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August 13, 2011


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Jeff Tom

Anyone can share the return date for Pumpkin Spice Latte? Aug 30 or Sep 6?


Some lady today told me all male baristas look the same, "mousey" what the hell does that even mean?
Glad I'm just a customer now.

SBUX Alum Bill

Howard's boycott idea simply won't work in the post "Citizens United" world. Anything less than 100% participation from all corporations in the US makes the boycott a failure (since a single large donor can then tip the balance). Getting such complete unanimity from the corporations in the US is a much taller order than getting complete unanimity from the politicians that created the gridlock in the first place. A better initiative might be a grassroots campaign to pass a constitutional amendment that nullifies the Supreme Court's "Citizen's United" decision.

Coffee Soldier

Sept 6th is the Fall start date although the syrup is arriving in stores now. We got it in my store today! I had my first PSL on break today it was wonderful!

"Pike is here to stay.."

You get your order on a Saturday??

"Pike is here to stay.."

What is the point? It's either diet Coke or diet Pepsi! It's gonna be Romney or Perry in 2012 and most likely thru 2020. Do you honestly see Palin getting elected? She will galvanize those Democrats who are disenchanted with Obama to come vote for him again in 2012. In a Romney/Perry vs. Obama matchup, it's no doubt either of the first two...

Today's Democrats are too tired to even turn out in 2012 given what they had been promised and what they got.

"Pike is here to stay.."

And, I am sorry -- WHY is Howard getting into politics? It's a dangerous game despite the veil of bipartisanship. People see either black or white despite all of the attempts by the likes of NYT/WaPo/Politico, HuffPo, Facebook, etc.

"Pike is here to stay.."

Is anyone out of Coconut yet? Are you already fretting when it's gone?



I have yet to ever be described as "mousy." Perhaps she meant exhausted-looking? Or nerdy? Most of the guys in my district are at least one of the two.



Male baristas look mousy because Starbucks has a policy of hiring two mousy populations: high schoolers and crazy Christian types.


We need to talk some more about why Starbucks needs to unionize.

1. They don't pay a living wage.

2. They don't provide good service.

3. Baristas seem like they are caged animals, hence the mousy look.

4. It's time to eject all the crazy rightwing Christian zealots from the staff anyway.

"Pike is here to stay.."


1. did someone drop you on your head as a child?

2. it's only the 13th. The meds already ran out?

3. Did either of your parents drink seltzer water?



Thank you for demonstrating your lack of character. You have disqualified yourself in the eyes of any rational person.


I will never understand why some expect Starbucks to pay a "living wage." I worked there, don't get me wrong. But it's a job that you don't really wouldn't even need a high school diploma to do. Do ya'll expect McDonalds and Wal-Mart to pay "living wages" as well? It's not a job that requires any serious training, skill, or a degree to perform. Hell, I won't even make that decent of a living wage with my MASTER'S degree. There's nothing wrong with the wages Starbucks pay. If you can't afford to work there, figure out how to get yourself a better paying job. Being a barista is not meant to be a career.

Vinny Via

Legendary Lean....
Playbook is not a myth I viewed the test store while they were executing...holy smokes...its nuts...overstaffed due to all the suits there...it is the redefinition of deployment aka lets cut labor...


4. It's time to eject all the crazy rightwing Christian zealots from the staff anyway.

I always wonder why it is the the leftwing zealots always are the least tolerant of other people?


You have disqualified yourself in the eyes of any rational person.

Speaking as a rational person i can say you do not have the right to speak for us.


@Pike is here to stay: Great post!!!!
@Blane: You bore me with your immature writings.


Pumpkin Spice = Sept 6th. Unless they drop a "soft launch" on us. I haven't heard anything about that though, so I'm crossing our fingers we only have a soft launch of holiday beverages. Anyone look at the bagels? Does that mean the Chonga is going away? My customers will be furious!


I don't think we've discussed how parasitic Starbucks is. I wish there was someone to explain what makes it so terrible. It's a cancerous plague on ye village!

Coffee Soldier

Yes, order comes on a Saturday for us. Weird isn't it? Sometimes it comes on Friday but usually around 4am Saturday. Stores are over 100 miles apart where I am so the drivers cannot just keep driving die to trucking laws. He does half his delivery then stops for the night at a hotel then finishes up whenever it becomes legal again to drive.


Yes, we are out of coconut. We warned most coconut drinkers though, so it should be fine.
We also get our order delivered overnight Friday/Saturday morning.


