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March 31, 2011


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great idea posting this. let's wait and see how many kids start doing lines of via and drinking too much cough syrup.


Poor in taste to post this.

Why Jim?

StarbucksGossip used to be a place to get great inside information about drinks and company initiatives, but like Starbucks itself, this website has lost its luster for me...

As a longtime reader here I've noticed as more and more good people leave Starbucks we are left with a website that only showcases the mindless ramblings a few vocal minorities... you know who you are.

It is yet another sign that the once great coffee house is dead.

Jim  Romenesko

I seem to recall hearing that complaint a year ago.... and two years ago.... and five years ago.

Coffee Soldier

Maybe we'll soon have to card people coming in for Via! check that they are over 18 and a legal adult to make their own stupid decisions! haha

Michael O'Neill

It must difficult being as well rounded and savvy as "Why Jim?"


If numbers count, I don't like this topic either. I also remember when I could get great info from this site. Now... just whining.


Way poor taste to post this Jim. Classless, really.

Be Responsible

Your really desperate to try to sell VIA aren't you? How many boxes do you have sitting around your store? Is it close to inventory time? Why don't you ask your Dr. or the free clinic so they can order a blood test on you so they can test you for other chemical "substances in your blood ? Why leave garbage like this where kids googling VIA can find it and waste money and time trying to catch a buzz? Because they are young and gullible?


Take this post down...you (the emailer and the webmaster) must be under 16 years old and really out of cynical, I Hate Starbucks stories when this hits the site...unreal.

Haven't checked this site in 6 months or so and this is the topic? Up with Starbucks in general and down with this terrible site.

Jeff Tom

Hey, anything is better than whiny "baristas" complaining how their lives are so miserable because Starbucks is not the same as it used to be, and they do not get a living wage. From working fast food. Regardless of where their store is located.


Wake up, people -- Via is just INSTANT COFFEE !
(and Soylent Green is people)


"Poor in taste" ???????
OMG, get over yourselves!

This post/story was hilarious!!!


I realize this is totally off topic (Jim feel free to delete it) but I've been really curious about the test of "ginger mint iced tea". Anybody reading this in a store that tested this? How was it? Where is yoru store? And did customers like it? If you want to reply privately to me, just use the "contact me" form on my site. I've long thought that Starbucks is searching for another big hit cold drink, considering they've gone through a couple of rounds of "refreshers". Who knows?

Jim Romenesko

Max = total liar.

Hasn't checked the site in six months and just happened to stop by today to comment on this post.



Umm... this person took dayquil and then drank a cup of coffee. Yeah, you're going to feel weird after doing that. It doesn't mean Via is a narcotic. It just means this person drank dayquil and then a cup of coffee.


It sounds like caffeine overload. This would never happen to me because I don't take cold medicine nor do I drink coffee. I have a feeling I'm not missing out on much.


What was the dosage on the Dayquil? That might have something to do with it.


...Really? Why would you be so dumb as to drink coffee while you are sick?

Just a thought.


Jim, please don't take down this topic. As one of the people who whines a lot, a lighter topic is a nice change of pace. It's also funny to see people go off on both sides of this: either it's awful and you should be ashamed, or it's worth dissecting in mind-numbing detail. Maybe it's just fun?

Of course, I know you really work for Dayquil, and you're just trying to meet your sales goals on it. :)
Thanks for hosting a good site, Jim!


Has anyone else looked at the ingredients of the new petites?

I was looking at them, and for one thing, it includes BHT, which is listed as an antioxidant, which it technically is, but its purpose is as a preservative. And I thought Starbucks had said they were ending the use of artificial preservatives. How much more would a naturally sourced form of vitamin E cost them?

Also word to the wise, if you're a vegetarian you should abstain as the birthday cake pop contains scale insects. You can tell because the ingredients list carmine, which is a food coloring only derived from scale insects. Just because people want pink! So silly. Again they could have used something that doesn't involve killing insects, like beet juice.


I read through a few more of the ingredients listing, and I really don't think any human should be consuming those petites. I don't think they are fit for consumption, vegetarian or not. The list of ingredients reads like a science experiment. The whoopy pies have carmine, as well, and many of the petties have gelatin. But even if you don't care about eating animals or insects, there are just so many strange preservatives and emulsifiers, I wouldn't eat them. I was considering it as a treat, but I won't.

Starbucks did make a gluten free orange cake for a while, and I remember being impressed at its ingredients. It used mainly orange pulp and eggs as I recall.

But these new petties are a 180 from when the were promising food that used ingredients like you would find in your house.

It would be nice if they had something edible, as I am invited out to Starbucsk sometimes. As I am vegetarian, low-carb, right now all I get is tea.


"It would be nice if they had something edible, as I am invited out to Starbucsk sometimes. As I am vegetarian, low-carb, right now all I get is tea."

No offense, but if you choose to be a vegetarian, you can't complain when you have fewer options. Just man up and eat some meat already.

SBUX Alum Bill

I don't think we're going to see a stampede of kids rushing out to stock up on Dayquil & Via. This kid may have experienced some type of a caffeine/Dayquil/sugar buzz, but I've got to think kids can probably find a million other things that would give them a much stronger kick, if that's what they're after.


Oh who hasn't snorted via...


Add me to the bandwagon of people disappointed in this choice of topic. Poor taste, Jim. What's the matter, couldn't find another scathing review of Onward to keep the negative nancies going?


it's april fools guys. you're all so dumb..


@yes: This topic didn't start on April Fools Day.


It's kind of funny how this thread is full of whining about so-called "whiny baristas". Just randomly too, even though this topic has nothing to do with baristas or whining. Guess we can tell who the real "negative nancies" are.

