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September 21, 2011


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Honestly how could anyone NOT see this one coming. As "true" or "spot on" as the song was,... if you're an employee and do something even remotely anti-the company, you're outta there! Plain and simple.


not a shock at all. as true as it might seem to some, dissing customers and using racial tones (even in fun) was just plain wrong. this guy does not represent how a lot of us feel at all. maybe now he can go make fun of people at his next job at McDonalds or Walmart.

Lane L. Yarbrough

No, his mistake was wearing their brand. If he had simply not worn that, he probably wouldn't have been fired. It's in his employee manual, he has to represent Starbucks in a good light, not create a negative public image.


It wasn't a Starbucks Apron.

Chrissizle JR.

He wasn't wearing a Starbucks Apron,
I gave him that apron. We use that color to denote chemical spills being cleaned up.


Fired, huh? Good.
I actually think the song is funny, but the racist bit about Latinos and caramel frapps probably sealed his fate.
That, and wearing the apron wasn't very smart.
Well, now he really can go put his application in at Peets! LOL.


Whether he is wearing a Starbucks apron or not, doesn't matter since he APPEARS to be wearing an apron. Posting the song was just plain stupid. Funny. But stupid.


water is wet, sky is blue, and chemistry is difficult too. just in case anybody else was wondering.


Exocarp is a racist.

The guy who sang this song is not.

"If I have to serve another Latino an extra caramel frappuccino I'll empty my drawer and go to Reno..."

Latino, frappuccino, Reno all rhyme...

He didn't use any racial pejoratives or insults.

Please Exocarp refrain from calling out racism when there isn't any. The overuse of the word racism to describe instances where racial overtones are present but not racism only works to devalue the word itself.


This isn't just a Starbucks thing, but something any reasonable company would contemplate doing.

I mean, the guy posted a video online where be sang a song about how much he hates his job, his coworkers, and his customers. If anybody feels sorry for him or thinks Starbucks did something wrong for letting him go probably is being very close-minded.


I don't think anyone can make the argument that Starbucks was somehow in the wrong for firing him. But hey, he just got fired from a minimum-wage job. Whatever. He made a pretty funny and observant song; his future is probably more towards entertainment and not slugging out lattes all day. So good on him.


This guy rocks...SBUX sucks bad so he did the right thing...now starbuks can release his album and sell it at their stores...SBUX sucks volume 1-Swallow edition

Just a Barista

I have been a barista since some of you were in grade school and I thought the video was hysterical. Once again, I wish I lived in Waltie's world -it's sort of like Disneyland-all the employees are top notch and none of the customers behave badly- when I look out my window, I will look for pigs to be flying.


Yeah...it was a dumb move on his part. I understand everything he was saying, but he should've had some one else sing the song. This won't be a teachable moment for Starbucks. The partner isn't high on Sbux corporate priority, money is.


"Exocarpt_is_a_racist"...is a moron.

Yes, calling out Latinos was racist, your puerile ignorance on display not withstanding.


At least he could wear a mask and hide himself right? In this economy and losing a job is not fine.


Lets break this down. Is making a youtube video against policy? No. Is singing against company policy on your free time? No. Is it against policy to openly criticize the company on your free time? No (we do that here often). Since none of these things are fireable offenses, why should doing all three be? Allowing a private company to abrige somone's privlidge to free speech and expression in their free time is not acceptable. Unless he is salaried, he cant be held accountable for things he does when he isnt being paid.


"Allowing a private company to abrige somone's privlidge to free speech and expression in their free time is not acceptable."

Nobody abridged his right to free speech or attempted to censor his right to express himself. His video is still up and nobody tried to take it down. They simply fired him for making the company look bad and creating a public relations problem.

He did a dumb thing that could have potentially harmed the company, so they fired him. His freedom of speech was never in danger.

Ryan Awesome

there is a response video from him. in case anyone wants to watch.

i cant speak to whether or not its any good because i didnt watch it, or the first one, but if i remember how to write html this link should take you to it.

otherwise search youtube for starbucks rant song 2.


This guy looks and sounds as dumb as Spencer Pratt. Remember him? No? Exactly! This guys 15 minutes of fame is almost up. Maybe he can go hang out with the idiots from Jersey Shore! LOL


Waltie said "His freedom of speech was never in danger."

Bull shit, bull shit, and bull shit. His freedom of speech was abridged by a private actor who fired him because they didn't like what he said off the job.

What if he was a customer rather than an employee? Can Starbucks refuse to serve him because he made the video? Obvoiusly no, so why is it OK to fire an employee?

Maybe this is the thing that takes down Starbucks Gossip as they moderator will be afraid to post anything that might get somebody fired.

