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July 28, 2011


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Just 3 weeks ago, our Supervisors and HR told us that our pay cap was lowered by almost three dollars! Now I hear this news! After almost 15 years with this company, I'm starting to get the feeling this is a greedy non-caring company!

SBUX Alum Bill

@ JumpnShip:

If it makes you feel any better, there is one SBUX employee (initials "HS") who's "pay cap" will continue to increase!


JumpnShip: What area are you in? We haven't heard anything about lowering the pay cap in Texas.

I <3 music

How about people who traded in stock during the buy back program? Was it a good deal now that the stock is at forty dollars now.


I just sold my swapped stock and did slightly better than I would have if I had not swapped. How do the Restricted Stock Units work?

James Connolly

They vest a bit faster than options, 50 percent the first year, and 25 percent the next two years, but they have a much smaller upside. However, until they vest, they won't ever be worthless. When they vest, they turn into shares that will pop up in your Fidelity account similar to the way SIP stock would.

As far as this company's revenues go, I can't muster enough energy for anything other than annoyance until we all get sick days and a living wage.


Transactions up 6%....what is driving this?

writer essay

Never cared for Starbucks coffee. It's bitter and way overpriced­. Now, that they've announced that they will be growing coffee in China, they should be boycotted.

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