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August 10, 2011


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How about bringing back 50 cent cup refills.

For 5 years I have been taking my coffee from the kiosk in the building lobby to my office in the morning. During my break I would get a refill. 50 cents.

Today I was told I needed to pay regular price, less a 10 cent discount. Starbucks just lost a customer. I'll go to McD's where I won't get this hassle.

Better coffee.

Jeff Tom

Um. Get a Gold card.


Or just get a registered Starbucks card. Then you save even the 50c. Totally free.

Barista Ben

Or stop expecting a refill just because you have a cup and were in a Starbucks within the last week.

Coffee Soldier

Yes, refills are for customers who stay in the store, finish thir coffee or tea and then purchase a refill. By this rational of getting your coffee taking it to your office then Starbucks should just charge 50 cents per a coffee to anyone with a cup. Sorry but you have been abusing the system far to long!



People who stay for hours spend over and over. Show some respect for the loyal squatters who help keep the company afloat! Don't build distrust and burn bridges by being stingy with electricity or turning down the thermostat.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!


"How about bringing back 50 cent cup refills. "

Our refills are 54 cents. And, as many people have said, you need to stay in the store to avail yourself of the benefit. That has always been the case, even though some stores have been lax in enforcing the policy.


I agree with offering unsweetened soymilk. Once I made the healthful transition, I found Vanilla soymilk cloyingly sweet, but if you don't, you can just add vanilla syrup.

Coffee Drinker

Quite possibly you got a new barista who doesn't know you or how it works. Don't give up. I've had new baristas at my local try to re charge me when I was sitting there the past hour in plain view. They hadn't noticed and/or just wanted to be mean. NOTE I say "mean" because that was the demeanor. There's nothing in my behaviour that asks for a handout, and in fact in one case my cup still had lukewarm coffee in it.

Any way back to Mark. I know baristas who will give me a refill if I leave the store and come back in a while. In one case it was because I said I was there early on my way to proctor at an elementary school. When I returned she gave me a free. Yes I have a registered RED card (which donates to charity; hence I've never used my gold.)

I also know this local refills a guy who drives down on business from a town 2 hours away. He buys a coffee up there, comes here and gets a free refill...maybe it's reciprocal.

Finally, I tip pretty well, that may help.

Good luck and look for a barista that knows you if you can!


What they meant to say was that 150 ideas that came from the desks in Seattle were able to be somehow linked to something someone posted on MSI...



Union crap? You are truly brainwashed. What makes you think that baristas don't deserve a living wage and health insurance? Where you a plantation overseer in another life?



You seem to want to order people about. Why is that? Don't you see you have no authority and no legitimacy? Don't tell me what to do, you stupid little thing.



You'd sound more reasonable and less like a crazy person if you used logic instead of fear mongering, reason instead of paranoia, and offered specific examples of things the company has done wrong instead of the most extreme, over the top hyperbole.

Until you can do any of that, people are going to assume you are a troll.


But, by all means, if you want to make the union even more unpopular and disliked than they already are, keep doing what you're doing.



What makes you think you deserve a living wage? What is preventing you from going back to school, getting a real degree and improving your life at a company that does provide a living wage? I know, you just prefer to stir the pot and bring attention to yourself. Unless you're in management, no position at the bux is going to make you well off.

In life, you get what you put into it. You apparently want to make no effort and get compensated at a CEO salary. That just doesn't happen.

You can call me whatever names you want to. Your militant workforce just won't be tolerated because your ethics and values are just wrong.

Crawl back under the rock from which you came. We're done with you!



Touche!! Well said!!


@ the union post regaurding Baristas deserving health insurance...check your facts. We get full medical benefits only working 20 hrs a week for ourselves, domestic partner, and all/any of our children and our domestic partner's children.Very few companies offer that with just 20 hrs being required.


this is a barista I have seen for the last 5 years. they told me it was a policy they just instituted.

the mini-mart 50 feet away charges $1.00 per re-fill, no matter when you bought it that day. so I guess I'll get their coffee and re-fills (and it's cheaper).


I live and work in a very expensive city. Every single barista and shift at my store makes well over minimum wage and also has health insurance. Do I even need to mention how inexpensive our insurance is for us? The wannabe union crybabies have no clue. Gimme gimme gimme is all they know.



Nobody OWES you a job. Nobody OWES you a "living wage". I am in a at-will state (Calif). This means I can be fired for any reason or no reason whatsoever. Most states are at-will employment.

Go back to school to improve yourself, or open your own store.

