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July 09, 2011


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We have it in Texas and it's been a pain. Folks ask for a trent no ice no water (often with a request for a vent cup of ice on the side) all we do is brew pitchers non stop. We tried to charge folks for a tea plus a refill but after a few complaints the sm made us stop. Urgh not well thought out on Corp level.


I finally wrote to Starbucks asking what happened to the big Trenta rollout, since it was supposed to be everywhere come May and we in Metro Detroit still don't have it (and local partners have no idea why). They said they "remain focused on offering Trenta in warmer markets" and that "after the July 12 rollout, the cup will be available in these areas: Delaware, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington D.C.; also partial states: Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia." (No, Memento, I don't know why you have it in TX. I also don't know how ME and VT are considered "warmer markets".)

Some partners were kind enough to tell me I could get a refill of my venti iced coffee while I stayed in the store, though I'm rarely around long enough for that.


Just be aware: Trentas don't come with 53cent or free refills. The POS doesn't allow it. But it's perfect for people on the go. Lastly, for those who don't know. You can only buy Trenta iced coffee or iced teas. No lattes or frappucinnos.

Pike is pike..

Those new Bistro Boxes are expensive.. And, lots of sodium in them. Not much better than the current selection

Jeff Tom

DOesn't the drink just get watered down as the ice melts too quickly in those "warmer markets"?

Granted, I down my ice viente americanos in under two minutes, so would not be a problem for me.

Still waiting for them in Seattle....

Barista Ben

I love the new bistro boxes. Expensive? Not for the price range of everything else we sell.

What I want to know is how the heck am i supposed to fit them all in my pastry case.

livin' la VIA loca

How does the POS "not allow" refills on the Trenta? Currently the POS doesn't note the size when you hit the refill button. I don't remember reading anything in the action item about Trenta roll out stating no refills-must be charged full price for each 2nd + drink- did I miss it?


This is really funny because it's been at my store for what seems to be almost a year; I think we might have been one of the original testing markets. x)


@livin' hit trenta. then hit refill. computer says no allow.

one of the reasons to like simphony, is that if you ring up exactly what the customer says... they get charged correctly.


Vt ME and MA are not warmer markets but we have had the Trenta for a year now because we are the Highest Ice Coffee Market. Many of our stores brew through a case (28) of 9oz prepacks a day!!


B: Come to think of it, that's where I first got my iced-coffee bug: MA and RI. I guess I should be grateful that MI Starbucks has it in any size, or I wouldn't be having it at all!


I don't mind when people order trenta no ice no waters. So the hell what? It takes all of 2 seconds to grab another bag and start brewing it. It takes another 2 seconds to take that bag out when it's done and fill in the rest of the water. And then you've just ensured that the next customers have delicious fresh-brewed iced tea instead of stale crap that's been sitting there all day.


"I finally wrote to Starbucks asking what happened to the big Trenta rollout, since it was supposed to be everywhere come May"

I don't think Starbucks ever announced any official, country-wide roll out.


When you click on Iced tea refill, it's fault is grande just like everything else. When you then change the size to Trenta, it wont accept it.
@frapette, I like and appreciate your attitude. And let me add, making tea is CHEAP. By not adding ice, it cost us almost nothing.

Coffee Drinker

I don't order trenta, seems moot since a free refill is cheaper. However, having had to call Customer Service bec my local baristas didn't believe refills extended to tea, even after I showed it to them on Starbucks card site, I know the rules. And BTW, when I called cust. svs about the tea they said the POS system at my local needed a software upgrade, which seemed to be the case since later the baristas believed me.

That or they got the memo ; ) They were fine with my pursuing this, and were happy to stop saying "ok we'll GIVE it to you even tho the rules say otherwise..." once it showed up on their machine. (I found it odd they didn't believe what the Starbucks site said though--what it says no re size may have same bottleneck with some baristas.)

Starbucks.com Card FAQ says "ANY SIZE" refills:


"Can I get unlimited brewed coffee or tea refills? Can I use any size cup for free brewed refills?

"Yes and yes. You can get unlimited brewed coffee or tea refills during your visit with any size cup, including hot or iced coffee/tea. "


Question - do customers add lots of or grab packets of the suger varieties to add to the Trenta? Are you refilling your condiment bar many times during the day?


The size of a large iced coffee in Massachusetts at Dunkin Donuts is larger here than it is in DC. We love our iced coffee - so the trenta size does not seem quite that big. Really when you take ice into account, an iced drink is not THAT much actual liquid. That being said because Starbucks is a darker brew I tend to sip iced coffee more slowly when I get it from there so a venti does the trick most of the time :0)

I just hope people do not bother you guys for trenta sugar filled frappucinos - talk about a health nightmare!

Doppio con karma

I just want trenta cups to put my iced Venti Kenyas in so theres actual Ice in the cup, is that too much to ask?


So, if you want sweetened iced coffee or sweetened iced tea, how many pumps of classic syrup goes into a trenta?


If you use the shaker, there's actually LESS liquid in a Trenta than there is in an hot Venti....just sayin'


The problem with no refills on trentas? The just say yes policy, trust me corporate would rather us refill them than deal with complaints. Plus, as someone else has already said, brewed tea and coffee are ridiculously cheap. The only time I'm even bothered by the no ice/water crowd is if there are several in a row and I have to make another customer wait because I'm brewing tea.


