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November 10, 2011


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File under killing two birds with one store. Juice bars will be opening in Starbucks' bathrooms - cheap rent and no more homeless pooping on the floor.


He won't give up on Vivannos or his protein factory!Maybe some home furnishings,a magazine and CD's.Or bagels?


More blenders to destroy the ears of those who spend all day blending.


Well, that's interesting.


they are opening brand new, not starbucks branded stores, to do juice bars in. no decision yet on whether these juice bar stores will even serve coffee.

starbucks stores will eventually all replace their naked juice with evolution offerings though.


'Eventually' meaning 'as fast as the can'. The open forum gave me the impression that there's a bit of tension with how fast they need to do this.

Reading Onward

As a shareholder, I like the idea of replacing Naked Juice in store with a Starbucks owned juice brand. However, I really think its foolish for them to open juice bars.

Jamba Juice is already the brand associated with made-to-order smoothies and juices. They have 750+ stores and are already expanding internationally. Not to mention, even though Jamba is improving its profits, its still very tough to justify $5 smoothies in a tough economy. Who knows what things will look like in 2012.

I really wished they would just stick to replacing Naked Juice with Evolution Fresh. That would be worth the $30 million buyout in my opinion.


Jamba Juice is improving their profits? I haven't heard anything about that, but I've been hearing plenty about how their stock prices are down to almost nothing. Seems like Howie is trying to strike while the iron is hot. I wonder how poor performance in one area will affect the other area...

Reading Onward

They just reported their earnings this past week. Q3 profit of $4 million compared to a loss the year before. They are a company that is transitioning from a juice company to a health and wellness brand. They have an agreement to build 200 Jambas in Korean within the next 10 years, a licensing agreement with Nestle, and many other exciting things. I was honestly hoping that we would buy Jamba instead of Evolution. But it sounds like Howard wants to start from scratch.

I don't think he'll succeed and thats what worries me as a shareholder.


Will Howie franchise out these stores?


a couple of things - 1) Naked is owned by Pepsi, whom we have a JV to bottle tazo/doubleshot/frap, etc. I bet Pepsi right now maybe thinking if Starbucks will eventually send Pepsi the way of Kraft - long way out, but it will be interesting to see if Sbux vertically integrates as a beverage bottler.
2) If Jamba is run like Tullys - which wouldn't surprise me - they are ripe to be put out to pasture - their profit and scale wouldn't match with Sbux - if Sbux really throws their weight behind another concept - we'll see if they really do, or have it be like SBC which is kinda an after thought in the market at the moment


A good idea breaking in to the fresh juice market, very neat!


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i break my back in a busy store fir your profits

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