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March 24, 2011


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Coffee Soldier

Most say they want one but when you point out that they can select one more of any of the petites and save 50 cents they say oh yes then I will also take....2 seems to be the amount they are buying in my store.

Which ones are selling well in other stores? Seems like no one wants the carrot cake or peanut butter chocolate cupcakes...it's all cake pops and woopie pies here. We sample the cupcakes over and over but still don't sell more then about 4 a day but have been selling about 70 petites as a whole per a day.

John Deese

I'm a cheapskate. Sometimes, I go to starbucks and get a tall coffee and wait around and go back for a refill. Sometimes I buy just one of the standard petites (not the new ones) but the vanilla scone or the donut... it nets me an extra star and tides me over until I am someplace with better/cheaper food. I don't think starbucks is making very much money on me though. They probably need to fix their gold card system so people like me can't use it.


"Your average overweight American"... because anyone who's not overweight wouldn't possibly eat more than one, right? I mean, it's just those fatties who want more than one petite cake -- non-overweight people don't *ever* eat junk, right? Sigh.


Sooo...has nobody else heard how Starbucks just raised targets so they don't have to pay Store Managers as much in bonuses...???


I haven't heard anything about that Drake but this last promo wouldn't have me surprised if it were true.

Starbuckers, Inc.

The cake pops are selling like mad, not so much the others. Really like the tiramisu one myself.

Coffee Soldier

Drake..maybe you should give all the information not just part if you are going to start that story on here. Explain to non management partners and other people who frequent this site that the targets are being raised and lowered across the board to more appropriately match business in your store's area. Yes, some managers may make less bonus but others will bonus so making a blanket statement like that to try to make the company look bad is obnoxious. The company will pay out similar amounts quarterly rather then 30% of the managers getting it then maybe 60% will. This happened about 3 or 4 years ago as well. The average increase is 1%.

Super Woaga

We sell mostly cake pops and whoopie pies. the system only lets us order 30-34 of each on our pastry orders. We're running out during weekends. People usually buy 2, but we also get a lot of 4 and 6 orders. And about twice a week it seems someone comes in and buys 20 for a baby shower or kid's birthday party.


i totally blanked out on the conference call today.i did not get that message of changing targets at all but now im freaking pissed off. i barely bonused q1 and its looking bleak for q2. thanks for nothing starbucks. im sick of the way this company has changed and the bullshit we store managers are forced to deal with. and its not just us mgrs its the baristas and shifts. there is no recognition, no fun, all the sm's in my district are hating their job and its discouraging. the reality is i wont make what im making now at any other job out there. i guess its just drink the koolaid for now and go back to school. thanks howard. i will not recommend one book of yours.

Barista Ben

yeah they are increasing the targets for some stores. Honestly though my store has been doing about $2k over target pretty consistently without a whole lot of effort from my sm or asm beyond just being competent.

Our target should be raised to a more reasonable level.


Drake is right..there was a regional conference call and targets are going up for Q3 & Q4..some bullshit about the price of commodities.

Georgia Latte

It does say in the bonus literature that they CAN change targets at their discretion. That being said, could you honestly ever see them LOWERING targets? This company is focusing more on sales, sales, sales. While I get it and it is smart... partners can only take so much. Enough is never enough anymore and honestly, I never post negatively on here but it is starting to get old. In my opinion, when you factor in bonuses, SMs make decent pay for what they do. Without the bonuses, I think we are an underpaid bunch. But hey, this is the year of the partner!!! (just clearly not SMs & above!)

Sad Barista

Sorry, it's us hard working baristas and shifts that you are making your bonuses off of...treat us better and we might be willing to help you work for it...right now my mgr treats us like idiots, not much motivation to help them out.


I thought the tiered pricing for the petities was a bit... ambitious.

I've only got a bmi of 19, but one of these is not enough for a treat with coffee. Heck, they're not enough for much of anything.

Looked interesting, but when I saw the pricing structure I opted to go for a regular pastry.

2 @ $2.49, or perhaps 3 @ $3.49 would entice me.



"i barely bonused q1 and its looking bleak for q2. thanks for nothing starbucks."

are you really blaming the fact that your store is underperforming and you aren't bonusing on the company? come on. take some responsibility. YOU are the one who ensures that your store is a place customers want to come to. didn't bonus? it looks like you're not doing your job. don't blame the company for your inadequacy.

"im sick of the way this company has changed and the bullshit we store managers are forced to deal with. and its not just us mgrs its the baristas and shifts. there is no recognition, no fun."

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the store managers responsibility to make sure their baristas and shifts are recognized appropriately?

soy iced latte junkie

I wish Starbucks actually had a vegan pastry option. Probably not going to happen, but I wish.


they have those packaged two-moms-in-the-raw granola-y things. at 2.95 a pop though...i dunno


@barista tom. yes tom i am blaming starbucks that for last quarter only half the sms in my distric got a bonus and this quarter no one is even close. that is not a store managers problem being that we bonus even in the 90% range of sales targets. so no...starbucks set unrealistc expectations. my store is not underperforming. i comp double digits weekly/daily. my store does 40,000 in sales a week so its not customers dont want to come to my store. i truly believe when they changed the bonus structure 2 years ago to only include sales and not controllables they did so knowing theyd save money on not paying as much in bonuses.

