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March 25, 2011


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barista again

Anybody else get there book? I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to be given out yet, but manager is a moron. I'm still outraged by the title, but want to see what Howie has to say. Then bonfire anyone?


ya i got mine today. they were supposed to go out as soon as the stores got them. I read it already...brings back a lot of the pride i've lost in the years howard was gone...


I got mine today and I'm excited to read it.


They were to go out to partners as soon as they arrived in the store. You owe your manager an apology.


If anyone has a NEW copy of Schultz's book and is willing to give it away for free, please send me an email at templecpa2002@yahoo.com.

If you don't have a way to ship it for free, maybe we can work something out. Priority Mail is $4.95. If the cost is much higher, I may as well buy the book at Barnes & Noble or Amazon.

 Red cup

Mike beggers can't be choosers, interesting to read that howard reads this site. In an unrelated topic howard you are awesome.


I'll let the people decide. Some people might be able to ship it through a family member or friend's UPS or Fedex account. Otherwise we can make some kind of arrangement. From what I've read, it seems some people aren't interested in the book so it's worth a try.

If Howard has some extra copies lying around, maybe he can send a copy to me using the above email address.

Barista Ben

We got the books in 2 days ago. The retail books. The partner books are scheduled to arrive, for us, Monday. Maybe your manager wasn't a moron and you just took the wrong book?


I noticed that the book is quite HUGE, and how all those sad trees must have felt being cut down. lol. Is EVERY partner getting a free book? How many books is that?! WOW. What a waste of paper! :( Why wasn't this made a free digital download instead? Every partner in my store has an ipod touch or a blackberry. Get with the times, Starbucks! It's like forcing Mickey Rooney to use a calculator. Get with the times!


The trees are already dead. Get over yourself.

It's amazing to me how people can complain when things are given away for FREE.


To any Starbucks employees out there is there anyone who can pls tell me how I can make my own version of a vanilla bean creme frapuccino. I get that ya'll dont sell the powder base you make it with but can anyone tell me what goes into it besides the milk and ice. What makes up that magic powder that makes it taste so delicious?


vanilla bean creme frapuccino

Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,


Mike, I agree with red cup. If you're expecting to get the partner edition of the book for free, then you should at least be willing to pay the shipping charges. Otherwise, stop trying to mooch for free products.

After I read my copy (assuming I don't tear it in half with rage), I'm going to pack it away with the rest of my "retirement" fund to sell on ebay after the company finally tanks. I imagine my starbucks collection is worth $30 now...


Ben: The partner edition clearly states such on the front cover and also the forward from Howard on the first few pages was a dead giveaway.


@ barista again
Don't listen to javagirl666. Your manager probably is still a moron weather or not they gave the book out early. Don't apologize to anyone.
If you got that pride back so quickly you will probably lose it just as fast as you got it back. Congrats you work at Starbucks. Who really cares?


Howard needed to give a copy to every partner because he sure as hell ain't gonna SELL very many! Most folks out there could care less what he has to say--they know that it's 99% BS.


Once L.E.A.N. hit and didn't go away...
Once Starbucks introduced instant coffee WITH high-pressure sales tactics...
Drive-thrus, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches...
Do new partners really know what the "third place" is? Or how to be legendary?
Howard, really, do you have any credibility left? My copy will live on as a shrine to irony and capitalism.


baristamclane: I did check shipping which is $4.95 for USPS Priority Mail. That was an option. It's not mooching if no one is being forced to do anything. Don't take it personally. If no one wants to take me up on the offer, my life will be just fine. I see people b1tching about how they hate their jobs so it doesn't hurt to ask. You'd be surprised how many nice people there are on the internet who wouldn't think twice about doing something for another person.


Mike, if you go to a Starbucks store and get it there, you can get an "Onward" Starbucks Card to go with the book. If you want to get a partner edition, I'd just wait. For sure they'll pop up on ebay soon enough. But I wouldn't >really< expect to get it >free< here at Starbucks Gossip or any other Starbucks blog for that matter. (My review of the book is up on my site- Link in name).


He probably sent the books out to every partner as public relations stunt to make partners not hate him as much. Make the world see him not as the typical CEO of a multi-national, but a person who has been through struggles just like the average barista.


For whatever reason, he chose to write the book and give it to partners. He is also selling the book and the proceeds go to the cup fund. How could any reasonable person complain about this?


Question for all of you: in regards to the Onward Starbucks Card, does it come with Howard's new book? Do you have to purchase the book in a Starbucks to get the card or will any bookstore that sells the book will have the card? If so, will stores in Canada receive the Howard book with the Onward card?? I'm sorry for all the questions, it's just that there is some confusion at my store and I want an exact answer!!!


Check the barista need to know.

Steam Explosion

Quick question, tips-wise do you lot get any tips? We have a tip box by the till but it's just used as petty cash really.


Steam Explosion - How much you get depends on the store, but I doubt many partners get more than what amounts to just a little pocket money. My store is in a middle class area that seems like it can afford to tip more than it does, but our tips come out to only about a dollar per hour worked, if we're lucky. I come away with about 20 bucks a week, and just use it as gas money. I've never heard of a Starbucks whose tips were a significant part of their income, at least not in my area.


