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May 07, 2011


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Jim  Romenesko

In the Frappuccino Happy Hour thread, there's mention of sales incentives -- apparently the chance to win an iPod or cash. Does your store give "rewards" for meeting Frappuccino sales goals?

Pike is pike..

Frappuccinos sell themselves.


There's $$ for hitting frap sales goals. The more % over goal, the higher the $$ given (for a store party only). The highest stores in each area/region are entered into a drawing where one store from each of those areas will get ipod nanos for every partner. The winning store manager gets tix to the MTV Movie Awards.

The $$ incentive has been done the last few years, though some managers suck and the partners never see the $$. Cause if the $$ isn't used within a specific period of time, then you lose it.


I think the store can reach a $750 max win. Most stores should win between 350 and 500. Honestly, it's so easy.

Jim  Romenesko

HEADLINE: Young man jailed after becoming irate about his mom "stealing" his Starbucks coffee.


We're still waiting for last year's frappuccino party (which we lost out on because our manager sucked). Then this year's Tribute sales goal party for first day sales...well we won that, but have been told there is a corporate directive to eliminate unnecessary spending...ergo, there goes that party...the Lord giveth and Howard taketh away...if we make goal, good for us, but if we don't...I personally don't care anymore. Dangling a carrot won't help with morale in our store, though if the manager did win the trip to the MTV Awards, I'm sure he would make sure he got that and we all suffered while he enjoyed himself.



Sorry about you guys missing out on your rewards, but its not Starbucks fault rather than your manager not following through. For hitting VIA goals when it launched and for last year's frappuccino goals we spent our incentive money by the entire store going out together for dinner and a having neighboring store covering for us. There was a time limit to do this and pay for it with the P-Card.


I know a manager locally that was trying to organize a trip to Disneyland for the store. With their money, and the number of partners who hold annual passes (which is kind of common in SoCal), and a discount from someone's aunt who worked at Disney, they could afford it. Yet, one partner refused to participate, so the whole thing was scrubbed. I told the manager to book it anyway (and have the store covered by other stores) but she didnt want to get in trouble. Of course, that partner left the store shortly afterward, since no one would talk to her....



I understand that last year's frappuccino reward loss was because of our manager being stupid. There is no excuse, however, for us not getting our Tribute party. The directive came directly from corporate to take that away. Instead, they gave us the privelige of displaying a trophy for a month....whoppie. Like I said before, we aren't hoping for any kind of party or money or ipod or anything. You can only crap on the same people a couple times, before they just don't care. It's sad because our store could knock every store in our area out of the park, but none of us care anymore and the effort being put forth just isn't there. Besides, someone would end up working because our manager doesn't believe in borrowing partners, so how fair is that? At our last staff meeting, only 3 partners showed up...how sad is that when no one cares to support the SM because they've been crapped on so many times?


KD, I'm sorry for you.



Thanks! I know you're always compassionate on here. It's sad, because going to work used to be such fun and now, no one cares. No one tries to make things better for the people that follow them, there is not team spirit. It's actually depressing. If it wasn't for our guests and the fact that I look forward to seeing them every day, I'd leave in a heartbeat. But somehow, I like to think I make a difference in people's days and try to make their day better.


@KD - That sounds like awful management. Did other stores have a Tribute party taken away too? It's such a small expense in the big scheme of things that happens with a big corporation. I have to agree with you that's such a bad corporate move. Hope things get better for you.
@Spence - You've been here at SG for years. I've been here at SG for years. Thank you for still having a big heart. That is unchanged.


Awwwwwwww. Thank you all for your kind words. I can't say why they are important to me because then someone might guess who I really am but I really really appreciate them.



With all due respect, I would hate to have to spend the day at Disney (or participate in any other kind of non-work event) with my Starbucks colleagues. If we want to get together outside of work, we do so with the partners of our choosing. But it's anyone's prerogative to opt out of a non-work event that consumes their free time. I also refuse to participate in Secret Santa. My colleagues have better things to do with their money than buy me an unwanted gift, as do I.


was the tribute party something just for your district? i didnt hear anything about a party for that...



The Tribute party was what our DM told all of us we would get if we sold the most Tribute on day 1 and if we exceeded our sales goal by a certain amount. We sold the most in our district day one, and had accomplished our entire promo quota by day 3. We pushed and pushed it on every guest who walked in the door...it made our SM and DM and RD look good, but, alas, in the end, we were just used to make beaucoup profit for the company and nothing for us. I thought it was a corporate thing since our SM told us the party was taken away at Corporate's direction...but I truly don't know if it was company wide or only a ploy by our new DM to make her look good. Like I said earlier, we got a stupid trophy to display for a short period of time and that got taken away too. Oh well.



