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August 25, 2011


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I've been in Starbucks management for over 5 years in CA. It was made very clear to me from the beginning that I'm to work 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, with paid overtime that is very discouraged. I've never worked more than 42/3 hours in a given week. You're a good manager if you can b successful even with these crazy labor law restrictions. Plus I'm not paid well enough to b at my store for more than 40 hours!!


I'm an ASM in NJ & it was made clear to me that if I wished to become an SM I had better work at LEAST 45 hours a week (the last 5 being off the clock.) Consequently I'm demoting & going back to school full time. I don't know what's going on in our district but the managers are all putting in crazy OT & hiring is at a virtual standstill. It wasn't like this when I started in '08 & I can't understand what's driving it. Our CV's are low, & we're all understaffed. No one is happy.

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Sounds like Jersey has DM or RD that needs to get attitude checked by corporate.

Sad Barista

*ha* it's a miracle if my mgr even works 40. Major emergencies happen (e.g., barista going to emergency room/tornado heading our way) and we all know she isn't going to answer her phone. Of course the DM doesn't do anything so why should she change her behaviour.


Blah blah Starbucks policy means that managers shouldn't be working more than 40 hours blah blah.

Look, there are bad RMs and DMs all over and therefore plenty of managers who work way more than 40 hours. My own manager comes in early morning and leaves late at night, every day, and often comes in on days off to do other work. And then of course there's all the time she's unseen in the store because she's off at some huddle, some meeting, some work traveling with another manager or the DM. She is a good manager, focused and ambitious and strict to the rules, but she's also human. There's a lot to do and not enough time allotted to do it, plain truth. This isn't something to shrug off by saying "Well it isn't supposed to be that way". No shit, sherlock. That's still the way it is.

I <3 music

There are going to be posts saying "you're a bad manager who can't manage their time if you work more than 40hrs." "I can do it in 40 and get high cvs and 100 percent on qusa."

I've never have had a good sm that didn't put in extra time. I've had shitty ones that don't even work the 40.


I can't honestly say that I have had a manager put in 60+ hours, but I can say that I have had managers peace out right at the 8 hour point without lingering in the store. I have also had a manager who consistently put in a maximum of 38 hours each week--it goes without saying that our CV scores, sales, and tip rate were abysmal during that time. He barely lasted a year with the company...


As a current SB Manager, I can tell you some weeks I work 48 hours, some weeks I work 35 hours... but I think it all balances out... my guess is I average 42 hrs/wk over the past year... and I'm ok with that!
Managers who habitually work over 40 hrs. need to take a hard look at their shift supervisor team!

just saying

when you've been doing it for a while, it isn't hard to get it done well in a shorter period of time.
that being said, i still enjoy coming in for my opens 20 mins early so i can go slower, eat my oatmeal and ease into it... or have my first break and latte while placing my IMS order. i would say i work about 45 hours a week, but don't take my 1 hour of allotted break time each day - so maybe a little longer technically.

just another partner

i work 40-45 hours a week. sometimes more if something comes up and a shift has an emergency and i need to help cover something (our store has been hit with random things this year like death in the family, separations, and the flu all in the same week etc).


I would like to hear from SM's from cafe stores. Without the alloted extra barista because of the drive through, I think cafe SM's have it very hard.


Bottom line: If you are a manager who consistently works over 40 hours a week, you need a better team working under you, because you're either unable to leave them alone or unwilling to give them that kind of authority.

Treat your shifts as managers on duty and you won't need to micromanage everything or be in the store every day.

Here's the thing: Managers who don't work enough hours and never seem to care about their store are the worst. And Managers who never leave the store, complain about how nothing ever gets done when they're not there, and think they are the only thing holding the store together are just as bad. If you are either of these types, I have a secret for you: Your team hates you.

Just work 40 hours. It's way more than you need.


@spence that "allotted extra barista' was taken away several years ago... we have to earn every partner on our floor. If I have 6 or 7 people working, it's because I need that many (and it probably feels like we could use 1 more). Having more people at a time in no way makes it any easier to get my "sm duties" done.

3-4x the business in my DT store mean...
*25-28 partners to write reviews for vs a cafe's 8-14?
*25-28 partners to develop and keep happy..
*Schedules take longer to make due to scheduling 650-750 labor hours/week vs a cafe's 250-300
*Orders are much larger with minimal extra time given to place/put away
*Inventorying product takes longer
*More customers walking through the doors means the lobby areas need more frequent attention
*A whole DT area to keep clean and maintain
*Higher sales means my deposit takes longer

All with the same 6hours of Non Coverage and 2 hours of clean sweep per week.

I could keep going.. Working in a busy DT is definitely more difficult at EVERY level.


Thank you for the insight.

Barista Ben

I think it was put best to me when my DM said "Working off the clock and not getting paid is a real silly reason to get fired."

I do tend to work a little over 40 hours a week, just because its kind of a pain to end on the exact 8 hour dot - but I do my best to not work too much over time. At most its about a half hour - hour a week if that.

