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April 05, 2011


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It would be nice to see if this one day, personal cup totals could be ten%. 1.5% average is very....lacking is the word I find. And if it can be done that day then....

Legendarily Lean

How many Ann Coulter articles does it take -- year after year -- to discredit Earth Day? This, when we are facing a likely government shutdown, growing inflation, three wars with no end in sight, and a constantly vacationing first family...


That day is Good Friday and is a holiday for many people; it be nice to have had Earth Day on a workday- a free coffee always seem to put a smile on hard working folks!!!


@108represent April 22nd is a Friday work day as well as Earth Day. Just because it happens to be a religious holiday for some, certainly doesn't mean that ALL should have to change it's date for that religious conflict.


Aw, that sucks. I won't be able to go on April 22. UGGGGGGH.


Does the tea have to be the (hot) brewed kind, or could it be flavored iced tea?

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