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May 03, 2011


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It's Friday May 6th, not 16th. The 16th is a Monday. :)


Ha. I clearly can't read. Please ignore my first comment.


I am excited that two hours of work will fly by.

Coffee Soldier

It is such a great sales driving opportunity to get people hooked earlier on in summer!! Especially with the incentive going on to win extra $$ for the stores!

Prepare to wait in line customers! We have 2 blenders so it is slow going when each person is ordering multiple frappuccinos!


I loooooooooove Frappucino hour.


Frappy happy frappy happy...


I thought the first one was a good idea, new style of making fraps to get ppl into it. Now with Tea Time (where Tazo Tea Lattes were half price as well), and another Frap Happy hour, I'm starting to feel like SBUX is on sale... anyone else feel it?


Lets sell Frappuccino!
Lets sell Frappuccino!
Lets sell Frappuccino!

What's that?...and whole bean coffee as well?...Umm...uhhh...

Lets sell Frappuccino!
Lets sell Frappuccino!
Lets sell Frappuccino!


The cash incentive for the partners on these promotions are so nice. The last one we had the past fall I was able to take the entire store out for steak dinner at $30 a person and had enough money left over so we could go bowling afterwards.

What is everyone's store planning on doing when they hit their frappuccino goals and gets their payouts?


Glad I don't work in a drive thru where one car will order 20 frappuccino's and then get mad because the order is not done in two minutes. I must agree though that customers should be ready to wait since there are only two people scheduled for afternoons in my store.
I hear it everyday:


I'm so confused when people complain about having to sell more than one item at once.

It doesn't have to be FRAPPS ONLY EVERYONE! and you get to forget about the whole-bean promotions, tea promotions or whatever else is being pushed.

Everything runs in tandem. I don't get the whole I-can-only-do-one-thing-at-a-time mentality that seems to run through many Starbucks workers.


"I don't get the whole I-can-only-do-one-thing-at-a-time mentality that seems to run through many Starbucks workers."

That's because you just made up that mentality. There IS a "I'm-already-doing-500-things-at-once-so-thanks-for-the-extra-20-things-Starbucks" mentality, though.


that's so nice perhaps... gimme an idea to make that coffee, please.


What incentives? There are none in our store, heck our labor gets slashed and we are lucky to have 3 working during that time!


Frappuccinos are a diabetic nightmare. They are full of sugar, make you fat, and give you cavities. Every time you buy one, Starbucks can buy a whole gallon of milk, and they only use about a third of the cup too. You are paying nothing but for ice and syrup. Starbucks makes a 300% profit off of you. Don't buy into it people, stop poisoning yourself!


Sooo glad I'm off this weekend, and I leave Friday before it starts. It's going to be a madhouse. Last year at the beginning, our manager (thankfully he's gone now) put a new girl on register who hadn't even read the training books on the first Saturday of the promotion. I'm surprised she came back to work after that day. I'm pretty sure more than one barista was on the verge of tears that day.


@WPGBRSTA I think the "tea time" promotion was in Canada only and not the US. I remember hearing about it. So to many partners it probably does not feel like back to blue light specials.


We have no incentive either, and we only have 1-2 people working. Its gonna be a nightmare.


Is the coconut part of a frap base? Or is it a syrup that can be added to other drinks? I only see sbux promoting it as a frap, but an iced mocha coconut latte sounds delicious.


@Ryan The coconut syrup is available in whatever beverage you'd like. Hot, or cold, coffee or non (if that's really your preference..).


Every store should have a goal, and from that goal, if they make 90% of the goal, you get money for the store (for a party, generally), 100% of goal is more money. Ask your manager about it. Sucks having not enough coverage though. My store is cafe only and we will have four baristas on during happy hour. I'm working seven of them. Can't wait for those afternoons to fly by!


Except for licensed stores who just pick up the slack for other departments that can't pull thier weight.


I work a DT/Cafe store, and I'm pretty sure 4 is the max we'll have. We may only have 3. Grab the handlebars and hold on for dear life! lol.


I agree, fraps are nasty and bad for you. I want a half price nonfat latte.


So tired of having sbux dangle the "you get a party if you perform" carrot. We're still waiting for our frappuccino party from last year, not to mention our store sold the most Tribute in the entire district and we're still waiting for that party too. Carrot dangling just isn't going to fly at our store anymore. No one I work with really cares anymore. We're short staffed all the time and are all on the verge of a breakdown by the time our shifts are over.

