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August 20, 2011


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As I was not with Starbucks last year for pumpkin spice, how does it work? Do we get a new pump for it in addition to mocha/white mocha/chai?




We do get regular pumps; just not the metal sauce pumps. We get temporary sauce pumps. They are wide and orange.

Ottawa Barista

Cannot WAIT for PSL to be back. Have been drinking half white mocha half chai lattes for the past month in anticipation... just not the same. Now that the sauce is here I feel compelled to drink it, but my SM won't let us open it until a few days before it launches (to let the newbies try it, practice making it, etc.). I'm a PSL junkie!


We're getting a lot of customers asking when it's coming. Can't wait to have the breve latte- just like pumpkin pie :)

James Connolly

Not a big fan of anything with pumpkin, got to admit. Gingerbread, on the other hand...



Coffee Soldier

Although wasteful, I wish we had disposable pumps for Mocha, White Mocha and Chai too!

A customer asked for Eggnog today!! Wow...they are excited for Xmas!

Legendarily Lean(er?)

There is no pumpkin in PSL


I really do not like PSL or any of the holiday drinks, not at all. The annual anticipation and hype mystifies me, and I'm kind of bummed out about not having much in the way of new drinks to look forward to for the rest of the year. I'll stick to iced coffee while it's hot outside and then switch to mistos or Earl Grey tea lattes.


Love PSL and PS chai! Can't wait!


Question about music at Starbucks: they seem have the same playlist on shuffle at every location —— who chooses it and how often does it change?


does anyone know whats up with the retail mocha and caramal sauce? no longer orderable?



Retail mocha and caramel sauce has always been on clearance at my store and the other local ones; it's $4.99. I was unaware that you could buy it on the online store.



Corporate give us new playlists to play, we really have minimal control over what is and is not played. We have the ability to turn music off (which I really don't think we are allowed to do during hours) and skip songs.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Each store has upwards of 15-20 CDs with about 100 songs on each (they are mp3 CDs, I think). Each CD has a shelf life of about 12 months.

A store is supposed to play the CD that was most recenly sent to them but can play any other unexpired CD (the expiration date is printed on the face of a CD).

A few weeks ago, the store I was at played a Xmas CD (it had Sting on it, and some other, mostly untraditional winter songs...)

Long Timer

Actually, many (most?) stores now have the hard drive system. This allows you to select playlists- but it will revert back to it's normal routine after awhile.
Some stores still have the disc systems, giving them greater control.
I remember the cassette players.


Fall I launch is the Tuesday after Labor Day. If you read the promo workbook, you'll notice that beginning August 30 pumpkin spice can be served to customers who request it.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

It can spbe served as soon as you get the sauce in.

Rember, each spring when the PSL button disappears from the register, but you still hqve the ingredients and people want it? Ring it in a a White Mocha. It's the same price

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Sorry, typing on phone...


I had a customer ask me if we served chicken wings, when informed that we do not in fact serve those, he huffed and said give me a slice of pepperoni pizza then. Imagine his shock when told that pizza is not sold at Sbux. He turned and left mumbling under his breathe.
Eggnog? What the hell is wrong with people? It's not even Sept 1st for Pete's sake. I wish it was January already and holday season was past tense. Not looking forward to barring alone during those 60 transaction half hours in the mornings. It's going to be like Christmas 2008 all over again I believe.


My store is sold out of retail caramal and mocha is it being discontinued to the public

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Userhem3, why? 'cause of the Playbook?


"Fall I launch is the Tuesday after Labor Day. If you read the promo workbook, you'll notice that beginning August 30 pumpkin spice can be served to customers who request it. "

2 years ago I requested a PSL in between Aug 30 and Labor day and the barista refused. Said I need to come back after Labor day when it is officially released.

And I wasn't even requesting a PSL, I was requesting 2 pumps of the sauce in my Americano.

Guess Just Say Yes doesn't apply to 2 pumps of syrup.

"Pike is here to stay.."

Sheik, baristas are people. People are NOT infallible


Sheik, It's not healthy to still be annoyed at a minor slight that happen 2 years ago.


