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September 07, 2011


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I especially like the "pledge to hire". You know, after letting go of so many store personal and jobs at the ssc i find this ironic. Talk amongst yourselves.


Companies have over $1 trillion on balance sheets that they aren't spending out of fear the economy might recess again. His call is for them to spend that money on creating new jobs, and Starbucks is doing just that. When the layoffs took place, the company was losing money and customers... To say it's ironic to add jobs when you have money and cut them when you don't is foolhardy.


Adoubleshotofclarity, Starbucks was not losing money when the layoffs took place. The only time recently it has lost money was one quarter when there were extra costs associated with the layoffs and closing of stores.

SBUX Alum Bill

A couple of observations about Howie the Hypocrite:

His PR stunt opposing corporate influence from campaign contributions is utterly absurd when one considers that SBUX (under Howie's direction) continues to spend north of $500K annually on the 10 lobbyists that he employs to influence the House & Senate in Washington D.C. He's part of the very problem that he purports to solve.

His labor cuts 2-3 years ago (including official layoffs, layoffs disguised as firings & caps on raises/bonuses to all "partners" not named Howard Schultz) showed exactly how civic minded he is when times get tough.

Let's hear it once again for Howie the Hypocrite!


I certainly hope that (for once) he keeps this promise!


What's somewhat interesting is that this would hurt the more liberal-leaning candidates if the political donations did indeed dry up.

That's interesting simply because the average Starbucks worker would benefit from the social programs (federal student loans and interest write-offs, social assistance, employee rights groups, etc) under a liberal-led government vs. a conservative administration.

Unless you're making tons of cash, this type of stance is a huge hinderance to the average employee.

Something to think about...

James Connolly

@hmmm...: It's almost as if the working class and the employing class have nothing in common.

Working Stiff

Anyone work for a Boston-area Starbucks? If so, can you please contact me at heraldstiff (at) gmail (dot) com?

Coffee Soldier

@Workingstiff...why do you want to hear from Boston area partners?


Howard Schultz--world class douchebag!


The last time Howie was displeased with the way an entitiy was being run, he gave Jim Donald the boot. Maybe he's plotting a coup...


How about a pledge to pay more than $8.60/hr, to give us 40 hours/week, and not have over half my paycheck go to Insurance. How about you take care of the employees you have.


he's not gonna run cuz he orders Pumpkin Spice Lattes and knows he'd lose


As a store manager I have been paying my baristas and shifts as much as I am allowed and schedule them the hours they want...Why do I do this? Because I have great partners and the ones that bitched, were lazy and rude I got rid of thanks to the transformation agenda of our company. Work hard=stay hired, lazy worthless=fired looks like we are going back to the good ol days guys!!! If you are not getting hours than maybe you are not a good partner.....

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