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June 07, 2011


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Oh yeah, Starbucks just jumped on the Cake Pops band wagon. I find their cake to frosting ratio a little off, though...


The one time I got one of these (when I got a coupon for a free miniature treat), it was half raw inside. When I wrote Starbucks about it, they said that was how it was supposed to be; that it wasn't raw, but "moist". I asked why the top half had a completely different texture than the bottom half, and never heard back.

Barista Ben

Yeah that is how the birthday cake pop tastes. It has an odd moist texture, but they are all so damn good.

Bearded Barista

So, are any other CA baristas upset that they need to get a Food Safety Certification AND pay for it by the end of the month? I was notified at work today that we had till the end of the month to be certified according to a new CA state law, but Starbucks would not be compensating partners for their time for the training, or for the training itself. I know management has to go through a similiar certification, that granted takes longer, and costs more; but they are compensated for their time, and corporate pays for the certification. For some reason, this just really riles me up.

Coffee Soldier

I'm glad California isn't being compensated for once...those cry babies out there get everything. Including overtime for salary managers...ridiculous.


I tried the tiramisu pop when a postcard for a free pop came in the mail. One bite, and it was one of the most disgusting things I've had. I'll stick with my familiar SBUX favorites.

Sad Barista

Have you tried that as a frappaccino? Forget the pops, if we have to be smarmy salespeople we are pushing what we get the incentive for...


Bearded Barista -

Yeah, it's irritating that I now have to be certified for the job I've been doing for almost 6 years. I thought the whole point of all the pre-packaged food and nothing being made fresh in-store was so that baristas would NOT have to get a food handling permit. I barely deal with their food as it is, I just grab it with tongs and pop it in a bag. Now I have to be certified for that? Strange indeed.

Former Manager

I'm a baker by trade (former Starbucks SM). The SBUX cake pops are not properly baked. Anyone who tells you that the cake pop is supposed to be "moist", when in actuality it is raw, has no idea what they're talking about.

If interested, here's the site of some really great cake pop recipes: www.bakerella.com. Happy baking!!


It is moist because it is mixing frosting with cake. Would we really be allowed to sell "raw" food? get real.


if the cake pops were as dry as cake they wouldnt taste as good and also wouldnt really stay on the stick well... i love them!! i dont think they are raw, they are PERFECT!


Bearded Barista, most counties in CA and WA where I have worked required some form of food handler's card. Granted I hated wasting $10 and 30 minutes of my day, but the exams are so easy I got a perfect score every time. Its sad though that I went to take the test in Riverside Cty. and a group of guys taking the test with me were cheating off one another...and they still failed. Frankly, if you can't pass the test on the first try, you probably shouldn't be working in the restaurant industry.

Barista Ben

Yeah I feel like California is just looking for a way to get a whole lot of revenue by requiring this permit by everyone. I know the guys at Del Taco were frustrated since Del Taco isn't paying for theirs, either. Perhaps the companies are just getting tired of Cali and all the labor laws they have to deal with because of the one state.


My mom got a Starbucks cake pop for free from her school and was going to give it to me, but I didn't want to eat it because they contain insects to give them their color (carmine). Otherwise I would have tried it.

The woman's homemade recipe for cake pops looks much better anyhow.


Marcus, I promise most foods you eat use insects for dye. Get over yourself.

Time To GO!

The whole time I was a manager, I never had my required Food Safety card. No one ever even noticed....


if you think about it, there are pieces of bugs in food anyway... and carmine (made from the shells of beetles) is a NATURAL food colorant, instead of putting extra chemicals into the foods... its not a bad thing. what is the statistic about how many bugs a person eats in their lifetime?


plus, carmine is only used for bright red things, like the whoopie pies and red velvet cupcakes... not the cake pops...

logo work gloves

They are available at many retail outlets across the country.


I found a cake recipe that tastes EXACTLY like the starbucks birthday cake pop and once you do mix the frosting in it does become super moist but definitely not raw:)

Jim Romenesko

Care to share it, Chrissy? Have a link?

Anaka sandhu

I like the birthday cake ones. I kinda doubt that anyone could make cake pops as good as ones from star bucks.


Does Starbucks also use the frosting to get the cake to stick together or is that just the "at-home" recipe?


I tried the Bakerella cake pops and they are super heavy and super sweet to me. I like the ones at Starbucks much more. Anybody has a good recipe to share? Thanks a lot!!!!

jordan shoes

I like the birthday cake ones. I kinda doubt that anyone could make cake pops as good as ones from star bucks.


There is no frosting in the Starbucks cake pops. After two batches of cake pops I finally have it down and have created THE starbucks birthday cake cake pop....I mean it tastes exactly the same!!! I used a yellow cake mix (theirs is NOT vanilla) and I used a small amount of butter to hold the cake crumbles together into balls...AMAZING!!!


In between all those ingredients there has to be the perfect recipe, somewhere.

zoe harris

how do you make the birthdaycake cake pops, i would love to make them, please write me back


What to know what's more irritating? People who complain! Bitch! and are never satisfied...


You can say what you want about the cake pops at Starbucks but I love them especially the bithday pops. i bought one of those cake pop makers. Do you think they use that kind of method? Because the pepermint brownies seem to be baked. i bought the Duncan Hhines Yellow Cake mix super moist with the pop maker. Do you think they dip it in the melted candy melts? I will use it and let you know.


I love the Starbucks Birthday Cake, cake pops. I bought one for my mom and she loved it. I wish I could find a recipe for them. I don't feel there is anything raw about them they are very moist.


They are not raw inside..if you are a baker which obviously you are not you would know that cake pops are made by baking a simple cake mixture then crumbling and mixing it with frosting of choice.


mmmmmmmmmmm cake pops!


I agree. No indeed..they are not raw. I am still totally dumbfounded by the people who are so clueless as to what a homemade cake is or what a cake pop is made of. I have googled recipes which call for a box of cake mix and water to make Starbuck's Cape Pops. I'm sorry, but this generation of cooks really bites!

Boo Hoo

Wow. So full of judgements. I just had my first cake pop today (not by Starbucks) and I thought it was raw. I had to look up how to make cake balls to learn that (hopefully) it wasn't. I know how cakes are made, I make them often, from scratch. I had never had one on a stick. I bow to you, oh wise ones, who know everything about cake balls... I'll go back to my biochem research lab bench and keep working on things you really suck at.

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