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August 09, 2011


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pretty sure all of these "stories" were told by our dear friends at the "union". rofl.


pretty sure "..." is a clueless troll. aho*e.


I think this article probably should've been called "12 ways former partners claim are the reasons they were fired," because I highly doubt the veracity of some of these claims.

Jeff Tom

Plus, most of these have already been hashed out on here.


Things that can get you fired from any place. Again, why do people pick on Starbucks?


Follow the Starbucks link and there is a how to get fired at Micky Ds.

Barista Ben

My favorite is number 11. "if you claim you were fired for Racial reasons you could be fired".

Yep nothing is worse then the double whammy firing.

"what happened at your last job?"
" I was double fired"



Move on and find another cause. We're all tired of your union crap! Save what dignity you have left, if you had any at all.



Union crap? What makes you think that baristas don't deserve a living wage and health insurance? Where you a plantation overseer in another life?

You seem to want to order people about. Why is that? Don't you see you have no authority and no legitimacy?



I come from the plantation called Reason and Responsibility. I don't order people around, just people like you that need to go away and stop complaining about what the vast majority sees as acceptable.

People right now are just thankful to have a job, any job. You, apparently are not thankful. If you don't like what you do, move on and go attack someone else instead of hiding behind a group of militants that "protect" slackers. I haven't seen anyone sending a canary into a starbucks lately.

Take your name calling and assumptions somewhere else. I've been around a long time and have more education and life experience than you will ever have. I choose to do what I do because I like it and I like the people. I'm not in it for the money. It's just a time killer for me. But people like you are just plain fun killers. GO AWAY and stop trying to kill my fun with your pathetic "poor me" attitude.

James Connolly

Only slackers I've ever seen working for Starbucks longer than three months are management, and they are certainly better protected than any member of the union could ever hope to be. You want to deal with lazy workers, KD? Start winnowing out some of the do-nothing SMs that sit in the back all day and can't make a drink or run a shift to save their lives.



Well, considering the union doesn't "represent" managers, just who do you represent? We've managed to go through 5 managers now, because we, collectively, don't put up with slackers. The expectations are the same, no matter who is wearing the shoes. We don't have one union member working in our store because they wouldn't last long enough to have you stand behind them. We all pull our own weight, and if someone doesn't, no one in my store has a problem bringing it to their attention. Shape up or ship out.


I had a co-worker claim racial discrimination when she was being let go. It wasn't. She just sucked.

just saying

i especially like the article of the lady who was fired for selling her markout... and how she says that we need a union to protect against 'this very greedy company' not recognizing that she got something for free and tried to profit from it, directly stealing from the greedy company..

good article.

# 1

Hey don't forget the REAL #1 reason for getting fired...Confronting your CEO at a major function/event and getting your point across...If you've done this correctly YOU WILL BE TERMINATED !!

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