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September 21, 2011


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Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Thanks to CNN (and many other media outlets) for mentioning Starbucks Gossip. The traffic this week has been incredible, and it just hit a record-high a few minutes ago. (I may have to take back my offer to sell the site!)


It's good for him, now he can be upset about doing another job that pays him. It's this kind of entitlement that is such a pain in the ass to deal with. F him. Louis CK said it best...


You know what your pay is, you know what the job is... If you were surprised, than B-O-O H-O-O for you baby.


"Adults understand that there are bigger things to worry about than people who are kind of rude. You get over it and move on."

NO, it is not OK. Because nobody wants to deal with rude people they exist and they keep coming making our days shitty. In society where being rude is treated as "just get over it" behavior, which basically means it is OK to be rude, it effects only in growth of rude behavior among people. One day you will just wake up, go to work and realize that every single customer of yours is rude.


I recently left the employ of SBUX-I worked in a store that has lost a manager, two shifts and three baristas in less than a month-they are now in "crisis mode" as the district manager calls it. the dm is to blame for the mess-poor choices and allowing certain shifts to abuse their power has led to this. I haven't seen the regional manager and only spoke briefly on the phone with the dm. SBUX is only worried about their image-they could care less about the employees-if they did they would have been all over the problems in my former district.They are corporate and all that matters is making money.

barista extrodinaire!!

Ok so I am a barista, and I laughed at both songs, thought they were great, and so did my partners including my manager...as for the racist sh1t u r all going on about, get a fn clue...if he was a latino singing about it then the issue wouldnt have come up. He mentioned the white kid ordering a vanilla bean, and no one said anything about it, oh its because hes white. Well white ppl are minority now so get the f over yourselves. Bottom line, we are all PEOPLE!!!! Yes, ppl from differant places around the world like differant things its a FACT!!! Im soooooo sick and tired of the word RACIST being thrown around. Chris did a great job on the song, and liked his job. It doesnt matter what job you have, everyone has a bad day and can exppress it in diff ways. Yes he got his 15 mins of fame, do you actually think he had any clue it would go this far?? It is what it is and in my personal opinion...ITS AWESUMNESS x 2!!!!


I had a customer come in today and order a SKVL. Then she laughed and said, "and by the way, I'm not rich and I'm not fat."


Maybe Starbucks should realize they shouldn't govern what their employees do outside of their shifts. Maybe they should learn and improve their company so their employees wouldn't feel the need to write songs like this. Also, it sounds like a publicity stunt because in firing him, they had to realize the video would virally soar.

Chrissizle JR.

@ Usorthem3 That is a Lie, He isn't making money at all.

He posted the video for you guys, The barista. If you haven't watched but one of his many news interviews you would know, even today, he is still doing it for the barista.


As an sbux employee...I love my job, I love my regulars.... And I love this song. It is completely true. And as much as we love our job.... Sometimes we need comic relief! You know what yur friends are like before they've had their coffee? Every person who comes through our doors is that person. And we smile and we enjoy our job.... But you still find very rude customers who are awful. To some, caffeine deficiency is crippling and they get cranky. The job has it's awesome perks.... I LOVE my job. But Chris is my hero! And after a rough shift, his sing cheers me up!!! Smart career move?...lol nope. Not too cool. But Chris, yur my hero.


My question now is.... Where can I find some sweet "Chris is my hero" shirts? Or some rant song paraphernalia?


please like me on youtube as well thanks

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@ medevacs -i like that you think it's starbucks' responsibility to ensure that they eradicate rudeness in the general population through their baristas.
saying that - if we behind the counter - tolerate rude customers it just gives them license and the nod that rudeness is okay...and they'll never learn..
really? is that what you want the 18 year old barista, working their first job to teach you in life?
so now, in addition to providing a 3rd place environment, making great lattes and cleaning up after the world - i am also to be responsible for the betterment of mankind? i definitely don't get paid enough for that.