Jeff Tom

No frapatte. This is a web site to discuss Starbucks related topics and issues. Not a venting ground for poor baristas who want attention, albeit anonymously.


April Fools!

 Red cup

@ jeff tom
I didnt know this was your website. This topic sucks its not even a story its just some no life sending a letter to this website. Also I have to agree with waltie.


That is right up there with the Nyquil Frappuccino.

Any way you like it, right!



"No offense, but if you choose to be a vegetarian, you can't complain when you have fewer options. Just man up and eat some meat already."

Remember we are talking about Starbucks. So I should man up by eating pink birthday cake pops and whoopie pies?


You should man up by not calling something inedible simply because you voluntarily choose to restrict certain things from your diet.


If you have chosen to live a certain lifestyle that prohibits you from eating what is served at a particular establishment..it is not up to that establishment to cater to you..you are not being forced to walk through the doors.


i totally sold cinnamon spice via today...


I'm surprised that my comments were so controversial.

To clarify:

In calling the products inedible, I was saying that the chemical make-up of the petites is so far from natural that I don't think any person should eat them, regardless of lifestyle choices, etc. There are just some things no one can eat or should eat if they want to treat their bodies well. Look up some of the chemicals in the petites and you'll see that some of them are involved in forming cancer. It's my opinion, but it's similar to the opinion that artificial trans fats should be removed from products, which is an opinion enough people shared to make it come to fruition at Starbucks.

With regard to the use of insects to color the food—yes, I am a vegetarian, so I do not eat insects. I am a vegetarian for two reasons: 1) I don't believe I should be implicit in killing animals (or insects) 2) I think eating animals is disgusting.

The second one probably weighs on me much more than the first. I've voluntarily been a vegetarian since age 3, so I could not easily eat meat now even if I wanted to.

But, yes, that is a choice. I could eat insects if I wanted to.

However, I eat low-carb, low glycemic load foods because I have diabetes. That is not a lifestyle choice. Starbucks doesn't offer compelling snacks, like fresh fruit, nuts, or 90% plus chocolate that I could fit into my diet on a regular basis, which I accept.

On my diet, every once in a while, I could have a snack like a birthday cake pop, if it were not for the inclusion of insects, or I could have the rocky road pop if it did not include gelatin. I accept that Starbucks is a place where people should indulge occasionally--not frequently--unless they like me are only getting straight coffee or tea.

However, to simply say that I shouldn't go to a place because I don't like certain parts of it is childish. I like the atmosphere, I like the people, I like the brand, but more importantly, I have to go there for both social and business occasions. Starbucks has become what it wanted to be--that third place platform--and for many reasons, people decide to meet there.

I do accept Starbucks as it is, which is evidenced by the fact that I go there! I am simply stating what would be preferable for someone with my dietary considerations, both voluntary and necessary. I am expressing an opinion on Starbucks' offerings, like all the thousands of people that participated in the My Starbucks Idea program or the tens of people who comment here each week.

And I think my preference that Starbucks adhere to what it had started--using natural ingredients and not reverting back to its Frankenstein recipes--and not using insects (almost undoubtedly sourced from China) in its products is a fairly good, constructive critique!


Marcus, you have totally ruined cake pops for me...just saying.



I can see why some people have that reaction. Whenever I have learned of an offending ingredient, I've thought oh thank god I found out, so I don't eat any more of it.

You would want to unwittingly eat scale insect cake pops? I kind of can get that. I mean I've never had one, but if they are really really good, I can kind of see that.


I like to remain blissfully ignorant. The food just tastes better that way.

On another note, I had been pondering how the Whoopie Pies got such a vivid red color without the assistance of food dye. I just assumed it came from the blood of elves who made our pastries...


You can use beet juice to make red velvet cake without dye. I've never done it, but it's an option.


You can't get more "natural" than insects. The color isn't from a dye, it's from an insect. You can complain all you want because you don't want precious insects to be ground up and used for food coloring, but don't call that inedible. That's all I'm saying. I'd eat a cake pop made out of cockroach testicles if it tasted good.



Do remember that Starbucks (or any other retail business, of course) must stock what sells well. If there's not enough of a call for say... vegan pastries, or even gluten-free pastries, we won't stock 'em.

I remember the orange cake thing, which was gluten-free, which I thought was was pretty tasty! I remember also nobody buying it. Now it's gone, and all I have to sell the gluten-free folks are Kind Bars and nuts and such. At LEAST a couple times a week I get some sort of nasty look/complaint/whine about our lack of gluten-free stuff. I then have to explain how retail works to these folks (in the best and most positive manner, of course) and then I direct them to the idea website.

I also try to eat as little chemically enhanced and processed foods myself, but it would be beyond silly of me to walk into a national chain store of any kind and expect that there would be anything that sells to a comparably small niche of people. That's not how the big biz works.


Um..Marcus....Starbucks carries an assortment of at least 5 different kinds of nuts/dried fruit/granola bars. And yes, some stores even carry fresh fruit.


Marcus' situation still pretty much comes down to what otterinthewater wrote: If the group of people buying gluten free products is large enough (and purchasing enough) to make it profitable to carry more gf foods catering to that group, you can imagine that Starbucks will do it. I suspect that right now it's a close case: There are a lot of people who want gf foods, but Starbucks has to find a way to make those foods appeal to a wide-group of people and have a healthy profit margin. Who knows. They may test this out again.

Coffee Soldier

We had M&M cookies made with beet juice died M&M's...disgusting...once a customer had them once they never bought the again and ever so slowly they disappeared from being able to order.


It's the cough syrup. Just a dumb kid. How is this blogworthy?


@marcus. Get real.

Tom Jones

ICK! Dayquil feels like dime-store speed to me.

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