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April 22, 2011


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Doppio conkarma

I hate having customers I see every day show up today with a mug, get their free coffee and then go back to using paper every single day until the next free coffee with mug promotion.
You have a reusable mug, it saves you money, saves paper pulp, likely keeps your drink hotter for longer, and you still don't use it! It's a win/win/win!

Jim  Romenesko

You should say: "Will I be seeing that reusable mug tomorrow, too?"


I agree with the commenter above, that it's frustrating that more people don't use the reusable mugs more often.

I'm one of those people.

But I'd argue that it's days like this that can start changing habits, and it make take a year or two. I'm setting a goal for May to use reusable mugs at coffee shops. And I can help reinforce that message with friends.

John Deese

I buy my coffee in the paper cup most days because I usually only want a tall and there are no/very few tall sized travel mugs. So what's the solution to that one? Also what about the fact that all these travel mugs are usually made of cheap plastics in china?


$0.10 discount is not a big enough incentive to bring in a mug.

Also, when you're out shopping or doing other things, you don't always plan on going to Starbucks so you don't always bring your mug with you.

Jim romenesko

John deese -- I use a travel mug and always tell the barista to put a tall's worth of coffee in it. Solves the problem.


I'm not a picky person but not all mugs/tumblers are uniform. Some are smaller at the bottom and gets bigger at the top on the inside. So if you have a 16oz(grande) mug and the customer wants an 8oz (short) coffee, pouring halfway doesn't mean you're giving the customer a tall. It would be nice if there was a consistent way to pour coffee like a special cup you pour into first to measure before pouring into the customer's tumbler.


@sbux customer: You're not picky? Really?

Jim  Romenesko

SBUX Customer -- Get a rewards card so your refills are free and you don't have to worry about how far to the top your travel mug is filled.


@sbux customer: You're not picky? Really?

Seriouly, I'm not picky. It wouldn't bother me if I wasn't given the right amount of coffee.


Remember the pour over method for brewing coffee? Remember that handy measuring cup used to measure the got water? Just use that to determine the amount of coffee a personal cup will hold.


Just out of curiousity, when a customer wants to fill up a Starbucks tumbler with coffee, how do you know it's not stolen?
I was in line to purchase a tumbler and the barista asked if I wanted a refill. I said that I was wanting to purchase the tumbler. I could have easily removed the barcode sticker and the information card inside and got a coffee and tumbler for free.


Was at a Starbucks in Brooklyn today. Zero signage about the promotion and the employees didn't know anything about it.


The spirit of the day is to lessen the strain on the environment, so to to have people who have never come to Starbucks and never will again unless there is free coffee, show up with a cup and ask for a freebie makes me wonder how that is a net benefit to the planet. Regular customers who use their travel mugs regularly get a free coffee and regular customers who see the promotion and bring in a mug, I get. The rest are just cheap.


"Anon1234" - this happens all the time. I saw a customer grab a new mug, go to the bathroom with the mug, wash off the sticker on the bottom & throw away the insert inside the mug, and then come out, get in line & try and order something in the mug.

Not much you can do about it. "Just say yes" :-/ customer is always right -- "This IS my mug! How dare you accuse me of stealing!"


anon1234...we hope that it's not stolen. Is the human race that bad, that we have to suspect that every personal mug is stolen. Sadly, probably yes....


Tumblers can be a pain. Sometimes I get coffee before work; I drink it, and set my tumbler aside. After eight or nine hours, whatever was in it begins to smell real bad - it eventually ends up somewhere tucked out of view to be cleaned at a later point in time. With the fact that most tumblers seem not to be dishwasher safe...

I would use one more often, I guess, if it was dishwasher safe and fit in the cup holder in my car (something which no tumbler seem to be able to do).


The cup portion of a tumbler is fine to put in a dishwasher.

It's just not recommended to put the lid (with the rubber seal) in the dishwasher because the high temps can cause the rubber to warp or crack, thus giving you a leaky tumbler.


Wash something by hand! But my hands might fall offfffffff
Do you seriously realize that you are lucky to even have clean water to wash your cup in?


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