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July 27, 2011


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James Connolly

Good. No excuse for anyone attacking someone like that.

Where's My Java

If I'd seen that happen in front of me, it would be hard not to throw my hot drink on him! Maybe someone will do just that now that he's going to jail!


So, he was homeless, threw the cup of free hot water at the barista, got probation (?) and chose jail instead for the free hot water? Ugh.


James, even though you make sense sometimes.....you still suck ass.


Looks like he just bought himself a house for the year...


He chose jail, probably so he would have a home for a year. It's disgraceful we can't take care of our fellow citizens--homeless at 58. It'll probably be the typical American jail instead of one where the true goal is rehabilitation. Civilized countries don't do this to themselves.

Behold a prison from Norway, a country with one of the world's lowest homicide rates (still taking into account its recent tragedies):


Jeff Tom

Prison is not, and should not be a "reward". Poeple should not want to be there. THey should want to reform themselves so they do not end up back in there.


Marcus - It's disgraceful we can't take care of our fellow citizens--homeless at 58.

Get serious. There isn't a metropolitan area in the US that doesn't have dozens of programs for the homeless.

Coffee Drinker

To stay in shelters in "metropolitan areas" where I've lived and helped the homeless, they had to have a photo I.D. To get that, they need a Social Sec. card; for which they need a birth certificate, which costs money, knowing how to find where your birth certificate and Social can be obtained, (often out of state), needing computer access--for which you need to know how to use a computer...and you often need residency to get computer access at a library.

All this costs money for stamps, printing forms, paying fees, and transportation (if the city has it) to the courthouse, library, motor vehicles, etc. etc.

For money, they need a job, for which they need photo i.d. to get.

Ok I have some steps out of order, but believe me finding a "free" home for a year ain't easy. In my experience in AZ it's easier to get a group home, rehab home, women's or men's assisted living -- IF you've broken the law, if you're a drug addict, and if you've abused your children and had them taken from you by the courts. I know this because I was a Court Advocate for 5 years in Yavapai County.

Now, this guy did a terrible thing. The barista has second degree burns all over and this is very serious and life changing; the man who did it needs to be in serious trouble.

I just thought I'd give you a bit of info as to why this guy chose jail over probation. Even on probation, he'd need transport and other services to fulfill his obligations.

I pray the barista a full recovery without scaring, and no lingering distrust of people.

Further more, homeless shelters are for a few nights, not a year. Many are full.

Coffee Solider

I wish they had dumped scalding water on the homeless guy and pitched him back out on the street to deal with it.

Coffee Drinker

That would've cost the system long term medical plus jail time. He'd have gotten more "free" care. I doubt he'll like jail for long and his suffering will be 24/7 for 365 days, plus a permanent criminal record that will make it difficult to impossible to rent a place to live and get a job.

As Ghandi used to say, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

My sympathies are with the barista; and I hope the homeless guy isn't violent over all, maybe he just snapped and will never do anything bad again.

He sure as heck won't get any good coffee in prison!


This is a situation that never should have happened...over a few ounces of cream and sugar packets. I hope the barista has recovered since then, but she really did lack good judgement in that situation...


I don't agree with the "not using good judgement".... if you have ever worked in a store where there is a problem with homeless loiters then you might think differently...there is absolutely no excuse for what he did and Starbucks does not OWE any homeless person anything...yes, their situation is unfortunate, but it is not our problem and we should definitely not have to take any abuse.....I think Starbucks is way too liberal with what we give for "free"...if they would start charging for the cups for the HUNDREDS of free ice waters we give every day in all our stores, think of the profit...and the increased service speed when you don't have to prepare all those free ice waters in the middle of peak....


I have worked in stores where homeless and less than stable people have been an issue before. Never once did I or any other partner confront one of them, we called the police if they were creating a hostile environment.

Just because you think it's a waste, doesn't make it company policy, nor does it give you a right to eforce what you think the policy should be. Working with baristas with that mindset was one of the reasons why I left the company.

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