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August 16, 2011


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This is the first I'm hearing about this.

Barista Ben

hm yeah I haven't heard anything about this.

dave pharos

Considering android has a bigger market share than the iphone, its nice to see them giving away android apps...oh wait....

Coffee Drinker

I've used the free Shazam inside SBUX to see what music was blaring. Fun and impresses friends and baristas.

Was given a "free music" card, downloaded the 10 songs never listened to them, weren't my style. But it was a nice thought ; )

Jeff Tom

Apple - the only thing on this planet that sucks more than unions.

Jim Romenesko

Here is more on the iPhone apps from CNET.


Given that Starbucks is always on the side of corporate power and rarely on the side of workers or consumers, probably where is some nefarious spyware in that app. I bet it uploads a list of all your music on the bogus assumption that you stole all of it.


@Jeff Tom

Unions protect workers from bloodsuckers; some succeed at that and some fail to and a couple don't even try. Being that Starbucks is run by bloodsucking thieving parasites (who apparently are probably latent homosexual Christian nuts as well), any unions that can protect underpaid Starfucks workers should be welcomed.

Barista Ben

Oohh is it a pick of the week? I don't even look at those anymore I just put them out!

IT Rush

Wow, this is going to be an interesting giveaway.. checking now before placing my order.. Thanks

Jeff Tom


Pissoff. The fact you cannot reasonably argue the "merits" of unions shows even you do not understand them and how worthless they are.

Jeff Tom

And, please go elsewhere are start your own blog re: "unions". I am sure you can have well-informed discussions there with like-minded people.

Jim Romenesko

This thread isn't about unions. Off-topic posts are going to be deleted.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Jim, do you remember when you used to eject people from here? It happened once or twice in the past 5 years or so.

James Connolly

This isn't too big of a shock; Starbucks has been giving stuff away from Apple for a while, so this is just another progression of that.

Most of the people in my area seem to use Androids and Blackberries if they have s smartphone, so this doesn't really do them any good, and I have an Android phone so I won't be putting this to use, either. Oh well.

Bricked iphone

Starbucks best marketing ever


In Columbus, we've neither nor seen anything about this.


I work at a Starbucks in the WV area. Customers give me a quizzical stare when I don't have any information or knowledge of a "Free App of the Week" card. Are we exempt?! Perhaps Howie doesn't realize that about 20-25% of our customers use iPhones... (We don't exactly cater to the financially unstable). Bring the free apps to WV! My customers are pleading!


@Jim Romenesko

Trolls gotta go wherever they can to push their mythical agenda.


App cards are apparently not available everywhere yet. I checked out three SBs (all locations typically filled with Apple users) and still just the free iTunes cards.



The cards just arrived in my store (SE Wisconsin) today. The Shazam Encore app goes out on the 23rd followed by a game called "Spy Mouse" the week after that.


Feaster is right, the cards came to the store I work at today in our order with a note saying to put them out on the 23rd

Coffee Drinker

Careful, Jeff T. every time you type "Apple" on the web, you up their Internet statistics, and help their market share. Ditto with that other thing you mentioned.

The more Google and Bing results return a search query to the top of a list, the more famous and good and wonderful people think it is.

Take w....ped...ia. People think it is a true and correct source, quote it like it's a god...sheesh! And the more it gets clicked the more it appears at the top of search results...

Ditto Apple, and other words people type, even those they dislike ; )

Here's mine: Vente no room. Venti no room. All the way to the top. No room for cream. LOL!!!


Im currently working at a Starbucks in WA,we put these app cards out on Monday (wernt supposed to be out before then) Those of you who havent heard of this, it doesnt surprise me. Your stores may be behind on the cards or may not have recieved them yet. Not all stores are always on the same schedule when it comes to music and apps and what not. This is because there are so many Starbucks in the world. Those of you wondering why it is for the iphone, have you noticed that the free tunes cards are redemable on itunes? Coincidence. I dont think so lol

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