Unless, of course, something bad happens and I have to. Only once in the past year (as an ASM) have I had to work an extra day (which I was paid for) because someone quit on the spot.

That being said, I do feel that SMs are expected to be on call all day. That seems a bit extreme. If a SM is off then it shouldn't be out of the question that you may not be able to reach them.

The real trick is to train your shifts how to handle problems and to let them know they can call you if its a big issue but if the toilet is clogged, maybe that's not something to call you about (I've gotten that call before. They were asking me to come unclog it. Really.)


I have been a Sbux manager for over 7 years now. I work about 41 hours a week. If a manager is working more then its because 1) They don't have the right people working in their store 2) They don't know how to manage their time 3) The don't have a good shift supervisor team. 4) THEY DON'T DELEGATE ENOUGH. Work Smarter People not Harder.

Rolling In The Deep

In my 10 years of working with starbucks...i will say this...only one manager that i worked under put in 40 hours or more consistently...and he did so because we had a very limited staff..I remember working an entire summer on average 50-55 hrs per week as a supervisor (approved overttime)and the manager had no choice but to work just as many hours...we went from a store with a manager and three supervisors to a store with one manager and one supervisor because both the other supervisors had medical issues and had to recooperate from surgery around the same time...We were in an area where maybe once a week a supervisor from another store would help us out with one 8 hour shift...but it was rare...The manager was a trooper in my eyes...unlike any other manager ive worked under period...


I have to agree with all those saying that those managers spending more than 40-42 hours a week in store have issues with delegation or time management. As a new manager, only in position a year and a half, that is one of the things I have worked on with my DM and have seen vast improvements in the efficient use of my time. I find I have time to get all my admin done with extra time to converse with customers and partners about the operation of the store. My store runs high 80's in CV and got 95 on two QASA audits this year. It's all about delegation to your shift team.

SBUX Store Manager

Look, not all stores are created equal. Some stores are harder to run then others. Some staffs are trained better then others. What one SM values, another doesn't necessarily. As an SM in Manhattan, my level of expectation is quite high from my partners, and to maintain that level it requires a lot of work. Some weeks I do 40, some more some less. Sometimes there's just things I don't choose to delegate certain things that I need done, and that requires time. I understand completely that I'll never be compensated beyond the satisfaction of a job well done, but you know what? That's fine because at the end of the day, my numbers are in line, may partners and customers are happy, and the job is getting done. If that means that I miss a ballgame or two every now and then oh well. You know, maybe if everyone wasn't so greedy, you would see a different more consistent level of management out there. Money isn't everything. I would trade my all of my sales performance bonuses for a year, for a 100% EcoSure score. But I can't, instead we worked our asses off and got a 99% None of that was wasted energy, and we all felt relieved when it was over. Sometimes recognition is reward enough.


I am a cafe SM. For the most part, I work around 40 hours a week. I have been an SM for almost 4 years. There are week where I work more 50 (when a barista is sick or injured and I can't find anyone to cover the shift) or there are weeks where I work 38 or so. Those weeks are usually slow and I am sent home early by my SS. =) I also do not have an ASM but am very, VERY blessed to have three wonderful shift supervisors and a team of great baristas that blow my mind. I am very lucky and fortunate to have such a wonderful staff and I know that when I am gone there will be no emergencies because they rock.


And as a SM, drive thru's are much harder. I give major props to SMs that manage drive thru's. I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole. (I love my cafe stores)


Hopefully my comment will be taken seriously and not lost in this great thread.

There is a crisis of leadership that's been afoot at Starbucks for a couple of years. Since the economic down turn and the drastic reduction of labor, Starbucks management have been forced to do what could be done feasibly in 45 hours in roughly 8 or less per week.

Being a Store Manager is largely an Admin position in terms of scheduling, ordering, bi/weekly visits, district huddles, reviews, and general upkeep. All of these tasks end up taxing what should be a very doable position because the time to accomplish them is painfully limited.

Instead, Store Managers are expected to be on the sales floor 95 percent of the time (approximately) which then impacts overall admin productivity so they end up staying later, coming back after they've gone home, etc...

More importantly, what's happening is that good people are being stressed to their limits thus negatively affecting the morale of their stores and friendliness to their own employees. I can't tell you how many baristas and shifts I've spoken to from differing stores who are all saying the same things in terms of dealing with pissed off Store Managers who seem to expect the impossible, because the impossible is expected from them.

This cycle has intensified since the Economic fall out, and it isn't slowing. Starbucks has done little to give back to its employees aside from touting a bonus given (and heavily taxed) to all employees last year. They seem to roll out surveys as a way of tapping the pulse of the culture of their stores, but they never go further then that.

erlinda sevilla

are there some vacancies in the stores near buena park are


"you have issues if you work more than 40"
translation: I just make my shifts do everything and turn a blind eye as they work during their lunch break. HA! "time-management" translation: our company is highly profitable but you still aren't sweating hard enough for your minimum wage. greedy bastards!