"Maybe Starbucks should realize they shouldn't govern what their employees do outside of their shifts. "

They haven't tried to govern what people do in their lives outside of work. However, they do have the right to decide who they employee, and they had a perfectly valid reason to decide that this person wasn't a desirable employee.

Peach pit

The reality is Starbucks is afraid of an uprise of abused workers. This is a classic excersize used by any large corporation with secrets that they don't want exposed.

Get rid of the whistleblower!!!

iced venti girl

I loved the song and laughed my butt off. He was right on about the customers, the crazy guy banging on the window, the bathroom thing......all happened at my store as well. This stuff really goes on and when it's happening during your shift, it's not so funny...but looking back on it, it's hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.


I'm a barista as well, waking up at 4 am 5 days a week and working a second part time job and going to school full time. I have 4 AA degrees and am working on 2 BAs. But as much as I know I'm "paid to do my job" as some of you assholes so delicately put it, there's also a very distinct line between service and servant, and most of you SBux customer's can't seem to tell the difference. Have some courtesy. Say thank you. When I greet you with a smile and a "Hi, how's your morning?" after I got 3 hours of sleep because I was up studying all night so I can eventually have a GOOD job (and pay for your ungrateful ass' social security mind you), and you completely ignore my greeting but shove money in my face and spout out the kind of drink you want without even acknowledging me, it's VERY VERY hard to bite my tongue. Every single word of his song was TRUE, and the reason you need to believe that is because there are baristas COUNTRY WIDE agreeing with everything he's said. People that think they're better than me tell me if I don't like it to "get a real job". WTF do you think I'm trying to do!? That's WHY I work at Starbucks; so I can work SUPER early in the morning and still have time all day to take 4 or 5 classes. It's like people dont' remember being a college student (whioh is what the majority of Starbucks baristas are, or graduates searching high and low for better, appreciated, meaningful work in their area of study, which is hard to find in this economy). But just because I'm a lowly college student (catch the sarcasm) and all I do is "pour coffee" doesn't mean I deserve to be treated like a 17th century peasant. No one does. I probably have a higher IQ than most of my customers, but do I berate and belittle them? No. And not because it's part of my job not to, but because I'm a considerate human being. "Getting over it" is the worst advice I've ever heard. People shouldn't have to get over being treated the way we baristas are treated. People just need to stop being entitled self-absorbed spoiled brats. Christopher Cristwell is my hero for having the balls to post that video and speak the truth. Starbucks can go ahead and fire me for agreeing with him. Do me the favor. I have about a year's worth of sleep I need to catch up on anyway...


Jersey, jj, and Peach Pit, I love you all.


Hey, Stephanie: Get over it.


it's too bad starbucks is so shortsighted about this guy - and maybe they'll wait for things to die down a little. but really they should hire him - employ him in marketing. use his 'rant' song idea and do a series of commercials or release a series of videos of baristas... and they could do it and still be p.c. where they needed to be (the original song only briefly mentions race). this could be an ad-man's dream.

just seems like sbux is wasting their connection to a creative talent who clearly knows the details of sbux front lines.


I think this guy is great! However, I have to agree they had every right to fire this guy since he advertised himself as an agent of the company. However, I think they almost made this guy a martyr for the dissatisfied baristas out there. I have been around for several years and I encounter fewer people like Waltie every day. This is in contrast to pre-2007 when happy tools were everywhere. You can decided for yourself which time period you think is better. I just don't think you can deny that there are fewer happy baristas than there used to be for whatever reason.

people are staving and shit.

first world problems.


@ people are starving and shit,

Absolutely first world problems, I completely agree. I have running water and electricity. I have access to medical care and rape isn't acceptable. I've never been sold into sex labor. But the attitude Americans have is still disgusting, and it's only going to breed more disgusting, which breeds more disgusting.... You get my point. American culture is disgusting. Jersey Shore? Really? Shows about dumbass housewives? Really? Look at where the focus is in America. Dumb. I appreciate my "first world problems" in comparison to what people deal with on a daily basis in other countries, trust me. But I feel like people who share my sentiment are a dying breed.

