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October 26, 2011


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Glorious. For everyone 1 of him who decides to mention it, think of how many don't. We have one regular who comes in for about an hour a day and stares, yes, stares, and studies, the baristas working. Even takes pictures (it certainly seems) with his phone. Can't really say anything though since he's a cop... Reminds me of the dude who would wank with honey in the bathrooms in (I believe) MA. fml. fyl. ftj.

Jim Romenesko

P: Most police departments (larger ones, at least) have Internal Affairs departments that investigate hanky-panky of that sort on the part of officers. Give them a call.

Coffee Soldier

Disgusting...but thanks Mr. PeePee...one more reason for us to PLEASE lock up our bathrooms from the public!


gotta love the honey guy (from, yes, MA). he hasn't been around for a while but we longterm partners still talk about him.


Benicia SB is becoming extended HS hangout with a TUDE

Lust 4 Blood

Ha ha ha!
More stories like this, please!
EVERY time I use a Starbucks restroom, I never touch the door handle with my bare hand - always something, like a napkin from the bar going in and a paper towel coming out! ICK!


yeah, this is a bit of voyeurism. if 2 lesbians can't kiss each other on the cheek outside Tim Hortons, why isn't anyone offended by this?

me personally? I think its gross, and I wouldn't want to meet this guy...but...-shrug- whatever floats yer boat

The Glory Hole Podcast

I know Mr. PeePee very well as he is a frequent guest on the podcast I co-host, The Glory Hole (www.gloryholeradio.com). He is unconditionally loved by all of our fans, and has become our #1 guest. I would suggest that before judging him, you get to know him a little better by listening to a few of the episodes he is on...

Mary Folkerts

why in teh world would you glorify a guy doing lewd activities by printing a story like this? It is as bad as a story of any sexual deviate or preditor who beleives what he is doing is seen as okay when it is not. I will never go to Star Bucks again, at least not in NYC.


He really wanted NICE CREAM for his COFFEE!

Lobster Trap Cleaner

Eww. There is a guy in Gville, Florida that goes to the bathroom with his laptop for a half and hour at a time. And no, he doesn't take his laptop in a bag or shut-down--it is live and streaming. Then he pees on the floor of the bathroom sometimes because we tell him to clean up his trash. Gross, and the DM won't do anything to protect the partners


Protect you from what? A guy masturbating in the bathroom? I don't understand what you want the DM to do. For all you know he's just reading email in there.


"I would suggest that before judging him, you get to know him a little better"

Once somebody goes online and talks about how they like to masturbate in public restrooms, it's safe to judge him as a degenerate. He might be a nice and charming degenerate, but still... Judge away.


DO NOT listen to the podcast. He doesn't deserve the clicks.


Ok well... have fun. People probably do that often already. What harm is it going to do, make the bathrooms unsanitary? How many partners cleaned other disgusting bodily fluids out of their stores bathroom today or this week?


Why WOULD you glorify this story??? How disgusting! Get to know him before you judge him???? Are you serious??? I'm not sure who is worse.....the guy, the Webmaster or the person that doesn't want me to judge him....gross!


omg...the union square starbucks bathroom is DISGUSTING! what a nightmare...


Starbucks, like 2% milk, is a default location to live and sleep, have a free "home office", to use as a free "conference room" for all sorts of meetings, a place for the homeless to grab a "shower" in the bathrooms and shoot up in privacy, for older "gentlemen" to leer at baristas and a place to get free water among a long list of other ingloriuos absurdities. Now I say this about 90% of the "customers" who use and abuse the cafe. About 15% of which actually purchase anything from Starbucks. The other 10% are actual Starbucks customers who purchase products and (some) would like to use the cafe, but alas, never a seat! What is wrong with this picture? Just say YES!!!!!


Some things are truly left unsaid...why are we discussing something so crude-


Lobster Trap, that a-hole customer should have been kicked out long ago by your manager and told not to come back. There were very few instances I got to do that as an SM, and I loved it!!!!


I don't need to "get to know" someone whose goal it is to masturbate in as many public restrooms as possible. There are enough creeps in this world already. I sure hope he washes his hands, but I have a feeling that might be too much to ask.


"Then he pees on the floor of the bathroom sometimes because we tell him to clean up his trash. Gross, and the DM won't do anything to protect the partners."