Um my old stores in different states never had mousy male baristas. We had huge, muscular men at every store. :) Seriously, it was a gun show and I enjoyed it. Make your way to Texas, Oklahoma, Delaware or Connecticut for some beefy, BOLD coffee-slingers.

PS: I'm a jaded youth. I've found way more abhorrent preachy noxious left-wing zealots than I have right-wing Christians. In fact, I've found that professionally, people who are religious are way more conscientious regarding shift-covering, sick days, timeliness and general positive attitude than non-religious people. and I'm a big FAT atheist.


No mousy males at my store. All are eye candy with wonderful personalities. They are also southern gentlemen who don't let the women carry heavy ice buckets. They are quick to grab the trash before any woman touches it and they are straight. I guess we are lucky.


Jeesh. With all the rants lately... let me rephrase my last statement. We are lucky because they the men are so helpful not because they are straight. Now, the younger women are lucky that the men are straight. And these guys are so cool that never in 3 years have they ever dated a partner and brought their relationships to work. Or if they did, we never saw signs of it. Yet, they are good friends with all the partners.

Darth Sidamo

A woman will never be your equal unless you treat them like one. Women can carry ice buckets, clean trash, and do every single thing a male can do. While trying to be polite you are being sexist. A real polite person would volunteer for someone regardless of sex.


As a young petite woman, I appreciate when male partners offer to carry the bucket. I can do it, but it's nice of them to behave in a chivalrous manner. I don't think it's sexist- am I ageist because I help the elderly? A lot can get along without my help, but I offer it because I was taught to respect my elders.
I wouldn't be so quick to call sexism on a harmless gesture.

Peach pit

The store I work at is full of tall skinny gay boys with patchy facial hair and big floppy ears. You'd think since Starbucks offers dental, they'd all get their bucked teeth fixed. They're all pretty mousey, especially my manager. Mice love company I guess. Us girls are always using the spirit getting rid of all our damn flies while the boys just work on the reg and do lobby slides!


Pumpkin Spice is sort of a soft launch. According to the Fall 1 workbook once we get the pumpkin sauce any customer who requests a pumpkin drink is to be accommodated. "Official" launch is Sept.6.


I can't believe someone just called those ice buckets heavy. Come on, they must be 5 or 7 pounds completely filled. I am a tiny woman, I have a hard time carrying the full boxes of Ethos, but ice buckets? Guys at my store (not mousy or gay, they're just humans, jeez) used to be way too nice and "chivalrous" to the pretty baristas, until they realized that they were doing all the hard work ALWAYS and the other girls were just standing around looking cute. That ended quickly. We're all getting paid the same, we all get to do the same work.

However, tall people: you are forever our slaves. Get that bottle of peppermint for me, slave!




How much are the syrups in the store? The online store is selling them for 10.95, but I seem to remember buying them for 6.95 at the stores. It's been at least a year since I bought one.

Civil Coffee Man

How does everyone feel about tipping at coffeehouses? Personally, I think if you're getting some fancy schmancy espresso drink like a latte or cappuccino that requires work like frothing, you should follow general rules of tipping: 20% if drinks are brought to your table as they were for Niles and Frasier at Nervosa (not likely). But if you're standing there, waiting, 1/2 (10%) is appropriate as with an establishment like Piccadilly where, basically, they're doing half the normal serving work but they are filling your ice tea, water, etc. On the other hand, it's my opinion only that you don't need to tip if they're simply pouring you a cup of coffee any more than you would at a McDonald's or Burger King. Also, I think others feel that it's okay to dump your remaining change instead of putting an appropriately calculated tip. Please weigh in on this topic.

Vic Via

Playbook----The leaning process around deployment-total recreation mmmm


Just read about an online picture of Gary Locke, ex-Gov of WA state, current US Ambasaddor to China, buying his own coffee (and carrying a backpack) at SeaTac. Barista rejected his coupon or voucher (how you do not recognize your recent Governor is beyond me), but he's getting good press in China for being 'self-sufficient' and 'modest' for a high-ranking official. Fun article.


@civil coffee man
As a barista, I don't mind if someone tips or not. I'm not waiting on their table, after all. It's always appreciated, but (in my case at least) never expected. I don't think less of anyone for not tipping.

"Pike is here to stay.."

Jim (the webmaster)

For this weekend's Open Thread topic I propose the articles that are taking online by storm with "secret" Starbucks recipes. It's all over the media; customers are asking about it and there's no official word from Sbux about it.. yet. We'll see what Monday brings.




does anyone know whats up withe retail mochaand caramal sauce? no longer orderable

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