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May 09, 2011


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Soon enough you won't be able to tell the difference.


You always will be able to tell the difference as the McDonalds are clean. I was in a McDs this afternoon and there was a women keeping the seating area clean. Can't remember last time I saw a barista out from behind the counter.

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I agree the difference between the long time popular hang-out coffee shop and the classic McDonald style and I prefer to choose McDonald like what Herman said I have never seen a barista keep an a customer's area clean.


I, too, have never really seen a barista cleaning the tables but it might be because there really isn't much of a mess you can make with coffee unless your spill it; even the pastries, they are easily swept away.

There is just something about having the ability to be served a chicken sandwich which has 48% of your RDA of sodium at the same location as you buy your coffee... it's unsettling?


Seriously, how can anyone compare Starbucks to McDonalds? We've all tried their Mochas. They are awful. I've also tried their frappes. They are simply gross. The people that hang out at McDonalds all day are going to be the same people we have that want a tall mild brewed coffee and free internet. They can have them.


I have seen the staff cleaning the seating areas at my local Starbucks. I guess MCD has to find something for the 60,000 new employees to do. It should be interesting to see how this turns out. I wonder if MCD will try to embrace the other aspects of the SBUX customer experience. I can't imagine a person sitting on a couch scarfing down a Big Mac but it might work if they can make drinks people crave and can figure out a way to have both dining and relaxing areas.


When you go to McDonalds, do you get the impression that the person making your drink cares if you like it? Does the lady cleaning your table speak the same language as you? Can you imagine trying to order your complicated drink to someone who doesn't even understand english. I mean no disrespect here but that doesn't change the fact that they can't understand my order of "3 Quarter pounders with cheese". Now, imagine a customer asking for whole milk or 170degrees. It's just not going to happen.


I would LIKE to clean the seating areas more often, believe me. Frequently it's just too busy for us to do lobby slides as often as we're supposed to (every 10 minutes.)

And I agree with Spence; as much of a headache as some of the complicated drinks are, there's also an art to them, and I'm not convinced that McDonald's will be successful at this.

Hopefully I'm just being overly judgmental here--but when someone at my Starbucks orders a complicated drink, if it isn't made right (even if I'm highly annoyed on the inside) I'm going to make it right, apologize, and smile and do my best to make sure they leave happy. I don't see a restaurant that hires large numbers of high school students being as successful at this either. I guess we'll see.


i prefer mcdonalds iced coffee to ANY iced coffee drink at starbucks-- lattes or iced coffee.

sorry starbucks!! you lose now.


I did notice a commercial for blended lemonade at mcfonalds now.....while the convenience of getting coffee at mcdonalds will be appealing to some, they will always be known for burgers, much like starbucks will be known for coffee.


The only difference between McDonalds and other fast food coffee is that it is not burned. Their coffee still does not have the robust flavor which Starbucks does.


Having worked at both mcds and Sbx there really is no comparison between the two -both in quality and service. What Sbx has that mcds doesn't are employees who respect the company they work for and genuinely care about their customers. I have never been to a mcds where someone has gotten to know me or my name- I know when I worked there it was all about speed and not about connection. Sorry mcds but you should stick to burgers & fries.


Are you kidding! The kids at my local McD's have their uniforms do filthy, their pants are sagging and I can see their boxers. To speak of attitude they basically have none. They give you the impression that they could care less if they have your business or not.

Sbux makes sure you are dressed in clean and proper work clothes. We have to follow our dress code! We also get to know people and details about their lives etc. Mcd;s might sell coffee and similar drinks, but they will never, never be the high quality that we are. You might pay less....but you get exactly what you are paying for. Nothing more.


The truth of the matter (which many folks just can't seem to bring themselves to admit) is that in most respects McDonalds offers a higher quality customer experience than does Starbucks. McDonalds' stores are more conveniently located, more consistently clean, faster at service, and provide a better tasting product AT a lower price. It's time to get over yourselves Starbucks--your train pulled out of the station awhile ago!


Hope Mickey D's puts Starbucks out of business

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McDonald’s has to change with the times,McDonald’s will have a much better chance of luring the most profitable customer while retaining the entry-level visitor.

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This McDonalds offers a higher quality customer experience than does Starbucks.


McD coffee isn't that bad, but it isn't consistent. I've had some great coffee there, but also some of the worst. When it comes to espresso drinks or tea, it's even worse.

Starbucks has much higher quality standards than McDonalds.