But it is not your DM's job to protect you from this CUSTOMER. You see, you are there to SERVE your CUSTOMER, not have your CUSTOMER serve your needs. If the CUSTOMER wants to leave SEMEN, BLOOD, URINE, or FECES on the floor of the bathroom, then it is your JOB to clean it up.

You are there to SERVE. Even the paying customer who leaves EXCREMENT on the floor is PAYING YOUR SALARY so you should clean up his SPENT WAD with A SMILE ON YOUR FACE.

I <3 music



Here's the deal: You can't ban a customer for masturbating in a bathroom behind a closed door, nor for getting urine on the floor. How would you ever prove what he or she is doing in there, nor that the waste left on the floor is his or hers?

You can't, so... move on. If there is a tremendous amount of feces on the floor, call facilities and they will send a cleaning crew. If there is a little bit of pee, mop it up. It's not that hard.

And if a person brings their laptop into the bathroom, be glad he or she went to the bathroom, and then try to ignore what may or may not be going on in there.

On a day to day basis, how many surfaces do you think you touch that aren't coated with trace amounts of urine, feces, and human (or animal) ejaculate?


I'm wondering whether that poster three back was actually the real greencup...

Red cup

This thread is unnessary. Can someone please explain to green cup how to capitalize I don't understand why he capitalizes entire words randomly. He is a complete ahole and a troll. By the way green cup we do clean people's bodily fluids and who knows maybe sometimes a little might end up in your drink.


"I'll have a FAPuccino."


I prefer to do this at home. The coffee is much less expensive as well

Tom Jones

They talked about this on the podcast he goes on this week (GloryHoleRadio.com, I think it's #66) and the host mentioned that Mister PeePee will be on next week to talk about it.

I guess he's not in hiding, after all. Just busy tugging it


It is sad that so many people are crazy judgemental about things that are completely benign.

Sex is not harmful or shameful, and neither is masturbation. Is this guy's goal weird? Hellz yeah, but weird makes life interesting.

Those people who say they wouldn't want to meet him should be ashamed of themselves for being so judgemental and prejudiced. You should NEVER EVER judge a person based on what you read or hear online. Unless you have reason to fear that the person will physically harm you, you should always TALK TO THE PERSON and give him a chance to demonstrate that he either is a decent guy or is not. For all you know, this is just a brilliant piece of performance art. Have you ever heard of Karen Finley?


I've seen her perform by pouring honey on the floor, getting naked, and rolling around in it, to a packed room. What did it mean? I don't know, but I don't judge her as gross or as not being a decent person.

Let me repeat this in no uncertain terms--if you would refuse to have coffee with this guy and talk to him, then YOU are NOT a DECENT person.

In fact, if I didn't think that it would jeopardize my goal to drink coffee from every Starbucks in the world (10,700+, 30+ countries, and counting), I'd like to one-up this guy with video and more detailed documentation, because I'll put my credentials as an ethical global citizen up against anybody's any day, and I'd like to prove that one can undertake wacky activities and be a "decent" person at the same time.


Has anyone cross referenced this guys list vs. Andrew Alfano's store visit schedule?


"Let me repeat this in no uncertain terms--if you would refuse to have coffee with this guy and talk to him, then YOU are NOT a DECENT person."

I disagree with this statement, wholeheartedly. It's funny how you went on a long rant about how anybody who judges this admitted public-masturbater and wouldn't want to meet him simply because of what he said online, and then you said that those people are immoral and indecent... even though you haven't met any of us.

I'm not saying this guy who likes to jerk off in public restrooms is a bad person. I don't think there's anything wrong with human sexuality or masturbation. However, I do think that going online and bragging about masturbating in a public bathroom and rating the sex appeal of the female baristas working is creepy and weird.

So, no, I wouldn't want to meet this person, and not, that DOESN'T make me a bad person. It doesn't make you a bad person for thinking that I and others are, however. It just makes you sound foolish.


Waltie, I didn't say "bad". I said "decent", which I will admit is vague. So let me be more specific. Not wanting to meet this person makes you prejudiced, a bigot. You disagree with his actions, so you don't want to meet him, just like somebody who disagrees with homosexuality, or stripping, or sex outside of marriage, or any of the many hang-ups that exist about sexual behaviour.

A "fair" person would speak to the man for at least a few minutes and give him a chance to act like a polite, social person.

If he acts like a jerk, well then you would be perfectly justified in walking away. But until you have *given him a chance*, you are being prejudiced.


You're wrong. You're absolutely, 100% wrong.