Starbucks has some very thin skin. The smartest thing they should have done was ignore it as Cristwell's 15 minutes of fame would have soon ended.


what fame? the guy posted it, and knew he screwed up. He was famous in starbucks gossip world for making baristas laugh. ALL of us knew he would get some sort of punishment, and most of realized he was going to get fired. *notice* none of the union people are jumping up to defend him right now, because they have no way or interest in defending him. and most likely he works in an at will state, and they could fire him for anything they want...as long as its not discriminatory... just like he can quit without any repercussions.

Freedom of speech comes with consequences... it's not just say what you want... it's say what you want, and not get arrested for it.


Stan said "*notice* none of the union people are jumping up to defend him right now,"

It is a bit of a challenge to extract dues from an ex-employee.

just another partner

"*notice* none of the union people are jumping up to defend him right now"

:) this. it is actually kind of nice not to hear them jump in.


"Waltie said "His freedom of speech was never in danger."

Bull shit, bull shit, and bull shit. His freedom of speech was abridged"

Nope. Didn't happen. He said what he wanted to say, and had to face the consequences of his actions, but nobody ever denied his freedom of speech. The video is still up and nobody is going to take actions to take it down. His freedom of speech has never been in doubt or in danger of being violated.

HOWEVER, sometimes saying something stupid has negative consequences. Like when your girlfriend asks you if she looks fat in these jeans. If you say yes and she dumps you, your freedom of speech wasn't taken away. You just said something dumb and had to face the consequences.

Sure, this was a more harsh example, but it's the same general thing. Having the freedom of speech doesn't protect you from any negative consequences of your actions. If you think it does, and if you *honestly* believe this guy's rights were violated, you don't really understand what freedom of speech is.

"What if he was a customer rather than an employee? "

But he wasn't, so that's a moot point. Starbucks paid this guy to do a job, and he put the company at risk. So they fired him. A customer comes in and gives money, so who cares what they do online?

"Maybe this is the thing that takes down Starbucks Gossip as they moderator will be afraid to post anything that might get somebody fired."

I don't think he cares, nor should he.

"Starbucks has some very thin skin. The smartest thing they should have done was ignore it as Cristwell's 15 minutes of fame would have soon ended."

I don't disagree with this, but I also don't think they did anything wrong by firing him.

That Guy


We can refuse to serve a customer... Although not often, but it has happened in my store for certain trouble makers..

We also reserve the right the kick people out, this is private property btw.

I dont understand why people feel he was entitled to keep his job. He broke policy, and California is an "at will" state. If he feels he was wrongfully terminated he can seek council. End of story

Starbuckers, Inc.

Since he's finishing training to be an EMT and more on to much greener than green apron pastures, maybe this was his way of going out with a bang. Why not get fired rather than quit, especially for something creative, and thus get to collect unemployment to boot? I think he may have thought this through in advance more than some give him credit for.

MIke W

If he lives in the bay Area, he might try getting a job at one of the worker owned collectives, like Arazmendi


He should have been fired. Nevertheless latinos and black people love caramel on anything. Strawberries and creme with caramel? you got it. Green tea frapuccino with caramel? Ive made that one too. God forbid you don't put enough caramel on a choler's frapuccino. She'll cut you.


There is nothing that says that Freedom of Speech is without cost. The cost comes in the form of being held accountable for what is said.

Based in some of the previous comments, it looked like the singer used 'Common Sense' when he made the decision to post the video.

Perhaps he should have called on his 'Good Sense.' 'Good Sense' does not equal 'Common Sense.' I've seen what is common and it's not always good.

Super Sonic

I have refused to give any money to starfucks since they sold the Sonics.


You are awesome for posting this video and telling it like it really is because the abuse that we have to endure is unbelievable. I don't care if we do work in customer service- there is such a thing as treating a fellow human being with a little respect. Our manager allows them to treat us like that and doesn't stand up for us, all because of the bottom line.

Thanks for giving us a voice Christopher- hopefully someone at the top will give it a listen.

Coffee Soldier

Starbucks did not own the Sonics. Howard was part of a group who owned them. Howard makes his money working for Starbucks but the team had nothing to do with Starbucks. They sucked anyways!



such a victim you are. just go find another job. complaining about the one you have or looking to this piped piper to lead the "victim" society is just plain lazy and typical of complainers.

you choose to stay, no one is forcing you!


"Our manager allows them to treat us like that and doesn't stand up for us"

Your manager allows them to treat you how? Give an example of something a customer has done to you that didn't bother your manager, and we can all vote on whether it actually could be considered abuse or not.


