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June 20, 2011


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I work at a store in Troy, Michigan...a northern suburb of Detroit. Seems like we've been getting more appearances than normal (or ever) because of the all the movies being filmed here lately...

A partner at my store served Ellen Page... yet had no idea it was her. He was making small talk with her, she was telling him how she's from Nova Scotia & such. She was really nice & polite. She got a soy doppio macchiato. Once she left it dawned on him who it was :)

Also, Kirk Cameron came in a few months ago, he was very smiley, sat in the cafe for a bit. Talked with my manager for awhile, who also didn't know who he was until she got back on the floor. He just got a regular coffee.

Kid Rock came through our drive-thru... got a white mocha.

Tim Allen. Venti coffee. Not so friendly.

Drake & Josh from Nickelodeon. I don't know who they are but a partner at our store was all excited about it! I think a doppio was served?


Malcolm McDowell lives in our town. He and his wife are the nicest people, you'd never think they (he?) were celebrities. He gets a latte she gets a green iced tea.

Jim Carrey and his wife Jenny McCarthy came through a bit back, he was hilarious, making funny yet mocking small talk like a tourist with our register partner. (He loves Jim Carrey) They both got soy mochas I think.

A couple actors from Battlestar Galactica have been in fairly regularly, not sure if they're working in town, visiting friends, or living here now. Soy lattes.

We get quite a few, James Worthy (LA Lakers) came through and I got to talk to him and he offered an autograph!

Others I've seen are Christopher Lloyd (very nice; double tall latte), Michael Keaton (jerk), Rob Lowe (extremely friendly), Dean Cain (The New Adventures of Superman) is a very friendly guy, got to talk to him for a bit.


...oh yes, and Arnold Schwarzenegger gets (does his best Ahhnald voice: "a dopio macchiato please! To go!"


(Only Canadians will know this one;) Ian Hanomansing came in once with his son. I don't remember what the kid had, but Ian had a short steamed apple juice with whip (no syrups).

We also used to have Tamara Taggart and Bif Naked as regulars at my old store. I can't recall what they ordered anymore. I know Tamara's was a skinny something.

(Is anyone really going to say some celeb was rude? What if they see it and never come back? xD)


@SoCalASM: I am so jealous! I met Dean Cain once when I was working customer service at Toys "R" Us over Christmas a few years back. He IS super nice.


I work in Newport Coast, CA. Probably one of the wealthiest, high end demographics in the nation.

Kobe Bryant as his wife Vanessa come in (albeit, she comes in much more frequently) for a PTL and WM.

Michael Cage (famous hoops player - Olympic dream team with Jordan) and his family are regulars. They are big fans of HC.

The Samueli family (owners of hockey's Anaheim Ducks) come in frequently. Very nice and unassuming family. Love them to death.

Diane Keaton has a home nearby and (I think) orders a SKVL. She has been in a few times.

A few of the women on Desperate Housewives of Orange County are regulars.

Other visitors that have been spotted in the area include Jessica Alba, Tiger Woods, and Adam Sandler/Kevin James/Rob Schnider crew.

We also have a lot of investor/corporate president types that are our regulars.

Oh and Kate: That's funny Drake came in to your store. I was friends with him when we were pre-teens. My cousin was his best friend & bassist for his band, Drake247.


Edit to my last comment;

The TV show is "Real Housewives of Orange County" not Desperate Housewives of Orange County. My bad.

(former) NJ_newbie

lol Freudian slip, Andrew?

Kenya gal

We had Zach Ephron while he was filming Charlie St Cloud. The cast posed with their Starbucks cups for a photo which they all signed and gave to us.

NY Barista

I work at a Times Square Starbucks we get more celebrities than I expected for Times Square.
I've seen...
* Jeff Daniels ordered a doppio espresso.
* Zachary Quinto ordered a tripe grande soy latte. (Came in twice)
* Joey MacIntyre (my personal favorite sighting) ordered a venti coffee.
* Chord Overstreet (Sam on Glee) ordered a venti caramel mocha.
* Paul Wall ordered a venti green tea latte.
* Andrew Dyce Clay ordered an iced grande iced coffee.
* Lil' John ordered a strawberry smoothie but we were out of strawberry so he settled for orange mango.
...The guy from the Allstate commercial. "Are you in good hands?"

I've had a coworker swear Billy Ray Cyrus came in for a grande coffee but I can't confirm it. There have been some reality stars and Broadway stars in and out of our store, too.

Joey Mac and Chord are the only ones I had any interest in speaking to.