Watch the news, read the paper, or talk to your friends, family and neighbors. I would gladly work 70 hours a week at Starbucks if need be. I wish I still had my SM job at the bucks. I only work long days if I decided I would stretch out duties and be available for the later crew or when I fired someone. My manger at Starbucks never told me I had to do it. He helped me avoid long days. I now work as general manager at a chain. I must schedule myself 6 days a week at 60 hours. I was out of work for 8 months. I had to take it. I miss the Starbucks job. So many reasons.


in NYC it's easy 60-75 hours a week. WORST JOB EVER.


A manager can not do everything themselves. If they leave and things go down the crapper, then they are not a great manager. And the SS are the manager on duty. They should be able to deal with whatever comes their way. If a store closing has to happen, then it's time to call the SM/DM. A clogged toilet, call off, etc.. should be handled. Just because someone calls off does not mean the manager comes running in.

David Costa

I only worked about 35 hours a week when I was a Store Manager. That is really all it takes if you develop your team.


Iv been a SM in Starbucks Uk for nearly 3 years and there are weeks i work 40 , there are weeks i work over 50 and sometimes less then 40, It does vary on whats happening in store but i love every second of it. I have a busy store located in a city centre ( the only one in this city)and also by a uni and have a big team so theres always loads for me to do and loads of partners to help develope.


Meh. Working 60 hours a week is not a sign of a good manager, it's more a sign of a bad one.

In my 5 years as an SM with the bucks, I probably worked an avg of 45 hours a week except the last year when the company went to total crap with LEAN and labor cuts.

I had some weeks where I might have pulled off a 35 hour week, and I had 60 hours weeks (meetings, promo roll outs, store visits, etc. that took extra time.)

If you work 60 hours a week it usually means that you're trying to do everything yourself, or don't know how to manage your time, or use ALS.

I've seen manager do the York order AFTER their shift was over. Hmm, how about you train someone to do it and develop a shift... or, hey, use your order recieve time and schedule so you have an extra body on the floor wihtout using coverage or non coverage time and do it DURING your shift.

The laptops made life actually a little easier. I used to keep mine locked down at a table near the end of the line, and during slow periods could take care of things.

People forget the job of a manager doesn't translate to "doer" It's about setting direction, delegating, sharing in the work, etc. and following up.

My teams always helped me out, did as I asked, and respected when I had to take time off the floor to do things. My teams also saw me clean toilets and deck scrub floors and take turns in the dirty and not so enjoyable tasks.

I used to make it a point to have ever shift that worked for me spend 1 monday with me to see how my work flow went, what I had to do, what came down the pike... and I never heard a peep of "he leaves the floor all the time" or "he's lazy" and got great support. When they saw what I had to do in 6 hours of admin, in additon to doing the job with them on the line, it fostered a more team work oriented environment where peolpe understood their part in things.

I was by far not a perfect manager... who is? BUt a sure fire sign of a bad manager is one who work 50-60 hours a week every week and one who works 30


I am the SM of a high volume, complex store. Some weeks I work 40 hours, others 40-45 depending upon the week. There are days I work 10 hours a day, and others I work 6. When I first took the store 2 years ago, I worked 45-50 for the first 6 months while I re-set expectations with the team. If an SM manages their time appropriately and develops their team to be them when they (SM) are not in the store, there is no reason to work over 45 hours a week. Because my ASM and I set clear expectations with the team, hold them accountable and trust them when we're not there, our CV results are in the high 80's and we scored 96% on QASA...neither of had been in the store the day of the audit. I don't mind the weeks I work 42 or 43 hours a week because that extra time is usually spent developing my parnters. It's about hiring the right people, igniting passion in your team, constantly developing partners to the highest potential, and empowering them on a daily basis.


Considering that managers do very little extra work, yet get paid 3 - 4 times more than supervisors do, it'd be nice if they worked 40+ hours. Unfortunately, I've worked under 5 different managers in 4 years and it was a very rare occasion indeed that one of them worked that much. Most weeks, I spend more time in the store than my manager does. Many stores in my district have their shifts do their ordering and hiring interviews for them. So managers, you're getting paid $60k to take that Monday morning phone call and make schedules. Yay.


I see a lot of comments about "developing" shifts by giving them some of your work to do. Wow. That's some nice corporate lingo for dumping your workload on someone who is probably supposed to be on the floor during that time and is making 1/4th your pay. I'd like you to "develop" some ethics.



I agree with you. It's all about developing your partners. They are there to work with you. Developing and promoting your employees does nothing but help your own objectives. If they succeed you will as well


60k?! Huh?? Where are these numbers coming from? Im a sm and yes there are weeks when 40+ hours will be needed but once expectations are set as a TEAM, managing becomes easier because u can develop your shifts who can then become the so called lazy managers we seem to be. I started as a barista, and moving up didn't just happen, I learned how to manage my time bc of the managers who developed me!! Like any company, there will be hard times but the team you work with and value your hard work makes it all worth it :)


I have been a shift lead with starbucks for 8.5 years and I have always heard that you get something after you have worked there for ten years. Is this true are there additional benefits after you have worked there for ten years?

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