Other than the two weeks of summer, any hot drink taken outside in VT, ME, NH, or MA instantly becomes a cold drink so no wonder Iced Coffee and tea are popular there.


waltie: "Starbucks Corp (SBUX.O) will roll out its biggest drink size yet -- the 31-ounce 'Trenta' -- in all of its U.S. coffee shops by May 3, the company said on Sunday."


Newspapers on Chicago ran ads saying today was the trenta rollout. Had to tell at least 30 customers no today, and the majority were trying to get fraps. Gross.


For anyone who is truly a Barista:
NO it does not in fact take 2 seconds to set up a tea bag, and another 2 seconds to steep the tea. It takes a minute to set up and 4-5 minutes to steep. Honestly the labor is supremely increased but seriously, it is a huge profit between the price of the drink and the price of the tea bag+the # of drinks it merits.
I love my customers and gladly make the teas, any size any way, but please don't belittle the amount of labor required. Besides, the time it takes to prep (and the multiple times you would have to do so) takes away from other tasks (aka, drinks, and prep).

Just don't belittle the amount of extra work it makes for us. That's all.


If you are in a market that has added the Trenta, why don't you just make two teas instead of one each time?

Doppio con karma

Anyone from clover/reserve stores have any thoughts on the Jamaican Blue mountain/Kenya reserve?

Coffee Drinker

@bamabarista: there are refills on Trentas iced and hot. It's on starbucks.com see my July 10 post for a direct quote and the link.

With a registered card size doesn't matter. ; )


Being in atlanta there are several clover stores in town and id also like to hear more about the blue mountain coffee. I've tried the kona coffee offered and it is excellent.


Does anybody know if the rest of Illinois will get the trenta with this rollout? Or is it just Chicago? I live in southern Illinois, and I could definitely drink a trenta iced tea with the heat we've been having lately! =)


An iced trenta coffee/tea is only approx 16oz of liquid when you remove the ice.


wait any partners out there who have had the trenta- what's the deal with refills?


I'm seeing inconsistancies on this board regarding the trenta refills. I will say this. If you click on tea refill and then trenta size, it doesn't accept it as an option.
Having said that, TEA IS CHEAP to make. The labor making tea is also cheap. Drop a bag in 1 liter of hot water. Do something else for 4 minutes. Hold bag over pitcher for 10seconds while it drains. Top with one liter cold water.

el jefe

@spence You must be joking. The process seems so easy enough, almost too easy. But when you're on two part coverage for five hours of a seven hour rush, tell me how easy it is.

Lie to me, son.


Yes making tea is that easy. And if you prep the pitcher well ahead of time (put the tea bag in it and have it ready to brew) it's super quick to fill the hot water while you're taking someone's order. I've done it many times. I mean, it's less difficult than brewing coffee, which we all seem to be able to handle.


"reserve stores have any thoughts on the Jamaican Blue mountain"

I can't speak to weather or not it's worth 30 bucks for a half pound, but it's really good. It's one of the best cups of coffee I've ever had, at least at Starbucks.

As for Trenta refills, why is this even a question? A refill is a refill, regardless of size. If a refill currently spans the size from short to venti, why wouldn't it include Trenta as well?


That's cute, sofeet. I can assure you that I'm actually a barista, a Coffee Master, and I've been here for near 4 years. Not a lengthy time compared to some of the seasoned veterans who work in this company to be sure but I think that's a pretty decent amount of time to say I know what I'm talking about when I insist that, yes, making tea is that easy. Anyone who claims otherwise is exaggerating. Keep the boxes in easy reach. Grab a bag out of the box, toss it in the pitcher. Put hot water in the pitcher. Wait. It's done. You can do all of the movements while asking the next customer what they would like today, while you have milk steaming/fraps blending/whatever. Give me a break. There is quite a bit of labor involved in this job and making teas is on the list right above "standing around waiting for customers to come in" and "pressing the Wash button on the sanitizer".


Oh wait, I forgot to add the oh-so-labor intensive step of putting the pitcher under the cold water to let it fill itself up, keeping your eye on it to make sure it doesn't overflow. Yup, that must be where all the labor comes from.


No big fan fare here in the NE. We launched Trenta today and people could have cared less. There was no big signage, no hoopla etc. I suggested it to every Vente drinker, but few got it. Not the usual Bux push. Wonder why?

Karl Dahlquist

I saw Trenta "Refreshers" being sold today in L.A.

Contrariwise / Joseph Dunphy

"Just don't belittle the amount of extra work it makes for us. That's all."

I don't mean to belittle you, at all, but the baristas here in Chicago don't seem to be having any problems with this, and seemed enthusiastic about introducing us to the new size. Which, by the way, some of us love to buy, because it's exactly the right amount of iced coffee for us. Two ventis were too much and one wasn't enough, so it's great having an option that falls somewhere in between.

Sorry if you're having a rough day, but this is the first that I'm hearing of this problem as a customer, and I have been known to lend a sympathetic ear.

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