Caroline Rea frequents UES Manhattan starbucks. She's very very nice. Some sort of skinny vanilla latte.

Rene Zelwigger same store. Not sure what drink.

Jorge Pasada and other Yankees often stop at UES store's as well.


I work in Wilmington, NC where they film One Tree Hill, so they come in sometimes. Mostly Bethany Joy Galeotti. I've seen Chad Michael Murray at Xmas time because his fiancee is from here. Another partner waited on Michael Caine. Oh. And Ron Howard.


Steve Perry is from my hometown. He would occasionally stop into our store for coffee when he was in town, but never while I was working.

One of the members of MXPX and his wife were regulars at a DT store in East Bremerton, WA. I had no clue who they were until another partner told me. They were very polite, and tipped really well.

At the downtown store in Bremerton, WA I met one of the Cornelia Marie crew members. That was the one I was most excited about, but I was afraid of acting like a spaz, so I just said, "Oh hey, my dad loves that show..."


Renee Zellweger got a pumpkin spice latte from me. Non-fat and grande, if I remember right. She came in with a female friend.

Coffee Soldier

Many of the Red Sox frequent our store...interestingly enough Dunkin sponsors them but they don't drink it!


We had Diablo Cody in the B&N cafe I worked at. Back before she was doing movies, when she just had that book out. She got just coffee, and then a couple of refills. She was friendly. B&N doesn't take tips, so no idea if she would have been a good tipper.


I saw Garrison Keillor through the drive through. Before he came to the window my co-worker took his order over the speaker and wondered if someone was playing a joke on her since it was obviously Garrison's distinct voice. Also, I realize that a lot of Minnesotan barista's probably see him fairly frequently because he talks about coffee and Starbucks all of the time on his show, but I still though it was cool!


We had Scott Adsit from 30 Rock. He hung out in the cafe for a while waiting for a friend and we had to kick him out because we were closing. :( One of the girls working was beside herself, but managed to get an autograph out of him. He was a really, really nice guy.


We get the Avett Brothers fairly regularly when they're home from tours. Usually just a Chai latte or espresso for both of them, though brewed coffee does occasionally get ordered.

SBUX solja

Denzel Washington- just bought a bunch of CD's. The register partner asked "if he's ever been told that he looks just like Denzel Washington". He replied, "everyday, even my mama says it."

John Goodman- He's loud and huge! Would usually only get pounds of coffee.

Jennifer Coolidge aka Stifler's mom from American Pie- doopio espresso. Very nice!

Donna from that 70's show...rude!

Time To GO!

I thought the idea was to say what celebrities you have seen in stores....not what drinks they got. Does everything have to be Starbucks infused?? To top it all off, people used drink codes to tell what celebrities got at the store. Oh that crafty Starbucks knowledge...


@Time to Go: Umm... If you read the top, it asks, "what did they drink"


Lol of course it's Starbucks infused it is 'starbucks' gossip... Just sayin ;-)


@Kate, you are correct, it is "Starbucks Gossip", it is not "Starbucks Gossip to be read and understood by Starbucks Partners only"....just sayin ;P

Back when I worked at the University Village store here in Seattle (serously like 13 years ago) I remember Joel Mchale from "Talk Soup" came in once, he was just a local celeb at the time. Only thing I remember was that he's really tall, like NBA tall.


Wait, this is a Starbucks-themed blog??? That explains so much!


Lets see...

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister and another time had Phil Allen from Def Leopard come into the Laguna Niguel Starbucks way back when.

In Portland, OR had Art Alexakis and the Bass player (forgot name sorry) come in for coffee on occassion.

In Lincoln City, OR Alyson Hannigan from American Pie came thru the DT.


Derek Jeter came into my store while he was taping the other guys in coney island. His "ASSistant" ordered a 3 venti skim latte for him and no they did my tip. Which is fine actually since my barista on bar gave him soy and made him come back. ;)


David Letterman has been known to stop in my store. Joe Torre and his wife came in last year.

Starbucks Customer

I'm a customer.
When Chef Jamie Oliver was living in my city in 2009 filming Food Revolution for ABC, he came in, ordered something and sat at a table across from me while he waited for his order. The kithen they were using to film the show was across the street from Starbucks. Then he got in a van and left with the crew to go do some filming for the show. I'm assuming the baristas there got to see him on a regular basis.


