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April 14, 2011


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Why are we still using the big bags of vanilla bean? How many years ago did we transition to the smaller dry containers? This is incredibly wasteful and inefficient, so why has it continued?


I'd be interested in how the 53% is broken down between Starbucks and DD. "Only" 29% of McDonalds customers go to SB or DD but even if the 53% is split 50/50, that would mean "only" 26% visit competing stores.

Doppio ConKarma

My store does goes through the big bags before they would expire, perhaps your experience is more the exception than the norm? Not sure.


It's not the expiration issue, it's a matter of waste -- the entire bag doesn't fit into the container, so what do you do with the rest? Put it in a Venti cup? Tape the bag closed and leave it next to the CBS? It just baffles me why the packaging has remained the same this long when it's not meant for that container.

Time To GO!

Just put it in a cup. Who cares?


Those 53% must be the PPR drinkers....


Will: Are you really upset by this? Really??? If so, I think your stress level is too high. I don't mean this in an unkind way; I'm kind of worried about you.


Re DD vs. Sbux. It's my experience that people who drink DD will often drink Sbux. BUT, Sbux doesn't drink DD. I used to think DD was horrible. HORRIBLE!!!! Now they have a dark roast which is very drinkable. Even enjoyable. Not as good as the Bux, though.



That's a really interesting thought. By making PPR more like DD or McCoffee, Starbucks has lost its distinct flavor profile and a comparable beverage can be found in a lot of other places.

That would be an interesting one to suss out.


@will. so yea, smaller bags would equal more waste. More bags thrown out. Think about it. And the transition was only not quite one year ago.


@Will you are not serious, are you? You close it up to use later in the day. Amazing.

Meilseoir Schwartzthal

I don't know, but it seems the idea of allegations of "arrogance" made as a blanket statement against Starbucks customers seems ironically arrogant. It's only personal preference. There's no such thing as a "correct" opinion. I happen to prefer Starbucks a larger percent of the time, but not always. Sometimes I'm in the mood for Dunkin's. I like them both. No "study" could "prove" one is "better" than the other. It would even be difficult to prove which was more popular by a "taste test" without examining exactly who participated in it.

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