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May 16, 2011


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If there wasn't any coffee taste, I'm betting they used creme base. Your drink looks like a White Mocha Creme Frappuccino to me.

So maybe there was confusion on the barista end of the experience when it came to what you wanted. Or maybe the recipe switch is responsible.

Hope you figure it out!


The barista probably misunderstood and gave you a white chocolate creme frappuccino. Or they completely forgot to add the Frappuccino Roast when they blended the drink and were trying to lie their way out of remakng the drink--it's not a common occurrence, but I have seen partners do that.


Regardless of whether or not it was made with coffee or cream base... 5 pumps of White mocha sauce ?? A bit excessive...

Gotta love these 'Sugar Specials'


5 pumps of WM in a venti Frappuccino...and complaining about coffee. sigh...


Why are you posting this... Let this person deal with it themselves. If they want to write in then they should write in. If they are not sure then they are unsure. Unfortunatly mistakes happen. There seems to have been some misunderstanding. Why do we have to post it here with a terrible picture while baristas debate what kind of frap it is. Why is this a post?


Yeah, I'm finished with this forum. Last straw. Why did you post this? The person ordered a drink, got the wrong one. Stop the presses!


As others have said, it looks like the poster received a White Mocha Creme Frappuccino, which doesn't have coffee flavor or coffee roast in it. I would just go back to the store and let them know that last time the drink was made incorrectly or they can call 1-800-23-LATTE.


Dumbest. Post. Ever.
Call customer care. And really, all they're going to do is send you a coupon for a free drink. But if you must...


Maybe it's time to ask baristas for an interesting topic since this one is very disappointing.



Or two. I really wonder what the criteria is for how many are sent out...


In other news, the roasting supervisor was let go...

Leader of the Gossip Rebellion

Jim... come on now, have you had too much coffee to make rational decisions as to what constitutes topics of reasonable substance?

I'm now taking over this thread.

How many of you have had fellow partners let go due to questionable reasons? Read this article to get us started.


Next time ask for more frappuccino roast.


Let us all remember last week when numerous locations did not get their coffee frapp order. That is probably why she recieved a light or cream based version. Moving on...


What about real news, Jim McDermott, former VP of NEA division will be moving into SBC working along side Michelle Gass. What other changes could this bring to the North East Atlantic?


I have a question I cant find the laminated card with the recipe for a cm frapp. Ithought it was a cafe vanilla or is it a vanilla bean with shots over top . Or maybe someone could tell me the name of the laminated card so i can order it.


does anyone know what summer 2 is? just wondering


We've all made CM frappucinnos but I'm not sure that it was ever an actual drink. I've done VBF with 1,2,or 3 shots poured over and added CR. (costs a lot.) It also makes a mess because ideally you should order a grande in a venti cup to accomodate the shots.


Check you Yahoo News. Starbucks has just been sued because a store hired a Little Person and then fired them because they needed a stool at the register and bar. They felt the stool was a danger to herself and other partners.
Who the hell would hire someone who needs a stool? I feel for the Little Person but a stool is absolutely a danger. We move too fast back there to worry about obstacles. Baristas would be falling and tripping all over the place

 Red cup

This site has been very lonely recently, the days of 3-4 page threads is over


really. Is this what this site is for. Asking us whether starbucks made your drink right? Go talk to the store manager in person and see if that person can work out, if you do not think you got what you asked for

SBX barista

this is wm cream frappuccino blended beverage 100% coz even if they forgot to pump fr but used the correct base the color of the drink would have been slight brown MIC sbx lebanon


Going back to the original topic of the thread...while this wasnt the appropriate place to have posted that, there's no need to be rude to the girl. She was just trying to find out if she had the correct drink or not from people who would obviously know the answer. Regardless of whether or not you're a current partner and, yes, while we do not always want to hear someone telling us that there drink was wrong, she is still a person and deserves the common curtosy of at least being polite. That's just my opinion. And yes, this is coming from a partner.


you're gross for ordering that garbage.

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