Ryan Stiles came through the store where I was working for a brewed coffee. Very friendly and VERY tall. (very patient too as he let all the baristas get pictures with him ;) )


Ted Nugent was on tour in ALbuquerque NM, and got a White Mocha with his manager, really nice guy, gave us all guitar pics.

Keith Jardine (UFC) and Holly Holmes (who is more of a local celeb) come in very frequently, Keith usually gets a tall coffee or sometimes just a newspaper, not sure what Holmes gets, but both are incredibly friendly. Keith tipped a dollar on a 50 cent news paper once.

While filming in NM, we were making David Dachovneys Iced Soy Latte almost every day, but the set assistant was coming in for that, as well as an order of about 6-10 drinks on average. I only figured it out because I was friendly with the girl. The last day of filming she dropped a $20 in the tip jar.

ps, drink codes are fairly easy to figure out I think, especially if you know the basic drinks that are on the menu. SKVL means skinny vanilla latte, (SK in front of anything means skinny) WM is white mocha, where M is just mocha, CH is chai, CM means carmel Macchiatto.


I work in Southlake, Tx (near Dallas). Emmitt Smith came in and ordered a venti blended strawberry lemonade. Though when we gave it to him he realized he meant to order a venti passion tea lemonade. Didn't tip, but didn't ask for a refund for the price change either.

I actually didn't recognize him at first, partly because he's a lot shorter then what I though he would be. All of us behind the bar were thinking "one of the best football players of all time" though because he came in around lunch time all the moms sitting around the store were thinking "dancing with the stars"...

He seemed really nice. Just came and went.


Well nice post..I thought the idea was to say what celebrities you have seen in stores....not what drinks they got.Nicole Brown Simpson's sister and another time had Phil Allen from Def Leopard come into the Laguna Niguel Starbucks way back when.


We saw William Mapother (Tom Cruise' cousin) at a Louisville store in Kentucky, he's from here, he was casted as Ethan Rom from the television show LOST. Pretty cool experience, made him an iced coffee, he was a nice dude.


ashton kutcher came in to my san francisco store (not downtown or near any real landmarks) like 5 months ago ... he ordered an iced venti no whip cinnamon dolce latte. never thought he was that good looking, but wow, he was hot in person!

he paid with a $5 bill and then had a hard time deciding on whether he should put the 10 cents change in the tip jar. I was laughing.

also while he was waiting for his drink, my baristas and I were playing it totally cool. then one of our regulars was all "IS THAT ASHTON KUTCHER?" and we're all "shhhhhh!" and laughing. when he left we all lost it!


I work at a store in Sacramento, CA and last week Joe Jonas came in for breakfast with his entourage before a couple radio interviews :)


Hollywood, CA
Ben Affleck
Laura Prepon
Zack Quinto
Busy Phillips
Fat kid from "The Sandlot"
Drew Barrymore
Paul Dano
Eddie Deezen
James Remar
Jennifer Carpenter
Ken Jeong- this guy was hilarious

There are SO many more. I wish I'd kept a list over the years.

WFG Canada

I have not spotted any one there. I hardly go there. I like the views of those who have spotted him.


I work at one of the Edinburgh, Scotland, city center locations, and our only real regular 'celebrity' is one of the Proclaimers brothers. The Sbux near my old campus was in the middle of a pretty wealthy area, and I often was in the queue with Dylan Moran (stand up comedian, 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Black Books', etc), Ian Rankin (the 'Rebus' crime novels), and probably most impressively J.K. Rowling (you know… those books… 'Harpy Something'?)*. All of whom seemed generally nice and friendly. We've got the Ed Fringe/Festival coming up, so I'm expecting to see an influx of semi recognizable faces!

*I kid, I kid

WFG Online

The Starbucks near my old campus was in the middle of a pretty wealthy area! The joy of sitting there and enjoying the taste of coffee, I just can't express.


Tom Cruise- got a doppio macchiatto! Wore his sunglasses indoors and brought body guards.


work in chapel hill, nc. I've never met him myself, but I hear about Ben Folds coming into the local stores every few months.
The actor who played one of the cylons (leoben) on battlestar galactica visits the area sometimes and I made him an americano once.


Ashton Kutcher at Starbucks on Olympic Blvd and Doheny in Beverly Hills. Super friendly and possibly super high!

miley cyrus

i saw kobe bryant there one time, i didn't even notice till he was gone lol, everyone was so excited i was oblivious.


hollywood sbux .. Holly Madison and Shia Labeouf, separate occasions.


Beloit, WI Starbucks.... Vice President Joe Biden and all of his secret service. Purchased a ton of pastries.

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