That said, until they get rid of the hard plastic booths and fixed plastic chairs, McDonalds isn't going to be a "third place."

kathy Holister

mcDonalds may be borrowing some things from Starbucks Ha ha but lets hope they dont borrow the rude barita's from the eastern Blvd location the young female look past me and just kept stating she was walking out at 6 o'clock yesterday even if the other female was not on the clock she didnt take my order i stood there for several minutes while she talk about the other young lady on her break i wont be back to that location ...


Starbucks is not a "fast food"restaurant. You can not even compare the two. The drive through isn't there for speedy delivery, it is a convenience to the customers who do not want to exit their cars. Starbuck's isn't supposed to be a eat and run joint, it is supposed to be an experience. Go in, order an drink, browse a little, enjoy the sounds ( new and old hits )sit comfortably and take advantage of free wifi. come on...no comparison.


stbxgeek: That's the idea. It sounds like McDonalds goal is to change to be more like Starbucks. I can see MCD having some success. It won't be about coffee but they can create their own reason for people to come in and hang out. It won't be difficult to setup wifi and throw in a few tables and couches. They could easily offer non-coffee products. That's an area SBUX doesn't focus on. There are a lot of people like myself who don't drink coffee or don't want hot drinks in the middle of the summer.


Starbucks offers cold drinks.....

dave roberts

Some of you have this idea that all McDonald's have workers that are non-english speaking Latinos, but many are Caucasian, and even Latinos speak English. Also, I have been to plenty of McDonald's that provided excellent service and Starbucks' that have offered pretty underwhelming service. I think some of you have little experience in different geographic settings and don't understand how different some areas of the country is.

Stbxgeek, I think you couldn't be more wrong - Starbucks IS a QSR, no matter how bias you may be or what Starbucks tries to sell you. DTs are offered for convenience of not having to leave the car, but it's also to provide an additional method of providing quicker service. Assuming there are no customers (in line) inside and in DT, the DT is going to be quicker almost all the time. In regards to being an "eat and run joint," it doesn't matter what you want or think your place is, it's the perception that matters. Although some people do think of Starbucks as the "third place," most people (especially morning customers, who count for much of the business) expect quick and consistent service, and don't care for much else. You're right in that Starbucks is a "coffee experience," and that's exactly what McDonald's is doing. Do you think McDs is renovating to provide just a better quick-eat ambiance - of course not - they're trying to add an experience like Starbucks.

Dave Roberts

Spence, I don't know what your experience with Starbucks is but there are plenty of "partners" that don't really care about customers either (I've worked with many). I don't place all the blame on employees though - Starbucks no longer offers competitive wages, adequate training that infuses passion for coffee, and they consistently over-work their people. In my earlier years with SBUX, I would say there was approximately a 70% employee satisfaction rate. In the latter years, I was lucky to find 2 people in a store. Just like executives like to say, it's the retail employees that make everything happen, and I'm doubtful for the company's sustainable growth with disgruntled employees. Howard says that SBUX is in the business of selling an experience (or something of that matter), but it's impossible to provide the experience that he wants when employees are unhappy and uninformed. Almost all of the people I worked with don't even know what Espresso is, let alone be able to describe the coffee and how it's brewed.

McDonald's is an extremely powerful and ubiquitous brand (more than Starbucks), and even more so overseas, where the real growth opportunities are. Remodeling is really going to allow McDonald's to provide a better value to their customers and Starbucks better be innovative in adding customer benefits and experience. I think they should pay more attention to their employees (among other things), because their cafes are becoming filthy, slow and uninviting.


Until the Starbucks board of directors finally grow some balls and removes the head bullshitter Howard from all positions of real authority, this company will continue to spiral downward. I for one am glad that McDonalds is giving Starbucks a run for it's money!


i think it's more of a case starbucks looking and feeling like a mcdonalds.
We have everything automated, pastries are gross and frozen, every drink is a pile of sugar and fat, and we are suppose to push fraps on our coffee drinking customers.
I think that you see people cleaning at mcdonalds is that they have some labor coverage and well, your local starbucks doesn't.
A lot of the training went away, a lot of the unique qualities of Starbucks went away to make baristas into button pushing morons.
Transformation is not complete, but it's getting there.

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I love working at Starbucks and drinking coffee.

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I think McDonalds is looking for ways to move their same store sales up.

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Personally I think you can really compare McDonalds and Starbucks. They are so different the taste of their food and coffee.

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I love McDonalds breakfast, maybe Starbucks can copy McDonalds and offer their breakfast food. That would be great.

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I love my triple tall skinny vanilla latte in the mornings. Mcdonalds food is so disgusting.

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