I have found that Starbucks is in fact focusing more on production rather than customer interaction lately. I too have had a few orders screwed up at different Starbucks outlets. And yes, even the outlet in this discussion. This mostly happens when the places are slammed and the baristas have precious little time to interact. The coffee is superior to the other chains in my opinion so I am willing to tolerate the odd mistake during peak times. I let them know of the error, I get my coffee remade (I know, it is an irritant) and usually I get a free cup voucher the next time. All of the real good baristas seem to have moved on to the independent coffee houses.

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By Poorboy on Mar 27, 2011 02:40PM
re: Poorboy
Too bad that Starbucks not tried harder to retain the good baristas, given the price they charge for their products. Most of the screw-ups I’ve experienced occurred when customer volume was off-peak (I rarely buy coffee in line ups). Producing the coffee does not seem to be that difficult, since the experienced coffee makers are often chatting with each other while making the coffees. It appears that Starbucks makes it too easy for them to remake coffees and give out free vouchers, without penalty to the staff who screwed up.

In one outlet, there were four staff behind the counter and only one person in the line up in front of me at the cashier (i.e, only two persons in the line up) and another waiting for his coffee to be made. When my turn came up, instead of taking my order the cashier inexplicably started counting his cash (he did not bother to say something like ‘could you please wait for a moment, have to count the cash’) and, worse, chatted with other staff as I waited while he counted the cash. None of the other staff took the initiative to take my order. This seemed to be acceptable in their business culture.

I wish there were more independent and interesting coffee houses in Mississauga. So far, I’ve found only a few independents (Marish’s Boulangerie, Sweets Pastry, maybe Irene's Celebrity Cakes) that are acceptable and better than Starbucks for brewed coffee, but I know there are better elsewhere.


"We have a tip box by the till but it's just used as petty cash really. "

What do you mean by this? That partners use it or that customers use it? Either way, that's inappropriate and should be dived strictly among the partners based on hours.


OOOPS...hit send too soon. I meant to say the above two comments were reproduced from ChowHound Toronto.

Both deal with issues that have often been discussed here.

Your thoughts?


Tips is the ONLY area without a complaint in our store! We average, weekly, 35 - 60 dollars. A very nice bit of change. we are a very busy store.


I thought tips were based on service provided? Read the history of tips. Now it is almost a must have. Tips don't depend on the store they depend on service given. If you are not getting enough look in the mirror and point your finger at the person you see.

I tip on average 25%. A smile and a good morning is an automatic 15% anything over and above that gets more.

The tip talk here is so narrow minded and your company pays you to count tips, sort tips, houses the tips for you? That is just unheard of.


Maybe all you jerks with such a negative attitude should find another job....but most likely you won't be happy anywhere and remain losers.....unfortunatley it is partners like ya'll that make the ones who like working for Starbucks such a challenge.....do everyone a favor and move "onward" and let someone have your job that would appreciate it. I read the book in one day and was inspired to be a better partner and a better person









@Dodgy yes, ask people to break their contract of not releasing proprietary information. Great idea!


Tips are up to the store, but should be going to the baristas, not to petty cash. That is what a tip is. We make around $50 a week or more in our store.


I think Dodgy might be Howard, testing the Baristas.

Silly Howard.

Dodgy use google to find a decent recipe ;)





LOL get lost, Mike.


Starbucks is not the worst place to work. Despite being chronically understaffed, the employees give the impression that it's easy, so it looks like a cakewalk to work at. Then someone who has no work ethic comes by and gets p.o'ed that they have to do dishes and clean the bathrooms. Unfortunately, it's not all about making delicious coffee beverages. It's dealing with a hole customers, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and then making delicious coffee beverages. It's not "hard" but it is surely BUSY.


I got a copy of Schultz's book. It wasn't free but part of my admission to see him in NYC to talk about it. Thanks to everyone who contacted me.

Beenthrualotof this

@frappuccinist-- I agree, as a long time parnter Im tired of new hires who come in and just dont do anything, attitude with customers, sense of entitlement that is very undeserving. Chronically under staffed is almost an understatment, but I enjoy what I do.

Now just to state facts to sbux haters;
and for what I do I make VERY GOOD MONEY, even as a shift, to make coffee for Howard, and in return, have a 401k, health insurance, life insurance, stock, and not just stock that I purchase, I have stock just HANDED to me for coming to work, smiling, and pouring the perfect espresso shot. TO OTHERS: IF YOU DO NOT LIKE WORKING STARBUCKS- LEAVE!!! THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER WILLING PEOPLE WHO WOULD FIT, AND ENJOY WHAT THEY DO. YOU CHOSE TO WORK FOR STARBUCKS, AND THEY AGREED, MAKE THEM PROUD OR PEACE OUT.


My store averages 3.50-4.00/hr in tips every single week....a very significant part of my income at 40 hours/week. Partners in my store will jump through rings of fire to keep it this way. :-)

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