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May 05, 2011


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I think it's probably because of space issues, and the fact that the three packs were intended to encourage trial of a new product.


Nope, don't care. As a partner who drinks a lot of Via, I can sometimes go through a 3-pack in one of my days off. Plus, the 12 pack is a better value for customers.

Jim  Romenesko

If you're a Costco shopper, you can pick up a 20 or 24 pack (I don't recall which one). The price-per-unit is much cheaper than what you get at SBUX.


Yes but if you buy them at Costco you don't get the 3rd place experience.......

And Costco certainly isn't "Welcoming" like Starbucks is


There are sellers on eBay that sell VIA for pennies a piece. Are these stolen?


@DePaulBlueDemon I've wondered this myself. Either that, or they're seriously losing money on those Ebay sales.


My guess on cheap Ebay Via is that it was store discards because they expired.


It's not about shelf space. It's about increasing sales.

Coffee Soldier

It's always about increasing sales...When did Sbux announce the end of the 3 packs? My store just got about 20 boxes in. Too bad we sell quite a few.


we really don't sell them at my store- those who buy, buy the 12 pack.


The three pack never really took off here in London. 12 packs are very popular. Its more cost efficient this way.

I am actually sitting in the newly designed Brompton Rd Starbucks opposite Harrods while Im typing this.

Have a look here http://luxurylogistics.co.uk/2011/05/06/starbucks-brompton-rd-old-store-new-looks/


I'd rather drink the real thing any day.


The problem with baristas is that we are typically picky coffee drinkers. That's one of the reasons we gravitated toward Starbucks. Many people just want quick coffee and that is Via. However, when the Keurig coffee rolls around, that is going to be a very exciting time. HUGE SALES without even trying.


So it's the weekend: How's that frappucino hour going?


If I can't make it to a Starbucks, I get a frapp from McDonalds. McDonalds fraps are good already but needs a little more coffee flavor. I add a little Via and it make the frapp so much better.

I also tried adding Via to my malt milkshake. So good.

SBUX Alum Bill

The 3-packs may have been more of an introductory package. When you launch a new product, reduce the hurdle for that first-time purchase just to get the new customers. Once the product is established, there's less need for an introductory package.

Ex StarbucksManager

Yes but if you buy them at Costco you don't get the 3rd place experience.......And Costco certainly isn't "Welcoming" like Starbucks is Posted by: Sheik
Shh. Someone in seattle will remember those little rubber people that grow when u drop them in water and think, "hey, instant baristas would be more cost effective." They really have tested a vending machine that replicates hand crafted drinks. Give them time....

The 3-Pack was always a trial product and I'm surprised they continued them this long. Then they are higher margin than the 12 packs. They are going to start selling K-Cups in stores now?

Good grief.... every time I miss the bucks, I just look at this crap and realize what I miss still isn't there. Can't we just make a big ol' french press? Bring back the coffee seminar days? pleasE?


Well, Im sorry to see the 3 packs go. Certainly I understand the business rational behind the decision. Hell, if I was in charge I would do it too. However, I am currently deployed to Iraq and they fit perfectly in my ACU pocket. (the individual packs tend to get smooshed.)
By the way all you Baristas out there, thank you very much for all the Starbucks Via that has been sent to us. Any of you have donated your markout thanks also. Many time I have come off a mission and a package of Via has been waiting for us so...thanks.


Well maybe they have to get rid of the Via 3 packs to make room for Via in a jar. ;)

Coffee Soldier

The Mocha Coconut Frappuccino is selling like hot cakes! People love it! Our store blended goal is 134 a day and we did 218 yesterday. Happy blending all!


nope. don't care.


I like the three packs.

Also, Costco is no help to me for a VIA fix since they only sell the Colombia, not the Italian Roast.


I am surprised that we still say VIA at all. From the business point of view this product is crap! Sales are terrible, no one wants to buy it, no matter if it is 3-pack or 12-pack. The new can-pack looks great but it is still VIA. This whole VIA thing was in my opinion just very expensive marketing campaign - instead of just buying adverts in TV or newspapers Starbucks introduced a new product so media would speak about it without paying them to do this. If we consider VIA just a marketing tool it was a success but as a product - it is a total disaster!



I am surprised that we still say VIA at all. still SELL not say - of course.


"If we consider VIA just a marketing tool it was a success but as a product - it is a total disaster!"

Actually it's selling extremely well and is a huge hit. Also, it's a pretty good product, at least in terms of instant coffee. You might not like it, but it's a very successful product.


well im not sure if they are gonna phase the 3 packs in the UK, I see 7 packs in Supermarkets for £3($4.80) though


I find the three packs convenient for my wallet... I mean the size! Unfortunately, for the price, I can buy any number of decent coffee drinks around my home that taste better for the same price or cheaper.

I don't find the Via taste that great, and I can definitely tell a difference between that and freshly brewed coffee. So I don't buy it very often (except when real coffee is unavailable)...



"Actually it's selling extremely well and is a huge hit." - I am sorry, but I strongly disagree. Apparently we have totally different customers here in UK.

"Also, it's a pretty good product, at least in terms of instant coffee." - I like it but it's expensive and as my customers don't buy it, they either disagree in term of taste with me or they agree with my in term of the price.

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