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September 13, 2011


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lol @ the sharpie stained pocket


The morbid/cruel side of me thought this was going to be about a barista who hanged himself.

Venti Urnex Latte

Hey, Jim, thanks for reminding me about selling an extra old apron on eBay. Someone was going to put it in the trash because of a small flaw in the fabric. If you want it, I will gladly send it to you for free in appreciation for having this site.


What's funny is the fact that they are only about $5 to replace. :<


$19.99? Sweet, I've been wanting to make some extra cash, and I have a bunch of aprons wasting space in my closet!

Any idea how much are the promotional aprons (project (Red), Vivanno, ect.) are running?


too lazy to check ebay yourself which stealing from the hand that feeds you?


(note to self: if you're gonna be a jerk - at least say the right words!)


JJ...Not a partner anymore! Even while I was, my income was a supplement to my spouse's, who brought in significantly more. Biting the hand that fed me (even as a barista) would require a trip to DC, and would probably end with a life sentence in Leavenworth.

And yes, I was too lazy to check ebay myself. Although I did check earlier today and I was disappointed that very few aprons had any bids.

ex bar

wow. I donated mine to Goodwill. ha!


You want to make some real money, hang onto that Pavoni when/if you make it to 15 years. I have mine up on ebay right now. The auction doesn't close until Sunday and it is already at $200. I am also auctioning off the 10 and 15 year awards. Those aren't doing as well but fingers crossed!!

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