Missing out on rewards? More like there are no DMs who care about happy partners and managers prefer to slip money into their own pockets. Over 3 1/2 years and transferring to three different states, plus picking up shifts at 30+ stores, I've never ever seen any parties thrown for baristas.

My high volume store won $1000 for a party and the manager bought us Mexican food, for about $150. Numerous complaints to the DM were made each time there was a promotion, nothing ever happened.

This story, by the way, is common in DFW, OKC, NYC at MANY locations.

So glad to have a real job with a salary, benefits, actual career opportunities etc.


I've been in stores where the money earned was used for a store event, and I've been in stores where the events never happened. I've been in stores where DMs or SMs promised some reward in the event of hitting some kid of goal, and they definitely haven't followed through 100%. I'd be generous if I even said they happened 50% of the time.

Most of the blame for this, however, falls on the store managers, however, as many people have said. When you win money for a store event, the amount is allocated to the store and you are given a few months to get it done, amble time to make plans, find coverage, etc. Lots of managers, however, are just terrible at their jobs, and for whatever reason, Starbucks lacks any real oversight on that kind of thing. A store manager's performance is evaluated solely by his or her DM, which is a fairly inaccurate gauge, all things considered. The company should solicit feedback regularly from the store level partners about their opinions of the store, SM, and DM. Every five years or so a district might have some kind of "round table," but those are always pointless because nobody listens to what is said, and SMs always just send the partners they know won't say anything at all.


My store always has another shift supervisor plan whenever we get money for a party, and my manager takes care of finding coverage for us. Otherwise we would have never gotten a party.

Coffee Soldier

I feel bad for KD...You sound like a loyal partner and it is too bad your store is being mismanaged. Those parties are definitely morale boosters. Last year all my partners and I went to a Six Flags for the day! We had a great time!

Maybe ask your manager if you could organize the party for the frappuccino incentive? Ask aroud the store and get a pulse for what the others would like to do?


we went to busch gardens last year for the via party... and all went out to eat at outback with our frappuccino money.


Howard Schultz feature on CNBC tonight at 10pm edt. It's a rebroadcast but check it out if you've never seen it.

Burnt bean

My SM used the money to get drunk at a bar with her friends. no one from the store was invited!!

Coffee Soldier

Burnt Bean...that is impossible because the store Pcard has to be used and you cannot use the Pcard at a bar...unless it was a place like Applebees or something.


@Coffee Soldier
That's such a great idea! I asked the SM yesterday how we were doing and he said we're way over daily target...so it looks like there will be something out there for us if we keep up the pace. I will definitely talk to him and the other partners! Thanks for putting the bug in my ear.

Coffee Soldier

KD...you can look up the information very easily! Go on portal under operations then store reports to summer promotion it will tell you your entire district's goal broken down by store daily. It updates around 7 am every day. At my store each day a barista who is in development for my next shift position tracks it daily and fills in our promo chart each week so we know we are on track. I'm surprised your daily targets are not drilled into every partner's memory like they are here in my area! Sometimes it is a bit much but when made fun and tracked most of my partners get on board!


"My SM used the money to get drunk at a bar with her friends. no one from the store was invited!!"

Bull $#*!


my sm used it for stripjoint yes.

at least he brought us hot dogs the next day, no buns though no.


My store always earned promo money, and my partners were rewarded for their efforts. We went to Great America, bowling, dinner once a month, etc. One of my partners even won a $150 gift card for VIA sales (which my ASM and I paid for). If we couldn't find coverage to have a party, I would evenly divide the money amongst my partners (not including myself), and give them gas cards or gifts cards to the place of their choice.


"Missing out on rewards? More like there are no DMs who care about happy partners and managers prefer to slip money into their own pockets. Over 3 1/2 years and transferring to three different states, plus picking up shifts at 30+ stores, I've never ever seen any parties thrown for baristas."

This is true for my district. My DM is a shady pr*ck. We don't have many incentives, just threats of being written up for not meeting goals.


My fiance manages a store and won the incentive. He and his partners all get Ipod Nanos. He also won the drawing for the MTV Movie Awards. He is very excited! Starbucks pays his way, provides him with a per diem, arranged a limo ride to the awards, and he gets to walk the red carpet. If I go with him, he has to pay my way (plane tickets, food, etc.) and I don't get to go the Movie Awards with him.

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