My daughter worked for Starbucks and I hated how Starbucks allowed their employees to be mistreated by customers. My daughter would come home almost every night with stories about abusive customers. The only way Starbucks gets away with not supporting their employees is because their employees are mostly young people who are too naiive to know this kind of abuse doesn't gone on in every workplace. I'm sure most Starbucks customers are OK but there are some crazy latte drinking folks out there that need to be straightened out.


It's not limited to this website, but Starbucks employees (and maybe employees at all retail/food establishments in general) toss around the word "abusive" indiscriminately when what they really mean is "kind of rude."

Customers can certainly be abusive, but this is something rare and something the company and managers and supervisors do not tolerate. Abusive customers use foul, hateful language, threaten partners with violence, or create a disturbance in the store. Customers who are just kind of rude throw money on the counter, talk patronizingly, and stay on their cell phones when they order.

No, customers who are kind of rude are not asked to leave or approached by managers or shifts, because they aren't really doing anything wrong. Adults understand that there are bigger things to worry about than people who are kind of rude. You get over it and move on. If you aren't capable of that, get a job where you don't have to deal with the general public, because lots of people are kind of rude. Luckily, people who are actually abusive are so rare you probably won't see more than one or two per year.


Thanks, Waltie, it's no longer a concern....my daughter has a good job now.


First off, THAT is no surprise.

I got my start in the Central CA Market, and this sophomoric behavior is pretty consistent among the population (personally, I blame it on the pesticides and cow manure that leech into the local water supply). This is also why so many people in the area have trouble finding work.

I will give him that I shared many of the same sentiments expressed in his video. HOWEVER, I valued my job enough to express those remarks (somewhat) anonymously, because at some point in the future, I AM going to have to apply for another job. He not only sabotaged his career with Starbucks, but also any potential careers. Do you really think you have a shot working for an ambulance company, where you are bound to patient confidentiality?

Graham Carter

The irony of this video clip, is that it gets people talking about starbucks, which in turn will generate them more business.

Whats that phrase... "all Publicity Is Good Publicity"...

Im putting this clip / article on my blog too... its classic.



He must have known that SBUX would fire him for undermining the brand.

But the notion that his song was somehow racist is ridiculous. Hispanics really *do* tend to like caramel. That's not racism; it's simply the truth. Different demographic groups have different tastes, and they're fairly predictable.


This should be a wake up call to all the rude customers in every store. Starbucks should get a sense of humor. I enjoyed the video.


You are all a bunch of winney children. You think work is social hour, that you get paid to talk and joke amongst eachother. Most of you think the world owes you a living. Just do your job, be glad you have one. Learn some respect and shut up.


This guy is awesome ! I Thank you for expressing yourself.

Jeff Tom

ilct, let me try one. Black people like watermelon.

Ooooh. It IS true, so it must be.

No. Both are racist generalities.


I visit Starbuck everyday to buy my Tall Soy latte at 140'.
There always getting it wrong, but I never complain. I love this guy!
And by the way, I'm as Latina as they come, I Cuban.


You guys are looking at this wrong, theres nothing wrong with a good rant, we should be allowed to release this type of feelings, and yes minimal wage jobs are stressful because you put up with a lot of crap to make almost nothing. It's easy to say ohhh its not stressful if you have never worked there but your honestly wrong, and EVERY person who has the displeasure/pleasure of working a minimal wage job will tell you it is stressful as hell but also at times fun. Which this dude says in his starbucks rant 2

Like everyone doesn't make a racial joke, but then your here saying its wrong? Don't fool yourself. I am hispanic and I thought it was hilarious.

This is why corporations suck, you can't be a person you have to stay a smiling robot.

socialist slayer

As usual the tolerance crowd is rather selective on what they will tolerate. If SBUX were an actual liberal company- you know one that values freedom of speech- they would have put this employee on probation and slapped his wrist. But since SBUX is "progressive," to hell with free speech. You are fired.

My dollars will not be spent at a place that intimidates their employees from expressing themselves in a fun and entertaining way.

Buy-bye bux


stop saying freedom of speech.. its not an issue. starbucks exercised it's freedom of speech directly after by saying.. "don't show up anymore, we're not paying you" freedom of speech you can say anything,
doesn't stop there being repercussions for what you say.
and if you don't believe me, make a threat to somebody important, and when the cops arrest you... tell them about freedom of speech.


I read this morning on a comment section of the Huffington Post a friend of his said that his PayPal account in 24 hrs has banked him more than a months pay at Sbux, could be a lie, could be truth. I bet he's got a spot on Leno by next week. 90,000 hits on the video since 3amCST.

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