James Connolly

Blane, speaking as a member of the SWU, please stop. While I agree that everyone deserves a living wage and that a lot of what Starbucks does isn't right, your approach isn't helping what we are trying to do in the SWU. Being a dick to literally everyone who disagrees with you is the quickest possible way to alienate the people you could win over, and as it is a lot of the people you are quarreling with here will never come around because a lot of them are management or former management.

KD: Given how profitable this company is, why is it right that the executives are entitled to a bigger share of the money the people in the stores and in the roasting plants earn by making and selling the products that earn those profits? You can shout about education and bettering yourself all you want, but a lot of people working at Starbucks have undergraduate degrees, and very few of them are in so-called "useless" fields: we literally just hired someone with a chemical engineering degree at my store, and before that it was someone with a degree in business. The reality is that this economy sucks and given that most of the job growth during this "recovery" has been in low-wage jobs like Starbucks, it's not surprising to see people who normally would be overqualified end up here. So again I ask why can't this company afford to pay an actual living wage? I have answers that make sense to me, but I'm interested in what your response to this question is.


abuse of the policy shmolicy.

if the customer calls and complains about you not giving the refill... you'll have to do it anyway. why not cut out the middle man.

Just Say Yes.

until the handbook is put down as law in our system, and JSY is taken away, why put yourself in an argument and lose a customer... instead just do it, for all the talk of policy on this website, many of you seem not to care about having happy repeat and return customers. I have customers that come in 4-5 times a day, they buy their 1st coffee, and will pop in and out for new ones, they expect to pay full price, but they get refill price for the main reason we are part of the same community and your willing to come here 3-4 more times after your initial coffee. Store hopping happens, and those people i don't like, but getting frustrated about does nothing for me. It's just like the "ghetto latte" argument. if you put the milk in for them, it's a latte, if they put their own milk in it's not.


@James. I will tell you why Starbucks or any other fast food restaurant doesn't pay a living wage. It is because they don't have to. There is a huge difference between a fair wage and a living wage. We earn more than fair wages (with the bennies.) Starbucks baristas isn't meant to be a career. It's a stepping stone while you are in school or for someone wanting a part time job and a little extra cash.
You cannot compare our jobs to titled jobs. Get real! You may not like it. I don't either but it's still the truth.

Pike is here to stay

Marcus, healthful transition? Are you impling dairy is not healhful? It's just like the gay/ani-gay ''thing’' in the other thread, isn't it? Hands off our dairy! (said in a flippant tone)

James Connolly

spence - You are absolutely correct. They don't have to. They don't have to share the profits we earn because there isn't a big enough force working to carve out the worker's fair share. When this company could pay every employee another four thousand dollars a year and still turn a profit, something's broken, something's wrong. I would absolutely dispute that we get paid a fair wage. As long as we have no true job security and are paid just enough to survive from paycheck to paycheck, there is nothing fair about this wage.


I'd like Sugar Free Chai, so I can order a Skinny Dirty Chai Latte.



While true there are many over qualified people working at Starbucks, at least they are working. Many companies are requiring that you be employed or they will not even consider you for a position/interview any more. In a tight job market, $1 is better than $0.

Also, while true Starbucks is raking in millions of dollars in profits, just because you work for them doesn't entitle you to share in their good fortune. They pay what they pay. It's a free country. No one is forcing anyone to work for Starbucks. It doesn't matter what kind of education you have, they pay what they pay. It's not a job that requires a degree or even a higher level of thinking. A trained monkey could do my job.

If you're not making enough money working for sbux, perhaps a second job might help. Your social life basically wouldn't exist, but it's what you want out of life. If you want nice things, you have to work for them. A 40 hour work week with a fat paycheck is nice and well deserved by some, but if you choose to work a low paying job then it's pretty much your choice now isn't it?

To answer your question about why isn't it right for the executives to share their fortunes, what makes you think you're entitled to them? Did you invest your last cent into making a company? Did you start a company from the ground up? What is wrong with a company being profitable? What is wrong with being a success? And, why should someone who invested their lives into something share with you? What makes you or anyone else entitled to it.

It's not a high paying job. That's the bottom line. Provided you do your job, you're entitled to a wage, period. You have no right to expect profits to be shared with you. The company has no moral obligation to make sure you can live on what they pay. It's your choice to work for them.

Starbucks offers its partners benefits working 20 hours a week. No where else does that. The premiums are reasonable and so is the coverage. If you went out and got your own health insurance policy, you'd be paying hundreds of dollars a month just in premiums for yourself alone, more if you had dependants. What they do not pay in wages, they more than make up for in benefits. Do you have any idea what one MRI costs? The last one I had was over $5,000. Insurance picked up most of that, but if I didn't have insurance, I'd be broke. Be thankful for the things you do have.