Not wanting to associate or meet a person who has presented himself in a certain way on the internet is perfectly fine, and hardly makes somebody a bigot or prejudiced. This person has said some things and acted in a certain way, so the people who have heard about it are perfectly justified and decent when they say, "gross."

And comparing homosexuality to somebody who has a blog or website where he talks about baristas he finds sexual appealing and public bathrooms where he has masturbated is ridiculous and illogical. Homosexuality is sexual preference you are born with. This guy decided to be a creep.

Again, that's fine. He's not hurting anybody and I think he should go jerk off wherever he wants, provided he isn't in front of anybody or jizzing on anything I'll have to touch. But, yeah, he's a creep.


> But, yeah, he's a creep.

The same thing has been said about homosexuals simply for being homosexuals.

Somewhere I guarantee you there is somebody seeing a picture of some man kissing another and thinking "those guys are creeps".

You're just being judgemental, prejudiced, and bigoted.

But hey, prove me wrong. Go to New York and try and get on that Glory Hole Podcast next to this Mr. PeePee character and engage him in polite conversation.

If he turns out to be a creep, I will be the first to say you were right.


"Somewhere I guarantee you there is somebody seeing a picture of some man kissing another and thinking "those guys are creeps"."

You're right. And somewhere an honest man is being called a liar, but that doesn't mean a liar shouldn't labeled as such.

It's kind of like how you're calling me a bigot, even though I'm not. The fact that you're dead wrong about that doesn't mean that somebody else can't call an actual bigot by that label.

You should probably stop posting though. You're not gonna win this one, and every time you post something new it just makes you look worse. No offense.

Judgemental and Right

Winterene you're sounding pretty judgmental yourself. Which is fine. I mean judging people is one of the ways we determine if a person is someone we would like to get to know or not.

But while you are being judgmental of people who don't agree with you, you are making their judgements sound wrong. Yet somehow it is all right for you to judge everyone else who doesn't want to sit and have coffee with someone whose hands might be sticky.

Not gonna happen.


Both of you are exhibiting massive thoughtfail.

I am not being judgemental. I am judging one specific action of Waltie's (and people like him), the decision to label MrPeePee a creep and not want to meet him, as being prejudiced, judgemental, and bigoted. Allow me to quote myself:

> You're just being judgemental,
> prejudiced, and bigoted.

Forget what I said about not being a "decent" person--that was too vague. I take it back. But my other statement stands.

Note that I'm not making broader judgements about you or Waltie. I'm saying that these specific actions that you are taking are judgemental, bigoted, and prejudiced.

Judging an action and judging a person are not the same thing.


noun \ˈbi-gət\
Definition of BIGOT
: a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance "

Yeah, that really fits the situation.

"I know this guy who likes to jerk off in public bathrooms and then talk about it online. Also, he says sexual things about the female baristas at the locations where he masturbates. You should meet him. He's really cool."

"No thanks. I'm not interested."


Not really. Not at all, in fact. Not wanting to learn more about or get to know a person because you've received unappealing information about his or her personality and things he or she has done hardly compares to hating a group of people because of the color of their skin or their sexual preferences.

In fact, your stance on this matter is so utterly and completely wrong and illogical that I have to assume you're playing devil's advocate, so I'm just going to walk away, rolling my eyes, and happy in the knowledge that my world view isn't as appallingly short-sighted as yours seems to be.


It's funny that you go through the trouble of posting a definition, which clearly states "a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices", and then you proceed to address the second part of that definition even though it's obvious to you, me, and anybody reading this that I am not referring to racial bigotry.

Yes, you should walk away, simply because you have demonstrated no intention of trying to expand your viewpoint.

You merely say, "he's a creep; I don't want to meet him" without even trying to probe more deeply. Why do you think he's a creep? Is he really the person portrayed in the article, or is that an act? What is it about your personal past that biases you against his behaviour.

There is no end to the ways in which you, me, and others could learn from this example, but you don't seem interested.

So sad.


I have a pretty strong stomach, and I nearly vomitted after reading about this guy.


I know who the person that is tuning his trouser trombone in the bathrooms is. His name is Jim Romenesko, and he is a pretentious, arrogant tool if ever there was one!

Chauncey Dandridge

i think the fact that all the people that work at Starbucks call themselves 'partners' is much more disturbing than some guy with a weird fetish ;)


@ winterene. Lmao! Best thing I ever heard on this site. Lol


Oh wait. It was not winterene. It was A. I wonder where Andrew is lately. Rolf

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