Our daily frappuccino goal is a joke and is so far out of reach, it makes one wonder if a fortune teller is doing the forecasting?


My store sold $487 in tribute blend on 4-1 (not to mention leading sales the rest of the quarter) and all we get is our RD is gonna "work" a shift at our store. Probably just lobby slides.


keepin' and eye on the baristas at my regular store, they've definitely been churning out 4 a minute for the last 87 minutes.

Jim Romenesko

The downtown Evanston SBUX was packed for Happy Hour. Store manager Jose & Co. were decked out in their leis.


The incentive we had was if you hit your target, your store enters a draw and if your store wins, everyone gets an ipod and the manager goes to the music awards or some award thing like that, all espenses paid.


"My cinnamondolce-greentea-coconut-vanilla bean frapuccino tastes bad and it's your fault even though i checked off all those things on that Frapuccino Master card! It can't be me since I am a frapuccino master! "


@Yup-make your RD receive the milk, take out the nasty trash, and do dishes. Then, while they are doing that, call them up to the line because you got a line and need help....
@John- everyone knows Frappuccinos are terrible for you. Same as we know the Baconator, Big Mac, Whopper, etc...are not good for us. There's no arm twisting going on. That's America for ya!
When I worked for the bucks, I asked my RD why not give more off for personal cups. Her reply "the cost of the cup is $.10. We do not discount our coffee." Well, now we do...

Georgia Latte

KD.... If your store never got their reward last year, it is because your SM didn't plan it out and take the time to do it. The money was given to each store in their P&L for it....

Georgia Latte

As for cutting labor.... If your SM or ASM knows how to properly write a schedule, you shouldn't have to cut labor that often if ever... It is now may and I can think of only 2 weeks we have had to cut labor this year, and that was due to slower than anticiapted sales. Starbucks isn't "cutting labor" accross the board as everyone on here likes to proclaim.

I'm sorry to be on a soap box the last 2 posts, but I get sick of reading the same line of crap this isn't true that people keeep complaining about. I have actually limited coming to this site because it is nothing but recycled crap that isn't true and isn't news... I remember when I first discovered this site a few years ago, there would actually be news on here... Now, not so much...


Georgia Latte....then don't come to the site if it annoys you.....you obviously like it or wouldn't keep returning...there IS a labor issue at Starbucks...always is....but it is part of retail.....if you don't like working your rear off and being exhausted at the end of your shift then people should find other jobs.....my only complaint is all the retail merchandise we have to push..customers get so sick of it...they just want their drink and snack.......and, as far as the Happy Hour, it is great but we should do it for other drinks also to reach all of our customers....and what about "pastry of the week"...why don't we knock money off of it if we are calling it pastry of the week? Starbucks doesn't offer enough instore specials to treat their regular customer base.


"Pastry of the week"--I can't imagine a worse supply chain nightmare scenario than that. We already can't keep up with the demand for cake balls on a stick--I can't keep them in the case. You think you have enough for the day then BAM, mommies with the kids in the van wipe you out, buy six at a time... They don't care that IMS cuts off my order at our laughably low suggested quantities. All they hear is an excuse. I'm thinking up ways of mixing up marked out pastries in the blender to make our own versions...



That's funny about IMS cutting your order down. At my store, IMS always wants us to order a crazy amount more than what we sell. Yay technology!


Cool, I'll check it out.


i may go for a mocha coconut frapp.... but i'm stoked that coconut is back!!


I don't mind working during Frappy Hour...but it's times like these that I was there was a limit on how many drinks someone can order in drive thru.


as a customer, i'm sad the "happy hour" is only 3-5. i don't get out of work til 5. soooo not happy for me, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.


Our entire district was zero'ed on Frap base for 4 days during this promotion. Someone in Supply Chain needs to be taken out back and shot....

SBX barista

have anyone tried to batch multiple beverages in same blender pitcher ?
according to new recepie its forbidden
guys why you do during frap rush if you are short short staffed?


After my first experience with frappy hour, I considered more seriously if I can morally work at starbucks. EXTRAEXTRAEXTRA CARAMEL. I'm serving people 12-24oz diabetes-in-a-cup...


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