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September 27, 2011


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7-Eleven cappuccino... erm. Um. Have we anyone who can offer a review for such a beverage from 7-Eleven?


I can offer a review. It tasted like a bad misto.


711 coffee is nasty


I don't mind their "lattes" actually. For what it is, it's not so bad.

 Red cup

Is this starbucksgossip or 7elevengossip?


You removed my post from yesterday. Don't want a diversity of opinions?

Sure seems odd that a place that's all about coffee doesn't participate in National Coffee Day, doesn't it?


I would rather take microwaved day-old home brewed starbucks coffee than the swill they serve at 7-11. Both A&W and Mcdonald's have better coffee. The only good part about 7-11 coffee is the amount of caffeine in it.

Confused as always

Can someone tell me what will hapoen with our Bunn brewers soon?

A new action item mysteriously states that a tech will stop by soon to reset/reconfigure our brewers to support a ''new coffee initiative in January, 2012”. Are they doing away with pourovers after, presumably, tons of complaints? Will we be able to brew a pourover in the Bunn? This may or may not be a very big deal and potentially a very big change.


Got my free 7-11 coffee today. :)


@confused as always.... if you read it thoroghly it said that you are going to be able to brew into different objects... i'm assuming that they are going to make the sensors alway think the urn is there... so you can brew ice coffee directly into buckets... etc.


Anyone know if Caramel Brulee is coming back this year?


Since when has 9/29 been National Coffee Day?


Eww. Just eww. The swill at 7-11 is akin to mud.
Re the pour over-I've only had one complaint and many praises for it. They are not doing away with it.

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yes because its also available and affordable!

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