Don't feel entitled to reap the benefits of someone else's labor. You can only reap your own.

James Connolly

KD, that's all ultimately just sophistry. Without the people in the stores and the people in the roasting plants, there'd be no profits to reap. By not paying these people at a rate even remotely approaching the value that they create, Starbucks is doing something immoral, though this behavior isn't something that's unique to this company. And as it is, yes, I am forced to work at Starbucks because I have to eat and because there aren't any better jobs in the area and I can't afford to relocate because I can't afford to save up any money because I get paid just enough of a wage and get just enough hours to survive from week to week despite asking for more. And I am not an isolated case.

It's absolutely hilarious that you accuse me of trying to reap the benefits of someone else's labor when THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT THE COMPANY DOES TO LITERALLY EVERY HOURLY WORKER EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY OF EVERY WEEK by paying less than what the workers produce. So I ask: why should Howard Schultz and the rest of the executive cadre be entitled to more of the value of the work I put in than I am?



Whatever....here's an idea, why don't get an idea for your own business, write up a business plan, get a small business loan and give it a try. Nothing is stopping you. Get creative and stop depending on others.

You do reap the benefits of someone else's labor....if it weren't for them in the first place, YOU wouldn't have a job at all. Be grateful instead of hateful.

just saying

why is it not grateful to want more from something you think you are adding value too?

who out there said that paying people more money is hateful?

to think that is crazy.

people should not shy away from hoping to share more in the overall profits. there is no reason that the distribution of wealth in a company isn't more equal.

if you totally think that people who are on top deserve to be, or work harder and don't steal mercilessly from those on bottom - you're the one who is hateful.

think about a global argument, not just about the company you love.


@just saying

Sure, there are people who didn't get to the top legitimately, but that's not the case here. You're misinterpreting what's being said.

You can hope to share in the overall profits, but that's not just the way this company is run. Just because the company takes in your hourly wage in 2 drinks, they don't owe you more.

There is a reason the distribution of wealth isn't more equal. It doesn't have to be. No one owes you more because they make more than you.

Maybe I'm putting my head in the sand, but I don't really care about the global argument. There will always be the "haves" and the "have nots". It's up to you, as a person, to decide which one you want to be. Your quality of life is what you make of it. If you want more than what you have, you have to be of the mindset that you can accomplish anything you set out to and don't stop until you reach your goal. To expect that someone else is responsible for funding your goals is just nonsense.

I'm not hateful at all. I'm grateful for my life, my job, my family and my health. I have a comfortable life, because I put myself through college and grad school without borrowing a dime. I worked 3 jobs and basically didn't sleep for 6 years, but I can say at almost 50 years old, I did well for myself, and I did it all by myself. I set goals and saved, saved, saved. I worked hard and didn't expect anyone else to carry me for anything. I've done without so that I could reach my goals. I have no debt, own my home free and clear and my car is paid off too. I had a successful practice for 20 years and love my life. I give back to my community by volunteering almost 20 hours a week and work at the Bux just to give myself something to do.

I'm just tired of people thinking that others owe them something. No one owes any of you anything. Your life is what you make of it and if you choose to be repressed, then you will be. If you choose to make something of your life, then you can do that. On the other hand, you can always sit on the sidelines and hope for the handout that will never come.

That Guy

Whats wrong with this generation....

Long Timer

I'm not sure why every comment thread has to turn into the same argument.
@Mark, if you think McD coffee is better, or the mini mart coffee is better- get the he** out and stay out.
I'm not losing a thing if the customer who only pays 54¢ (or nothing with a registered card) for a cup takes their business elsewhere. My average ticket just went up. Talk about entitlement- why are some customers entitled to a 54 cent cup while others pay full price less 10¢?
They're not.
Pay what it's worth to you or don't- but if you'd rather save a bit by drinking another brand then that's your right. But take a few minutes (days?) to understand and respect the refill policy, it's easy.


I will have to say that I believe Starbucks pays well and makes up for it with bean stocks and health benefits go find a company that gives u that for only 20hrs a week. Being a Batista shouldn't be a career and if you choice to make it one develop yourself into the management level and make it career. Can I also just say that maybe we should really take a good look at our government with tax going up on every little thing maybe if the government gets it head out of it's ass and do something about the debt and than lower taxes maybe every salary can be a living salary just saying

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