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August 08, 2011


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Can you imagine how many "stars" this guy is going to rack up?


That's what I was thinking. He will get a drink coupon card in the mail every day at this rate. What a fantastic idea.


that's good idea


I printed this out and used it at my local Starbucks for a bold pour-over and then reloaded the card. The barista didn't know what to think and he thought it was some kind of scam. I offered to let him keep the sheet for the next customer but he declined.

Barista Ben

haha well if you printed it out i would be a bit confused. I think the idea is more to use it on a phone and then the barista will have no idea it isn't actually your card..


I think we need to talk some more about how Starbucks is a parasitic cancer upon society, that takes takes takes from workers and rips off consumers with their crap coffee and "frappucino" milkshake. I mean seriously, they're like factory that churns out burnt-out wage slaves and fat customers.


@Barista Ben - I agree. I used paper because my intent was to "pass it on." He was certainly thrown that the piece of paper actually worked.


Let's ignore someone who is just trying to amuse himself and be annoying on this site.

"Pike is here to stay.."

I find that if you press the blue button on the top of the scanner, the scanners recognizes the "card" faster. Is that what the blue button is there for?


Agree with spence completely. I do think I saw a lump forming, though. Must be that cancer going around.

Jeff Tom

I am going to feed the troll.

Blane, Please piss off. I know your life is sad and pathetic, but none of us can help you with that.

I like how you crash every thread with your sad moanings, instead of spending time trying to be proactive and deal with these issues in the "real world". You are at a site independent of Starbucks. Your rantings here are to a disparate audience, the vast majority of whom do not give a sh%t about your concerns.

Lastly, I love how you are whining here about trying to take away peoples' freedoms to decide - their freedom to decide where to work or where to shop. It is their decision to do these. Not yours. Please go crawl back under your rock, or back to the McDonald's where you came from.


All of us here.


"I think we need to talk some more about how Starbucks is a parasitic cancer upon society, that takes takes takes from workers "

They actually give me a check every two weeks.


They give me tips, too! And free beverages when I'm working as well as a free pound of coffee every work week. How parasitic of them.

And for those who are still interested in the "Pay It Forward" campaign, it seems like it's just a PR move planted by Starbucks. Either way, it's a really genius use of the gold card program...


 Grateful to be a partner

I started working for Starbucks for benefits. Then someone in my family got very sick. Still is. Our prescriptions cost several thousand dollars a month. We pay $65 a month. Thank you Starbucks.


I've been following the Jonathan story. He is getting postcards... But he is actually giving them away to people at his local Starbucks.

And even though this isn't the thread for this, since benefits were brought up... I had to have major surgery in March. I spent two months in a physical therapy hospital, and am now in outpatient therapy. My total cost... About $250. Not to mention my disability pay. I don't care what anyone thinks, I will forever be indebted to Starbucks.


Unfortunately the card has been turned off. Sad, because it seemed the experiment part was going really well and many people were putting money on the card as well as just getting drinks.

I believe he donated the balance of the card to charity.

Samantha Cole

When I'm in a coffee shop, I love drinking coffee while using my mobile phone. I find it very relaxing. This new feature is very cool. Now I have more reasons to visit the coffee shop next door more often. =)

Civil Coffee Man

I love the app--been using it for a long time. It's quick and convenient. But it doesn't allow for tips so I have to be sure I have cash if I want to leave something.

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