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April 29, 2011


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My store is in Times Square near TLC's Royal Wedding watch party. Women in hats and TLC crew members were everywhere. But the line wasn't any longer than it usually is with our regulars and tourists packing the place.


Dear god I hope not...


We were actually slower than last week. Asked a couple of people about it. Most people either seemed to not know, or to not care (or both).


In other UK news, the new have it your way new frappuccinos debuted in the UK this week. I'm normally a one a day person
(Yes, I know!) but I've tried the new one twice and it's bloody disgusting. Weak, watery and artificial tasting. The caramel coffee frappuccino tasted like weak sugary milk. The poor barista very nicely made it three times to try and improve it, but I ended up leaving 3/4 of it. In the 30 mins I was there I saw at least 7 or 8 people complaint and returning drinks.

Is there anything I can do to make it taste like the old ones?

I'm guessing that they won't go back

Coffee Soldier

Sold 8 boxes of Earl Grey tea on my shift today! People told me they were having English breakfasts at work!!! haha


Nope, they won't go back. We managed to keep even the most die hard drinkers happy and we never hear anything about it now. You'll get over it and realize it's fine and even if it's not, it's not the end of the world.


alazne: try 'extra coffee, extra caramel caramel frappuccino, half the base and half H&H instead of milk'
pretty close to the old ones.

Starbucks Gossip Webmaster

I'm at a Starbucks and the shift supervisor just offered customers "a Frappuccino that's not on the menu, but will blow your mind."

What is it? someone asked.

"Irish cream."

Is it really a mind-blower?

Staci d. Kramer

Th Starbucks @ 8th & 49th celebrated by understaffing. Mid-morning one cashier, one barista working a line that kept piling up.


I've head terrible experiences at that Starbucks.

Jim  Romenesko

Dear Starbucks -- Just to let you know: You're offering COMPLIMENTARY wi-fi service, not COMPLEMENTARY service, as you say on your splash screen. You mean that none of those super-smart SBUX execs don't know the difference?

You're welcome.


maybe it's about telling you how good you look in that tie...or how fabu those earrings are?

complementary service.


Actually, complementary service would be service that goes really well with your coffee.

rolling in the deep

At our store we had one woman buy all of our scones after watching the royal wedding...and when i say all of our scones...i mean ALL of them...even those in our freezer...


To paraphrase Bob Dylan -

Everybody must get sconed...


It's a long week....


Re making them taste like the old Frappuccinos: the only way I will drink them now is if I tell them to make them with espresso shots instead of the roast coffee pumps and make sure they use cream base instead of coffee base.

Steam Explosion

Ours was dead, I got the day off as a result.

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