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April 27, 2011


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So I walk into my local starbucks at 5:15 PM. It's a stand-alone retail store.

Me: I'd like a decaf please.

Barista: We don't have decaf. Would you like to try an Americano?

[Long pause]

Me: Can't you do a pour-over?

Barista: No, we don't do pour-overs.

Me: I don't understand. What can you do for me that's decaf?

Can someone who works for this auspicious fast foodery tell me why I can't get decaf at a coffee place at 5:15PM?

Sean Thomas

According to what I have been told, its a cost saving measure per store. Instead of dumping out unused decaf, just don't brew it. Resulting in about $3,000 in savings per quarter. However with the pour over taking so much time, and its aim being unreliable (missing the cup completely) we just brew it till close. Waste of money, waste of time. LEAN.

Doppio conkarma

The cut off time for continuously brewing decaf varies by store depending upon demand, a cost saving measure.
That said, they should then offer the pour over method. That was switched to the default non drip offering from the decaf americano a year ago (or so)

The store likely doesn't offer the pour over because they're lazy and don't want to set up/clean the rig, but you should always be able to get a decaf americano for the price of the decaf coffee at that point. (or thats at least what I would do)


"Can someone who works for this auspicious fast foodery tell me why I can't get decaf at a coffee place at 5:15PM?"

If this actually happened, call the store manage and/or the district manager and let them know. This is not company policy. You just dealt with a bad worker.


"call the store manager and/or the district manager"

I'm not getting paid to manage Starbucks.

If you should see the store or district manager, tell them I won't be back soon if at all.

Doppio con karma

@ Noah
Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

Georgia Latte

A pour over literally just takes a few minutes - anyone that won't do one is pretty lazy. Also, saving $3,000 per quarter... We just making up things as we go along... I mean I know this is starbucks gossip, but still... At least try to be truthful.


Honestly, a decaf americano tastes a ton better than a pour over - just make sure they only charge you for the drip. ;-)


anyone who reuses a pour-over because they believe it to be inferior is a moron.

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Well, no doubt SB's frappes are great! ;)

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