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August 31, 2011


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I find this list to be a bit suspect, considering the fact that I don't actually know anybody who use Four Square (other than the people, myself included, who tried it and gave up because it's lame) and until clicking the link I have never even heard of Localicious.


Okay then. Time to change subjects.

Joe Taylor Jr.

I can vouch for the Charlotte location. It's got a great fireplace for those oddly cool fall and winter mornings in North Carolina, and it sits inside a renovated house. Always felt like spending time in that living room when we lived there.


@waltie: yeah, I was just thinking, "most FourSquared" is not at all the same thing as "most loved."


So I have an interview with my DM next week to get in to the Coffee Master program, any one have some helpful advice for when I go?

Barista Ben

Streakn_it figure out a way to sell 50 lbs of coffee in a day and your golden. Also make sure you bring with you a coffee / press to try before hand and a food pairing wouldn't hurt.


#2 Tampa on Hillsbourough is catty cornered to the Government Assited Housing Project. I used to shut off deliquent cable service there. Just not the most friendly and non crime area of town. I wondered why they opened a store there but I guess it does well to hit second best, so Go Team!


@Batista Ben, only 50 lbs - no problem! :-)


The best Starbucks I've ever been to with regards to service is hands-down the Starbucks at 103 E Franklin St in Chapel Hill, NC. The baristas are the friendliest I have ever encountered, they know their frequent customers, and are just superb. Though this location is a bit challenging when students are in town and seating is at a premium when the entire wall is lined with people on their laptops sitting alone.


I've been to the one in Atlanta.. the reason its the "most loved" is because downtown Atlanta sucks and all they have is conferences there so tons of people are from out of town and want their coffee fix so they google Starbucks and find this store. The Starbucks in my hotel lobby was way overpriced compared to the one on the street resulting in additional traffic to that store.


You're interviewing to get INTO the coffee master program? That seems odd to me. What kind of a DM wouldn't make the program available to anybody interested enough to put in the time and effort?

I <3 music

Waltie in our district it's one per store.


@Waltie yeah I think in our district only 9 partners can participate in the Coffee Master program so the DM is holding interviews for people who are interested.


"...@Waltie yeah I think in our district only 9 partners can participate in the Coffee Master program so the DM is holding interviews for people who are interested..."

How utterly ridiculous.


The best Starbucks I've been in is the new one in Harvard Square in Cambridge. It's wonderful!

a customer

Fairfield Boston Post Road.Fairfield CT should of mage this list..best baristas and upstairs full of seating...cant get over the staff they are so friendly

I <3 music

How so? The new role is one per store. You are in charge of coffee at home sales. It is a more active role. There isn't going to be a bunch of clowns who just want a cool black apron. I had to interview. I had to come up with an action plan for our store. I also have a conference call every two weeks with the other coffee masters. The sm who is the district lead is who heads the calls.


@I<3 music
Can you tell me what you came up for an action plan?

Coffee Soldier

The Cambridge store is awesome...but what's funny is every partner who works there was transfered in from other stores. You cannot get hired to work there without 1 year of Sbux experience. Many of the baristas there where shift supervisors at other stores. Starbucks put a lot of effort into making that store the best one and of course runs Howard thru it when he comes out!


Ahhh... so that explains why I recognized all the baristas (baristae?) when I went into that store!

Mabel Schott

Hi, Just want to let you know that being a company growing is great! But the last 2 times and another earlier this year. They have screwed up my order, they forget the extra shot of expresso and today they scrapped off the whip cream I asked not to put on! Which has been many times! If this is how its gonna be then, express royal will get my business! At$6.oo a pop . not pleased with your company!

East Coast Coffee Junky

I've been to the Starbucks listed in Charlotte. Wasn't impressed.


#3 KC is actually MO, not KS. :)


I will say, that Dupont Circle location in DC is one of those old grandaddy stores that I've been going to for what - fifteen-something years now or so?

On one hand, yes - locationlocationlocation.

But it's also one of the few locations I can think of that still invites leisurely sit-downs, provided weather is nice enough for the patio to still be open.

The joint almost reminds one of that magical window in the 90s when 'bucks wasn't on every other block, it was still a little bit of a special treat, and it still seemed like they cared.


I'm glad to see at least one store I've been served in made the list (DC).

But the Robinson Ave location in San Diego CA is the best store I've been to, hands down! (Actually, San Diego has a few good stores.)


Why is no NJ store mentioned? Haha


I know this is an old thread, but that Kansas City Starbucks is in Missouri, not Kansas. Very important distinction if you are a local. And it's in an upscale/touristy/yuppy shopping district, so it is always busy.


yeah! Dupont Circle store! I helped open that store...seems like a lifetime ago...it was great back then too. Enjoy!


there IS NOT a sbux on 4th and trinity in austintx. 5th and lamar, yes. 4th NO


That Starbucks in Austin at 4th and Trinity is in a hotel by the Convention Center. I imagine it has high Foursquare numbers simply due to thousands of SXSW dbs checking in there. It is not a beloved local Starbucks.

John T

The best Starbucks would have to be in target store T2292.
They were nominated number 1 out of nine districts including all licensed and stand alone Starbucks. They had 97% guest satisfaction and they were considered the " friendliest and cleanest" store. I always have a great experience when I go to this store.

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