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August 30, 2011


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oh no. now we will be forced to upsell this sh** too. Here we go again, sales pressure, buying it ourselves to make up for disinterested customers. starbucks releases this stuff like it's brand new, first of its kind, while the public has had it for years now.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

Only grocery stores... Relax...


Only grocery stores... for now...


Boxes of K-Cups are pretty bulky. so it would be surprising to see K-Cups for sale in Starbucks as there isn't any more space in a lot of them to display shit.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

What about the product itself? Any good? Is it:

- affordable?
- easy assembly and cleanup?
- fast?

I have never had a Keurig. Do you think it's gaining marketshare?


I am interested. I kind of want to know how the teas will work - I've always been under the assumption that tea needs to steep for several minutes or more?


@Legendarily Lean(er?) --

I have had a Keurig for 10 years. With regular care they will last for years.

Currenlty Keurig machines can be found from $50 to $300. Personally, I buy mine at Costco.

Pour the water in, insert the K-cup, from a cold start it may take 3 minutes until coffee.

Keurig has more than 80% market share of the single cup market.

Legendarily Lean(er?)

So, basically, Keurig is like a Kleenex or iPad. They ARE the market.

But what about the category itself? Does coffee made this way taste like a cross between instant and drip?

Jeff Tom

It is more drip than instant. The neat thing with the K-cuos is you can make your own with certain add-ons. You can buy reusbale Kcup shells and grind/use your own coffee if you do not want to pay the higher price for pre-packaged K-cups.


"...So, basically, Keurig is like a Kleenex or iPad. They ARE the market..."

There were other competitors (Tassimo for example), but the K-cup is an overall superior product and has consistantly gained market share since its debut.

And it tastes like a cup of coffee. It's just a single brew serving. Keurig also sells refillable cups that you can use with whatever coffee you choose.

Coffee Soldier

I think the Starbucks stores should be the first to have these to roll them out. The partners put in the leg work of sampling and sharing about their use of the product and now they ae just going to toss it into grocery stores. Complete opposite move of most rollouts. I wonder why? I also wonder if when we do start to carry them in the retail stores in late 2012 (our in store memo states) will we be able to get a box of k-cups as a mark out? I hope so!


Amongst my friends and family, there are only a few of us still brewing our morning coffee. Keurig is the future of coffee drinkers. Some K cups are better than others. But the machine itself is outstanding. I've had brands of coffee in the Keurig which are as good or better than what we serve in the store. Our stock is going up. Up. Up.

T in Texas

I have a Keurig machine and a personal k-cup filter. I use fresh ground coffee in my filter. I am currently on an iced coffee kick (seeing as how we've had 70+ days of 100 degree heat) and the Keurig does it beautifully. If the temps ever drop, I'll go back to hot coffee and it will be wonderful. As far as tea goes, I use tea bags and I get the hot water from my Keurig...let the bags steep as normal. Love love love my Keurig!!!!

Ms. Barista

I am also a long time Keurig user. When Starbucks announced they had signed an agreement with Keurig, customers came into the store the next day looking for them. I really wish we would sell it in the stores because I think they would sell like crazy.
I am disappointed in the blends though. No Komodo? I'll just have to keep using my personal K-Cup and ground coffee.

Barista Guy

I think the Action Item on the Portal said November 2012 it would be rolled out for sale in the stores, along with Keurig machines.,


My DM said that we wont have Keurig K cups until January. I'm so disappointed because Starbucks K cups are going to sell themselves right off the shelves!


When people request coffee ground for personal K-cups, how fine/course do you grind it?


spence i do a 7

Ms. Barista

Coffee for K-cups should be ground the same as for a french press. Giving a grinder number is meaningless because there are different grinders in different stores.


Is it just me or is K-cup sounding more and more like a feminine hygiene product?

Julien Deveraux

I've said this in a few places (including PlanetFeedback) and had absolutely no luck in geeting a response from either company.

I purchased a Tassimo machine last xmas and was enthralled that I'd be able to buy Starbucks-branded "t-discs" and make both regular coffee and latte/cappucino beverages at home with very little effort. The machine itself is expensive (~200.00 bucks) and the coffee itself isn't cheap either. (10.99 for 8 lattes) and 9.00 for 16 "single-mugs" of Starbucks coffee.

But, I'm more than disappointed that the agreement that Starbucks/Kraft had with Tassimmo ended rather abruptly in March of this year and now I no longer have this ability.

Further, I don't find this "consolation prize" of giving Keurig the Starbucks retail business is "good enough" since the Keurig machine doens't make lattes/cappucino's like the Tassimo machine does. Tassismo has since not come up with a good enough premium coffee brand to substitute the loss of Starbucks and Starbucks doesn't seem to give a shit that I'd have to buy a completely new system just to enjoy half of what I enjoyed prior.


Why can't people just use via with their Kuerig machines? Why do we need another disposable product?

Barista's Momma

I think is great. I like to have some K-cups on hand, for when I am in a hurry. I use Starbuck's coffee in my reusable Keurig filter all the time. This is good news for Keurig owners!

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