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August 26, 2011


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Anyone who asks for one can have one. That is according to the Siren's Eye. Also, it is now on the POS.

Jeff Tom

Had it in downtown Seattle today. Minus the sprinkles on top, though.

James Connolly

Anniversary popping back up again is better news than the return of pumpkin spice, got to say. I'm interested in seeing what it tastes like this year.


I think my store has been offering it as a substitute for people who ask for coconut still (as it remains on the menu) since we received the order of it.


Meanwhile, Starbucks stores in Japan are launching an Apple Crumble Frappuccino on Setpember 1, topped with crushed shortbread cookies and apple sauce (not applesauce).

Pike is here to stay

Sorry, but apple and coffee? Or, how many people actually order Pumpkin frappuccinos? I maybe made 5 in my entire life


They're running out of ideas as to what to combine with Coffee... just like candy companies are out of ideas for what to combine with chocolate; soda companies are out of ideas of what to pair with regular cola, etc etc...

I truly think they spin a wheel.....

"Coffee aaaaaaaaaaaaaand...... Oh! Octopus! Why not????"


@Pike is here to stay: It's a creme Frappuccino, not a coffee Frappuccino.

Or if your objection is more about an apple drink being offered at a coffee store, it's not the first: Caramel Apple Spice has been on the menu for ages. That's not to mention the many other non-coffee, even fruit-flavored drinks that have been available for a long time--including PSL (which I don't like at all).

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Why can't it be a coffee frappuccino? Pumpkin spice can be both. Just add frapppuccino roast to it and use regular base instead of creme.

Mr. Who

The Apple Crumble Frappuccino is being offered as both a blended coffee and blended crème. It is a test promotional beverage in a handful of locations in the States as well.

I <3 music

Off topic: Does anyone have good suggestion for a pairing for Anniversary blend?

Andrew Sawyer

Pumpkin Spice was in Epping NH as of Wednesday when I went through the drive-thru and asked for it. Not sure if it's posted inside the store.


got mine today in Lexington, KY. Tastes the same as past years.


Why no sugar-free version? I love this one, but my blood sugar doesn't.

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