food prep. Even making the protein shakes or fraps seems to be cumbersome and completely stops the flow of the line. Part of the problem is there are only three people working at a time, when you could find the same number of employees standing around in a tiny bookshop with little business. Starbucks really runs way too lean.

I think for them to have good food they really would need some good ideas of good, fresh food, and they would need an area and personnel to prepare that food on a daily basis. It wouldn't be hard per se. Just like some fresh cut up vegetables like I said, some hummus, mmm . . .

I don't think people are averse to healthy. I know I abstain from Starbucks' unhealthy choices. I think people are averse to what Starbucks has tried so far that is healthy, which as I said, seems like the same types of things that an airline would come up with as they both seem to have the same limitations as far as food prep goes.


Starbucks sent me an e-mail about the breakfast promotion and all the other promotions they have. However, they never e-mail about price increases. I could have more easily accepted today's latte price increase if they would have notified me about it and the reason (higher coffee prices, I guess) rather than it being a surprise. When the barista was questioned about the increase, I was told that the new price is posted on their price boards. Woopppeee ... Lesson learned. Now I know to read the price board daily.

Yes it is only $.25 a day, but for a daily drinker this comes to $84 per year. Need to rethink priorities.


My store's "Awake tea lady" left for 9 weeks when the price of her Venti hot tea went from $2 to $2.54 last year. When she found out that again her beverage increased to $2.64 she said she would never be returning to Sbux. Hard to explain away health insurance costs is the reason for the 10% increase to a English person that will just brew her tea at home now. She used to visit 7 days a week, now gone forever.


A lot of people want to try the Ham & Swiss sandwich (as listed on all advertising)...only to be told we don't sell it any more.


I thought there was discussion a few years ago to get rid of the sandwiches because of the smell in the stores... I see they just keep in going, though. Was something done to reduce the smell of burnt cheese and pork products the second you walk in the door?

Coffee Soldier

There is an action item on 12/27 instructing all promo items with the ham sandwich pictured or listed to be thrown away so stores should not be having any sort of problem with customers thinking the ham is availible when they should not have been putting up the signs in the first place!


The sandwiches were reformulated so that the cheese doesn't bubble over the side of the sandwich and burn on the floor of the oven.

The shelf life on the gluten free cakes really wasn't much better or worse than any of the other 1-2 day pastries. They just straight up didn't sell enough to earn their space in the pastry case.

Soy cheese? No thank you.


bluedog - Quit being a drama queen. Starbucks is offering you $1 (or more) off a sandwich with your drink purchase. You can't afford to get the sandwich when you're saving $1 at the cost of a quarter? The way you must do math, let me know if you ever want to play poker.

Inflation happens. Prices rise. I miss the days of 85 cents a gallon gas and $4.50 movie tickets to an evening show, but I'm not going to complain that I should be entitled to those prices to the detriment of the business I'm acquiring them from.


Bluedog, if you can't afford the 25 cent increase, Starbucks shouldn't have been in your price range to begin with. Sorry but its the truth.


Just go to Dunkin or McDonalds--better coffee for half the price!

James Connolly

Apparently they had to hike prices to roll out a new logo. Who knew?


Why did the ham go away? It was a huge seller in our store.


They had quality issues with the ham (not food safety). They are re-sourcing the ham and with the machine as big as it is for our company, it will be February before the sandwich returns in to all avenues of distribution


Also, on the price increases, they were regional rollouts. Prices changed depending on a schedule. Ours took effect in November. It is unclear that all markets have received thier price increases yet... I know that some others took effect as early as late September...

I guess, you benefited from a late rollout of the increases and it saved you a few months of cost!


@Marcus. Where I live, Starbucks is not considered a restaurant even though we sellj prepared food. We aren't even allowed a serrated knife on the property (per the county or state; not sure which.)
I've been told that is the case with most stores which is why we recieve samples already sliced and why we are supposed to cut pastry case samples with a plastic knife or butter knife.
(We do hide a serrated knife from the health inspector.


What company notifies customers of price increases? anyone? anyone? didn't think so


Does a brewed coffee count as a beverage to get the $2 sandwich?
Is this for the morning hours only or all day?


The new "veggie" sandwich is basically just cheese and egg on a roll. How is that appetizing? But I must say that the 2 dollar deal at my store is going very well. We were all out of sandwiches by the noon.

Karl Dahlquist

I am not sure I wanted to eat a sandwich that was "reformulated"

Coffee Drinker

The sandwich is amazing because someone else cooked an served it with a smile ; ) I was given my first one free, because they didn't know how to ring it up with my coffee refill. Today I bought one with coffee and they'll give it to me whenever.

My SBUX baristas are the best ;;; )))

p.s. raising tea from 1.85 to 2.15 perplexes me. I'd switched to tea for a couple weeks; this is way over budget for me. Barista says it is indeed still one bag, with more hot water. For once I am tempted to "ghetto" and order a tall and a glass of water since the tea is so hot to begin with and needs cooling. I'll consider this. Plus the tea bag seems to take up nearly half the cup...but that's why the tea is so delish.

Thumbs way down on the new logo and I'm glad to still have one of the first SBUX cups from early 90's in addition to the new ceramic "red" Adler one bought at Christmas.


Loved my sandwich this morning, good value, beats McD's right now. I do miss the ham, egg and cheese though.


No food served at Starbucks is edible.


Bring Back the Artisan Ham, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich! Until then, boycott!


What needs to come back is the eggs florentine...
Now that shiet was yummy!


I am unsure what are the retail price increases. it is regular coffee and tea? is it all sizes?


Does anyone know how or where the meat is prepared? Are the standards the same as McDonald's etc?



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