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February 23, 2011


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just my opinion

No Starbucks, please do not buy Peet's. There should remain at least ONE decent, dark-roast coffee supplier out there not a Starsucks monopoly.

Jeff Tom



Did you come up with that yourself?!?!?!?!?


Nay, even l33t!!!@!!!!





I worked at Sbux and then for Peet's. They are both very different companies in many ways. i don;t think any of the Peet's staff could handle the rules and regulations that sbux would bring.


Oh, how I love Peet's beans. They are fresher, and you open the bag and inhale...it is truly awesome.

I really don't see the point in buying Peet's with Starbucks bean sales only accounting for 10% of their revenue. Starbucks future growth lies in China.


@blarg: Very interesting observation. Thank you for sharing.

Barista G

Peet's is corporate, Starbucks is corporate. Most people aren't capable of really telling the difference in good coffees. In the end, you'll get the same from any corporation. It's about the money. You can try to argue why they shouldn't make themselves richer and richer, but they can't hear you over the quiet roar of millions of dollars rustling against each other.


I do try not to go off topic but I have a question. Tomorrow, I need to mark out some coffee beans for store use. SYMPHONY. I have no idea how to do it. Please share your knowledge and help me.

clark kent

Just like your daily markouts of pastries and sandwhiches. Enter the skus and quantities in IMS and use store use as the reason...


Thank you Clark.


in my store we just wrote down the sku on the markout sheets since there isnt a box for it :)


Thank you Ibblet.


can anyone using simphony tell me how to mark out or show the labor for cambros and travelers that are donated?

History lesson

Here is a history lesson. Starbucks and Peet's were the same company. Howard bought Starbucks and part of the deal was Peet's keeping 5 stores and that name. Why would Starbucks acquire a coffee company who isn't any threat to market share. When Starbucks buys it's next company, my money is on one that is part of a bigger strategy to continue to add value to the shareholders. Not some small company such as Peet's. Starbucks stock is up over 300% in the last 48 months and will continue to thrive due to smart decisions leaders are making. All partners should be thankful.


I doubt it will happen because it would dilute the Starbucks brand. You can't differentiate yourself if you are in all price points.

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