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August 17, 2011


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Still available everywhere in the US.

I'm still upset they got rid of the caramel bottled Frappuccinos.


Costca Canada is still selling them in bulk.


It's still liquid candy. One can only hope they're reformulating...


They only discontinued vanilla, mocha is still available. It was done to make room for new lunch items called bistro boxes.


I had no idea Canadians drink Frappuccinos. For being so close to them geographically, I really have no information about Canadians. It's like they're an invisible people. You never see pictures of them or news, etc. LIke I know all about Mexico, but not Canada. I just picture those South Park characters with the funny heads, and I know Alex Trebek immigrated to the US from there. He almost doesn't seem human, so it's hard to judge from him what Canadians are like. Well now I know one thing: they drink Frappuccinos. How they respond to this crisis of Frappuccinos MIA will help me get a better read on them.


I'm still looking for the sugar-free canned Doubleshot + Energy Coffee drinks in the States. Target had them discounted, and now they're gone entirely. Thankfully the Archer Farms versions that have replaced them are reasonably good.


Only the vanilla was discontinued in Canada, bottled Mocha Frappuccinos are still available.


Vanilla is coming back fwiw - at least in some places


Re: Marcus +1

as one of your 37 million invisible neighbors to the north i say kudos to your inquisitive nature. We Canuckleheads love our runnin water, our 'lectricity and our fancyd-up coffees, that is when the King of Canada decrees it.

P.S. Try not to talk too freely aboot the Trebek robot. It's still top secret


I stopped drinking bottled Frappuccinos about a year ago. They taste different now, and not for the better. Don't know what they did (if anything) to change it but I don't like them anymore.



I am so glad to see one of you make contact with the outside world! I have so much to learn about your peopleā€”do Canadians have regular human bodies? Does their skin sweat? Do they feel emotions? I somehow imagine them eating mostly gummy candies and working in marshmallow fluff factories--is that the case?

Running water is interesting; I would have assumed you ate snow. And I didn't know that our electrical wires run up that far North. Maybe by following those wires, the American people will one day uncover the lost people of Canada. Keep up the good fight, and may the world one day see Canada emerge from invisibility.


Marcus-May the great spirit of William Shatner keep you safe as you travel north



A sad attempt at getting attention with some Canadian bashing. You need a new tactic dude. Yawn.

Why don't you go and play in traffic. We will somehow get by without your witty commentary.

*Trebek be with you*

Anyway, the vanilla is out in the stores but can be purchased at all grocery carriers. We just didn't have the space in the RTD&E. Double Shot and Jones are also gone.

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