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March 21, 2011


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Kool Aid no more

And yet another misguided reporting agency that thinks the average full-time Starbucks barista makes $35,000 a year... sigh... it makes me wonder just how much of the information I read in this world is correct. Anyone thirsty for Kool Aid?

Coffee Soldier

Yea right store managers start at that rate in half the states...a barista who makes 10 an hour working 40 hours a week would make 20,800 without taking anytime off being scehduled for 40 hours weekly and tht is before takes or paying for benefits. Most I know of do not make 10 an hour unless you add in their tips then maybe 10.25 to 10.50.


$10/hr.?? Wishful thinking.

Barista Ben

Hm, well, I think it is technically correct. The average Starbucks FULL-TIME hourly employee probably does make $35k per year. The real issue is that 80% of the workers, the barista's, are PART-TIME employee's.


What a ridiculous article. Maybe the point is to show how badly trained ad agency employees are, but comparing them with baristas to make this point is absurd.

A lot of the training at Starbucks is very haphazard. We have had numerous new people on the bar who have complained they have no idea what they are doing.

Doppio ConKarma

@Barista Ben
You're pulling down almost $17 an hour as a barista? what state can I move to?
The wage quote was likely taken from the non-retail portion of Starbucks.


How is that "the real issue"? Most all entry level retail is part time. It allows maximum flexibility for both the retailer as well as the employee and since most entry level retail positions are by students or those newly entering the work force, it makes sense.

Barista Ben

@Doppio ConKarma that was my entire point. Barista's aren't full time so they aren't apart of the picture. That $35k a year is probably ASM and up. I am sure if you don't count barista's but only ASMs, SMs, DMs, RD's etc etc the pay is probably about $35k (which is kinda sad if you think about it).

@Sense when I said the real issue I meant the real issue with the $35k a year thing. They never account for the majority of the Starbucks workforce. I personally thing starbucks is a great part-time retail job for people going to school and even for people just looking to make some extra money or have health insurance.

Mrs. Tillinghamshackles

ASMs, SMs, DMs, etc, aren't hourly employees.


That's a lie! You may get extra training because the person is retarded and can't catch on to a simple pattern. I'm a full time shift and I only make 18year.


there are no full time baristas.


asm's do not make 35K.


well...I'm a SS and I've been with the company almost 5 years and am now making (including tips) about $16/hour. Just sayin'...it can happen.

east coast mgr

they likely also count the average paid out health, 401K & stock benefits into this amount ... but what do I know


@stan...um, yes, there are full-time baristas. I was one before I got promoted to ss.


I work at a store with 3 full time baristas. As a 3rd year SS, add in my tips and I'm at 15$ an hr.


There are baristas who get full time hours, but so far as I know there is no guarantee of full time for any hourly partners.


Hours are never guaranteed. If you are 40 or close consider yourself fortunate. As a 7 year partner I am fortunate to get as close to 40 as possible because we are so short staffed. I don't complain because I know I am in a good position.

In my store I usually work more hours than our SS's. Because they whine about it being tooo much and I know when NOT to look a gift horse in the mouth!


In my region ASM's average 32k-35k, SM's 44k - 50k.


@lattelady ding ding ding winner!!! get that lady a latte!!


Ignorant balderdash, all of it.


Obviously... when I started at an Ad Agency my training was... here is my desk, here are how you save files. You learn everything in school.


Wage capped in the lowest pay scale market as a 38/hour week shift (average), and, including tips, made about 28k last year. Somewhat sad. I was making 32k as a store manager. Really, terribly sad.

Leo the Website Designer Sydney

Funny... comparing ad agency staff to barista! :-) I did not know baristas earn that much.


Most Baristas do not earn anywhere near that amount, nor Shift Supervisors for that matter - as is mentioned numerous times above by others. What bothers me most - and did during my 6 years with the company - is the training.

There's a huge disconnect between the training plans, how they are to be implemented, etc - and how it actually is out into application in the stores. Seldom is enough coverage given to actually implement the training properly - so many times I was forced to pull someone off the bar, or register, due to volume and staffing, and say - 'Watch. I'll talk as I go, explaining it all, and we'll discuss it later.'

Further, the number of Shift Supervisors, ASMs, even SMs, who are actually good training coaches is ridiculously low, so the quality of the training you receive is compromised. Some just aren't knowledgeable - due to their own poor training, and others just don't care. They'll show you enough to be a mindless bar-monkey and stop there.

Granted, my experience is in New York Metro region, where things are probably worse than anywhere else - certainly the rate of internal development/promotion is the lowest in Starbucks, Worldwide.

In my 6 years, I had over 12 Managers in 3 stores. Very few of them should have been managers IMO. Further, all but one are now gone from the company - as are all but one of my 6 District Managers! In general, the best ones got fed up and left, while the worst ones got fired.

Take this into consideration and you can see why training is seldom implemented properly. The system as it operates currently grinds away at people until only the mediocre or the True believers are left. and not for anywhere near the amount of money this article claims.

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