@ Waltie,


It is a bit silly slating your employer full stop and completely crazy slating the customers. So have no sympathy for him

Skinny Coffee

I thought the video was pretty funny. Anyone who has worked in the food / service industry can relate! He'll probably make thousands of dollars more off the video(s) than he would working for the stars.

danville, ca

I've worked in retail so I know how difficult it is to deal with customers and I get his fustration HOWEVER it was uncool to call out Latinos. There are other ethnicities who are particular in what they order and he didn't call them out. The reality is he's racist and trying to hide it in a stupid song that only shows how ignorant he is. If you don't like dealing with the public DON'T WORK IN JOB THAT REQUIRE YOU TO DO SO!!!


I LOVE this guy!! How funny! And come on, its so totally true and this is coming from a coffee snob from the North Shore of Chicago! We are all aware. His song just stated the normally hushed remarks out loud and I say....good for him! Seriously, who is offended by this? Give the kid his job back! So funny!

de-shifted misto

There was a barista named Chris,
who sang a disgruntled diss,

but corporate caught on
and said "No, he's wrong!"

And now he's in unemployed bliss!


if you think that him posting this video is stupid then youre stupid. you can get this song on itunes. i bet he makes more money now then he ever did at bux. and he is only saying what we are all thinking
"please reach the toilet, thats where youre supposed to take a shit. sorry i dont have time to shake your tea ill just swirl it a bit"


Oh this guy is a hoot. I'm even one of the customers he complains about in his ditty. Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself. Having worked customer support for many years I can relate to how he feels some days. And yes I like my job, but some days you just need to vent.
PS: I did very expressly tell you my cappuccino is dry ;-)


For everyone using the phrase "freedom of speech," please do a little research. You have NO freedom of speech in a private business.

The First and Fourteenth Amendments only prohibit the government from abridging this right.

Be logical. What would you say if a customer started screaming at your co-workers and then claimed YOU were violating his freedom of speech when you tried to get him to quiet down?

Many businesses have rules prohibiting what is called "brand disparagement" even off the job. When was the last time you saw a video of, e.g., a flight attendant slamming his or her specific airline employer by name?

Funny rants

This should be a wake up call to all the rude customers in every store. Starbucks should get a sense of humor. I enjoyed the video.

Funny rants

I visit Starbuck everyday to buy my Tall Soy latte at 140'.
There always getting it wrong, but I never complain. I love this guy!
And by the way, I'm as Latina as they come, I Cuban.

Best DM we ever had.

Starbucks fires anyone as they please, our DM recently got fired for following policy in the handbook about close relationships between partners after the PRSC and RD (Marty Cook) agreed with the decision but because some partner felt jilted and complained the BEC felt our DM was not being forth right and he was fired in a store which is piss poor leadership anyway without ever having any other issues. Way to go Starbucks!

Best DM we ever had.

For all the Sbux fans in Detroit or anyone wanting to protest the rumor is Howard himself may be in Detroit for the Midwest Region DM summit the first week of April. A little bird said the meeting is at the Westin Book Cadillac hotel in downtown Detroit with a community event on the community website one of the days.
At least some of the other so called leaders may appear!


Question: If you were Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz what would you do to compete with McDonald’s?Answer: I woldun't. Ask yourself this. Does a Ferrari compete with a Ford Escort? No. Why, because they cater to two differnet group of cosumers. Everybody knows that Starbucks will always be more expensive than a McDonalds Coffee (or Tim Hortons coffee for that matters, I am canadian). I think Mr. Starbucks should be market new products (as well as old products) more to the segment that would buy Starbucks no matter how good or less expensive Macdonalds coffee becomes. You don't want to get dragged into a price war you really shouldn't be in in the first place. It will ruin a good product that Starbucks is and in the end McDonalds will drop the coffee promotion and move on to something else ..

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