Yes and furthermore, Sheik, I hope you've moved on to a more fulfilling life where having less than an ounce of sugar in your americano isn't the sort of experience you remember for more than 6 months, you pathetic consumer.




recently got the ps sauce at my store. not really diggin' it. I was looking forward to my iced triple grande nonfat no whip light ice psl, but the sauce doesn't seem to taste the same this year. it seems more sweet and less spice. I'm hoping it's just the bottle we opened. I've been so excited, I'd hate to not be able to drink it this year. :(


OMG every year, "the sauce tastes different." Two years ago, it was bland, one year ago, it was too spicy, now it's too sweet! What is wrong with everyone? It tastes the SAME


I know right? It's the same exact thing every year


Yeah it tastes the exact same every year. Just as White Mocha always tastes the same and mocha always tastes the same. It may fast different than you REMEMBER it but it's the same.


I love love love PSL. I have to limit myself to a few a season because other wise I could drink them every day. They always taste the same to me :) Looking forward to having one!

Barista Guy

I haven't had PSL this year yet, so I can't attest to whether the sauce tastes any different. If you ask me, the only syrup that changed since the original launch was the Cinnamon Dolce. It was great the very first year it came out. Then it seemed like once the second year rolled around, and ever since, it's tasted different since that very first time.


Try an iced black tea with a little PS and thank me later ;)


@Legendarily Lean(RT) No, the ALS system that considers $157 worth of frappes & pastries only one transaction but also the same system that scheduled one employee on lunch & the other two on break at the same time @ 7am so the customers help themselves to free stuff for ten minutes.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

So, what exactly will be different about the new DT menu boards once again? Are they onna stuff al the food we have on there?


Maybe they'll *gasp*, put the menu in the DT, instead of the pictures of drinks. I'm sure it looked pretty when someone came up with it, but I get people everyday asking if we got rid of some random drink. "Nope, just didn't take a picture of that one".


do you think the pumpkin spice pumps will actually work this year?


The retail mocha powder is available in some Costcos, although called hot cocoa mix

Legendarily Lean(er?)

My new pumpkin spice pump ALREADY had to be replaced this morning. Why is this so hard to figure out for Sbux? They even write about this as a warning in the Fall promo book


Hey Jim - I noticed for the first time the bags of coffee that sbux makes its iced coffee drinks w ... the appropriately named Iced Coffee Blend. I guess I'm surprised they do it this way. The blend is still way more acidic than using the toddy method, which produces a very smooth drink, albeit less caffeinated than their blend is, I'm guessing.

Of course, you'd have to have a different piece of equip for that ... but they'd manage. Brewing and dumping on ice doesn't cut it for me, though.


Just made a ps frapp with soy. It tasted like a holiday cookie :)


@mememe i can only hope they work this year!! nothing like changing a PS pump several times during blackout


Prep your pumps that you use the most, caramel, vanilla, pumpkins pice, SFV, that way you can just switch them out during blackout and replace the backups when it's not as busy!


SpeaKing of fall phase 1....whats your take on ' morning joe' does a coffee really need an alias?


Hey - for all of you who are having trouble with the pumps - here's a hint:

Cut the bottom of the tube that's inside the pump so it's on a diagonal slope at the bottom, not a straight cut across. I don't know why but we used to do that it made every crappy working pump work perfectly! Just snip off a bit at the bottom - it's magic!

Broyling Water

This will be the first time in 5 years that I will not be a Starbucks employee serving PS. I guess I'll keep my tradition alive of having one Pumpkin Creme.


I am so glad I quit and don't have to make this crap anymore. Pumpkin spice latte - basically high fructose corn syrup and nasty flavors. REAlly? This is what people get excited about? Seriously? And make such a big deal about it. Really?


@Sheik At some stores, maybe not all, but definitely at the store I work at, we are told not to sell pumpkin spice or any other seasonal products before the specified date. We do have it before then for partners to try and for training purposes, but not for sale. It's not even in the computer yet. I was told by my manager not to sell pumpkin spice to anyone under any circumstances before the date. Stupid? Yes, but we're just following orders. Also, get over it. Damn. Some customers take "just say yes" way too far. People like you are why I loathe my job.

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