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April 12, 2011


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sue de nimes

That's not the only concern: we heat sandwiches made with bacon, sausage and ham! Any dishmachine that runs oven tongs with milk pails is clearly not kosher, certainly not for anyone who's very observant. Plus, knowing that most stores steam milk and soy in the same pitchers and blend in the same blenders means we can't claim non-D kosher for almost anything, either.

My most orthodox customers (in the nyc suburbs) order coffee or tea; it's the least likely to be affected in some way. I'm fascinated the rabbi even found a store to certify, I'm guessing it's a very Jewish neighborhood. There's a Dunkin near my sister's home that is kosher (Riverdale, NY). I don't know of any Starbucks that's gone that route anywhere I've worked (NYC and Boston).


If you are orthodox: just stay in your neighborhood and eat/drink only at home or kosher friends. Readers: don't hassle me. I come from a kosher background.
Unless Sbux is running two sanitizers, two ovens, two sets of sinks, two different sets of dishes AND they have orthodox baristas, kosher just isn't doable.


@spence I remember working as a chef for functions at this Jewish girls school in Denver every month and it was my first experience with the split kitchen equipment. The first time I worked there the ladies who were my contacts watched and instructed me very closely as to not slip up. After they saw that I knew the rules I needed to follow they relaxed and little. Over the coarse of a year we became like old friends sharing stories of life. I must admit I LOVE matzo balls.


usorthem3: I love matzo balls too. I love some orthodox Jews but the rules they live by are just too strenuous for me. Oddly enough, I think we have a higher % of orthodox Jews in the US vs Israel.


I'm just curious why the article is targeted at Starbucks...

Coffee Soldier

Good point ash_sk8s..this could easy have any establishment that serves food name substituted in this article...How kosher is your Chuck E Cheese? haha


It's like everything in society. When a company gets big, people do anything to make the company a villain for something or another.


I don't think the rabbi was knocking Sbux. I think he was actually helping people who wanted a coffee at Sbux by giving them their best options. I have a family member who buys the iced tea and has them shake it a bit in the venti to go cup. I've refrained from mentioning to her that we wash the venti iced pitcher right next to the oven tray at the end of the night.


Does this mean I won't be able to get my bacon latte anymore? Oh the humanity!


"Plus, knowing that most stores steam milk and soy in the same pitchers and blend in the same blenders means we can't claim non-D kosher for almost anything, either."

Every store should have designated (and labeled) pitchers for steaming and blending non dairy drinks. That goes beyond Kosher, and is a health regulation.


Hmm can Kosher coffee shops be coming? I bet you would do well in the orthodox areas of the country.


First, Starbucks claims their drinks are kosher, hence the article...most other fastfood joints do not claim to be kosher. I am sorry to tell the Rabbi he is wrong about the syrups because we put the syrup pumps in the sinks and sanitizer. In 2 years we have never purchased a new pump (too costly)



Can you cite a specific source or article in which Starbucks claims to be kosher? I've not seen or heard that before, so I'm just curious.


Can someone please tell me why we don't have "dairy" and "soy" spoons if we have "dairy" and "soy" pitures?



Anyone know what delivery schedule is like for the free birthday beverage, and, for the gold rewards free beverages?

I earned my 15th "star" last week, and this week is my birthday.

I checked the website, and my address and birthday are correct and the system says I've earned a free drink.

Any ideas how long they might take to get to me?

Do not want to waste folks' time but want to know when I should call...


Talldrip: a few weeks. They take awhile. Patience


Thanksalatte: Because the spoons stay with the pitchers while in use.


Thanksalatte, our spoons are labeled to coordinate with soy and non-dairy pitchers. The store labelmaker will get the job done in a couple minutes.

Marked, plastic syrup pumps are not supposed to be washed, they are supposed to be used until they no longer dispense the appropriate amount of syrup or collect too much residue. This is to prevent cross-contamination, and to keep the flavors from leaching into one another (ie raspberry pump in a vanilla bottle or cinnamon dolce pump in a bottle of classic).

Our whole bean coffee is certified Kosher, but the brewing process is not.


To barista mcclane...I know that about the pumps and so does my sm...she just doesn't give a crap and does whatever she wants, always.


"This is to prevent cross-contamination, and to keep the flavors from leaching into one another (ie raspberry pump in a vanilla bottle or cinnamon dolce pump in a bottle of classic)."

I don't know too much about the policy on the pumps, but there are methods of cleaning them which do not at all involve cross-contamination. Is there perhaps different reasoning?


frapatte: yes there is, cleaning pumps injects water into the pumps; if they are not used immediately and say, left over night, this can be considered a breeding ground for bacteria. This results when the water is not fully injected out of the pumps and fresh syrup is not run through the pump after it is cleaned.

You'd be surprised how many orthodox jews come into Starbucks, and think its kosher. I guess back when we didnt serve warmed meats this was not a problem, but today it very much so is. Even brewed coffee, components such as the top of the server are sanitized nightly, deeming them unkosher, as this could potentially be contaminated with meat product, and then has coffee running through it.

Marked, your SM and Shifts should look at the cost of pumps a bit more carefully. Pumps are the cheapest thing ever to order, and really improve product quality. I gag when I see partners cleaning plastic pumps, its just gross.



we have soy spoons..
its a little known fact that SOY stickers will stick to both the pitcher *and* the spoon. i know, it sounds crazy. but it totally works.


Latter...I gag too, but I am just so tired of fighting with a SM who truly does not care about the health and safety of anyone...I know new pumps are not costly, this is just her pat excuse...I have tried to talk to her so many times...I know I should transfer or leave Starbucks to get away from her behavior but I truly adore our customers and most of my fellow partners at this location. I just keep hoping for better...crazy...maybe!


No one should be steaming milk and soy in the same pitcher. If you do that, shame on you!

Jay F

Theres a website that I follow:
www.kosherstarbucks.com. Apparently according to them there's lots in sbux that is kosher.

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