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April 27, 2011


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where is the bonus to the Baristas whose excellent service creates the extra foot traffic and the customers returning?


From what I've heard, employees are treated pretty well. You could always go to another nationwide chain that has those benefits that's making big profits (if you can find one).

Meanwhile congrats to Howard Schultz and all Starbucks employees.

Clark Kent

Um thanks. Just got news even more labor is being cut soon... yea, if you haven't heard about it yet, More To Come! ONWARD!


There is no more lean to cut! I can't scrape another second out of my team.


I hear rumors that labor cuts are coming. I heard there will be more focus on pushing employees to be faster especially the bar partner. I don't disagree that we should encourage people to move faster but I think it will eventually blow up in the company's face.

East Coast SM

Profits may be up right now but so is the price of green coffee. Its at an all time high, more than a dollar a pound over last year. Thats millions and millions of added cost. So yes we are having great profits but the cost of buying coffee is going to effect us over the next year as we continue to replenish our coffee in the warehouses and contracts expire. That being said I would not be surprised to see bonuses for Batista and shifts this fall or winter. This is the only company that I have ever worked for that gives front line workers bonuses. Its also the only one thats offers health insurance to 20 hour a week workers. As far as labor cuts go I have not heard anything about that. I know that right now Starbucks is testing new and better equipment to make our jobs easier, and thus make us be able to serve our customers faster. I have been in retail for over 15 years and let me just say we have it very good compared to other retail jobs out there. I'm not saying life at Starbucks is perfect, but its a good gig. If you don't like it here you can leave at anytime, my store gets about 15 applications a week from people who would love to have your job.

Sad Barista

So imagine this I have two jobs, my fulltime day job is as an executive admin. Yesterday was administrative professionals day, yes a hallmark holiday. However, I got to my desk and my boss had a cup of coffee and a scone waiting for me. What a beautiful gesture!

How do we start a movement for a barista appreciation day!!!! I would like just one genuine thank you...


@ weatheredbarista - Well, you as a Starbucks partner have shares in stock as well making you a shareholder too. Have you checked in with Fidelity and created an account? Also, have you set up a 401k plan? So many partners on this site complain whenever the company is doing well and act like they're being cheated or taken for granted. Many don't know about their whole compensation package or just don't bother with it.


@East Coast SM - And out of those 15 applicants, how many would you actually hire?? Very few of them would be able to brew coffee every 6 minutes, put 3 to 5 sandwiches through the oven, grab pastries from the case, rinse pitchers for the bar partner, all the while ringing up an endless line of customers and offering each of them a sample of the *new* VIA of the month...

If you would be able to hire more than 3 of those 15 applicants and have them stay for more than 6 months, then you my friend are more powerful than Lord Voldemort himself...

 Red cup

I would like your comment if this was facebook well said. I can't stand the kool aid drinkers


I left as a shift supervisor, to go work as a investigator for child protective services. I attempt to make better lives instead of making a few men even richer. And I am tired of people wanting to pat Starbucks on the back for treating people the way everyone should be treated. If most of the corporate would take pay cuts and benefit cuts, the partners could be paid better with more stock options, they deserve it.

Ms. Barista

I find it really interesting that no one has commented on the fact that while total return rose 25%, Howard gave himself a 42% raise: http://projects.nytimes.com/executive_compensation
He's the 11 highest compensated CEO in America. What did you get for your raise, 20 cents an hour?
I have worked in other retail jobs and they are a lot easier than Starbucks. Right now the health benefits and hours are the only thing keeping me there.


Ms. Barista: Did you create your job or did Howard create your job? If you created your job, you'd have a beef. Since someone created your job for you, you're not entitled to the same benefits as the person who created your job. If you want the big bucks, and I don't blame you, you need to create something that people want, like a job which is the result of creating a product or service. Good luck.


Howard didnt personally plan the expansion the lower ranks in corporate did the analysis and made their recommendations.


Changing subjects. Delete if you want to. I'd like to know how partners fared during the supercells. I understand many survived by staying in the bathrooms.


Our store was near some supercells but we were relatively unscathed. Lost power early in the evening. No idea when we'll get power back, pretty much all of North Alabama is out of power right now. Its amazing how many people were out during this weather, its like everyone has no common sense.


@sad barista: move to canada. every year we have a partner appreciation day; the last two getting tshirts from SB as well as cakes. in the past we've also gotten a watch, a wallet, a key chain and a pen. (i think it's in it's 6 or 7th year now)..
canadian starbucks' are kickin butt.

you can always transfer for the summer (it's july 3rd or 7th this year i think) and then transfer back :)

Sad Barista

@jj - I love canada, glad to hear there is at least somthing!

Las Vegas Foreclosures

Nice news! Starbucks are vastly increasing and their profits are great this Q2

Ms. Barista

Mike: Obviously you missed my point. Howard's raise was larger than the total return percent for the company. I actually wrote the incorrect number. His compensation was increased 45%. Did you even look at the link?


@Mike: okay, some positions are worth more than others, for a variety of reasons. But the disparity between what what Schultz makes and what all the store partners make (including SM) is far, far out of line with what is moral, deserved and proper. Of course, in that, *$ is no different from most other large companies. And before you trot out the "morals don't count in the bizness world" -- BS. They do count, everywhere. To say that in a business decision you're being amoral, is just a pretty way to cover up what you're really being - immoral. Big difference.

And @ everybody: funny how "upset" the Wall Street trolls got, taking the stock downwards, because *$ "only" predicts 1.48 a share, and the trolls had their tiny little minds set on 1.49!

Time To GO!

"15 applications from people who would love to have your job." Starbucks personality cult coming out through and through. I heard management saying this for years and was forced to say that to my staff as well. No one wants "your" job. People want money to live, not the green apron or the guiding principles. No one wants to serve at the pleasure of a DM who doesn't have any idea how to run a business with respect. No one wants your job.

Georgia Latte

No upcoming labor cuts... I really don't know where people get this... Like I said in a post recently.... Starbucks gossip---- just make it up as you go along!!! WOOO HOOOO.


I don't know anything about labor cuts, but my store's acting mgr told us there won't be any increase in labor for frappuccino happy hour, which was brutal last year...not looking forward to it this year.


Like everyone else is saying, when are us Baristas/Shift Managers going to see some of this Money? We do bust our asses for this company, and it looks like Howard is raking in all the Money for himself and his staff. Has Corporate forgot about the important employees that keep this company going?

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