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September 03, 2011


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Tom Boyle

This angst song was awesome. However, you cant say this while under the company's employ. We can all relate. However if you feel this way while working there. Leave, find a new job and write the song. And sing it in Caribou Coffee. Funny as hell guy. Good luck with your next job in your career. You should do well. :)

Vee Gee

Please forward this comment wherever the proper posting site exists. Thank You.
Starbucks, are you kidding me? A public apology and a reprimand would definitely been in order here but not terminating the poor guy for telling the truth. Fire people for lying are what you should do instead. It was humorous and yes, perhaps not the smartest thing to do. Lighten up and give these kids a break. Now we have one more unemployed young American do add to this already long list. Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuzz Ball

This guy has talent, I hope he makes it in the music scene, hey all you rich people reading this blog - why don't you give him some money so he can start up his own musical business! ?!?


@Craig I miss those days at the store and came close to it today. It was actually almost fun during the morning rush. I still admit the one's who never get off the phone are rude, no matter what @gc (green cup says) my 1st of the day arrived at 5:50 and never looked either of us in the eye, kind of hard to connect that way.


Hey man, Amen! Don't worry, life will be fine and you can probably be happy to have finally gotten out of there! You have talent and will easily find something else... and if you look a little into starbucks policy, and where and how they get the coffee for your ex-clients you can be happy not to form part of that exploitation octopus anymore! I'd hope your story can motivate more folks in similar situations to speak up this way, and once they all get kicked out we'll be saved from getting branded and start to enjoy again the many small business, cafes, bares and whatsoever that once granted a pretty great and luxious variety! From Belgium, Malinche!


Love this, Chris... thanks for the ammo for my social media job. SBUX should thank you for this and use it to improve customer (and employee) experience.


Honestly I think the majority of these posts are ridiculous. I don't work at Starbucks, I am a regular though. I have had the same low paying job for the last 10 years. People are demanding, rude, arrogant, selfish, and disrespectful no matter what your job is...you don't have to be a Starbucks Barista to receive this type of treatment. Sad that you all think you are the only ones in the customer service industry to be treated this way. Thought that song was a little harsh, but laughed. Don't think anyone deserves to be made fun of for any reason. If your life is that hard and Starbucks is so horrible to work for, leave. I am sure they will have no problem finding someone else to serve the public, even the not so nice, with a smile and the correct drink.

PS...@waltie- Fat people deserve to be made fun of. They bring it on themselves with their lack of self control and constantly stuffing their faces. Public taunting should be allowed.

...You need to find some class!

Robert Plant

I just heard about this story and don't blame you at all! I'm an almost everyday MACHIATO customer. I agree everytime I see customers aka idiots who are such busy bodies/the world evolves around me/I'm so needy and spoiled and important/etc etc... I just bow my head and nod, thanking GOD I am nothing like them. Always appreciate the cashier and the person who made the coffee! All you spoiled people will never put GOD first because your lives are more important then anyone else's. Again... idiots! Mr Jimmy Page

Holdem Muhdick

that man is awesome.


Chrissizle, you are my hero!!!!! Thank you for your honesty, your truth, your wisdom... We (partners) all feel your pain, and you made me be able to work one more day more than I probably would have for this ugly monster of a company. ;) Thank you!!!



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