and yes it is our responsibility to recognize our partners and reward them and we do with partner of the quarter and month as well as green apron cards and store incentives but these are not the same days where we would have store picnics, barbeques, or regional bowling competitions for the cup fund. we no longer have our store holiday parties, or sm conference, or even rallies.

my point barista tom is i maintain positivity in my store 110% but to see it all be money money money from where we used to be is a sad sad thing. i truly believe if we kept the partners happy itd keep the customers happy and the money would come. how long have you been with sbux barista tom?



store picnics? holiday parties? barbeques? drive that yourself. who's stopping you? I'm a barista and I run the softball league in our area. you want it to be fun? make it fun. don't let anything stand in your way. you have to inspire your team in spite of the garbage that you have to deal with from what I'm assuming is your DM. I know how it is. I was in your position for quite a few years. and all it takes is one bad store manager to ruin a store or, more likely in your case, a bad dm to ruin an entire district. I see that where i am now. I have to fight my dm regularly to be able to maintain company support for softball season. and it sucks but you know what? deal. the passion for the company that was once company-wide was slowly extinguished because most people gave up on it. nobody is standing in the way of you igniting that passion in your partners. if "we" kept the partners happy? no. there is no we. there is you. the store manager. it's on you. one of the best stores i've worked at was when the company was at it's absolute worst. the lowest of the low. and the reason it was still great? because the store manager was great. she was inspiring. she was a leader in the truest sense of the word. she maintained an environment that made it great to work at. so stop blaming the company for not keeping your baristas happy. motivate yourself and you will motivate your baristas.

Underpaid in the Northeast

Get a grip...changing targets is just another way of screwing sm's...we are hiring off the street managers that make 4000-7000 year more a year than tenued managers...some of us count on bonus to pay bills have some compassion sm to barista we are all one check from ppoverty now they change the rules again...cant wait till monday what bullshit we were told Q1 was frontloaded...what a joke this has all become ...sad so very sad

it's not rocket surgery.

Really northeast? I'm highly tenured, and compensated for my experience. I think you're the one who needs to get a grip. I control my bonus based on my stores performance. Instead of crying about higher targets, we should all be thinking about what we need to do to increase our sales, through whole bean, via, merch, food...you get to choose.

website design Sydney

I love, love Starbucks Petite! On my regular visit, i can eat 2... :-)


At 400 calories for two, madness. I'd rather have something more filling.


we sell tons of the peanut butter cupcakes,
rarely the carrot ones.
the pops and the squares are doing pretty well and of course the whoopee pies are the most popular.

we get many people who buy it for themselves and their friends to share,
i dont think ive seen many people buy more than one for themselves.
but then again i live in canada, i dont know if as many people over indulge here as they do in the states :]

north east coast mgr

Targets in the Mid-Atlantic have been raised 0.9% across the board. Not a single store has had their target lowered.
First half of the year was supposed to be 'heavy targets', also known as no/little bonus.
2nd half of the year 'a lot lighter targets' so we could actually make a bonus. Due to a miscalculation !!! (hello, could I get away with that?) ...commodities etc we are forced to gladly accept less bonus, 'be proud to work for Starbucks' while we get f***** mid year, a week before the start of Q3.

why would I keep trying so hard?

Coffee Soldier

North East Coast Mgr....let me guess...Portland, Maine? Why don't you raise your hand next week and ask Howard at the Boston gathering?

Steam Explosion

Most people who venture into our store do order just the one.

It looks tiny and lonesome on the plate.


To Super Woaga: "We sell mostly cake pops and whoopie pies. the system only lets us order 30-34 of each on our pastry orders. We're running out during weekends."

Seriously?? Then why don't you contact your CSR and have them override the MOQ for your weekend orders? They are there help you. They have to set a max in place or else you all end up making so many ordering mistakes you end up with 3000 instead of 30.

Coffee Soldier

I don't think that is true about an ordering cap. I ordered 60 woopie pie cartons and 40 cake pop cartons and they all came in this Saturday.


Most buy at least 2 and many are buying 6. Ever thing that those cafes who care and promote their product might be the ones selling best. Funny how that works! All the petites are selling in our store. We can't keep them on the shelves.


pops and pie we sell a ton of.
partners love the sqaures but customers arn't as excited. most of them dont like the preztel center. NO ONE wants the cupcakes. lol we ss the crap out of the carrot cupcake, and no one ever gives in lol

Anna Hailee

Most people actually only buy one..


I tried just one of the salted caramel squares one time. Tasty, but not very filling. I'll stick to my banana.




I've seen plenty of people order just one. I admire their willpower, but keep in mind that my area caters to slim, wealthy runners. It is only natural for them.


I come in the store about 5 times a week, and I'd say half of those times I'll buy a single one (to keep me motivated to continue writing), and maybe once a week I'll buy two or three. Always a pop (tiramisu is the best, the rest are so sweet), and sometimes the whoopie pie (very moist) and at other times the caramel square, which is the most sophisticated of the petites IMO.

I definitely think 1 of them is a good treat, but I agree w/Steam Explosion that it looks lonely on the plate. Two bites is just about right. If I wanted a treat to fill me up, I'd get a piece of pound cake or B&W cookies.

I'm fascinated by the talk among employees. I'm sorry so many people are feeling so much stress... I love my baristas and the SM at "my" Starbucks and I hope I buy enough beans, treats, and coffee to justify my being there so often.


I just want to say for the record:

STARBUCKS CARROT CUPCAKE is like an orgasm in you're mouth.. Very mouthwatering and tastyy..

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