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December 12, 2011


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If you missed it you can also get it online. Shipping is $3 but there appears to be no limit.


Showed up at my Starbucks at 7:10 a.m. No tumblers, no rain check. So dishonest of Starbucks to do this.


Use coupon code STNPWEKD online and you can get 10% off at checkout. If you buy two it's cheaper online.


Showed up at my smaller SBUX at 6:15am and got the last one there. Needed two, so on the way to work stopped at a much larger SBUX, about 6:30...got the 2nd to last one there. Baristas at both stores very apologetic and concerned for customers who won't be so lucky...great idea. Poor execution...


It's not dishonest. That cafe sold out. Good for them.
However, I'm surprised at all the posts I've seen of cafes being out of so many things. That is not on starbucks, that's bad management. Order more! You should know what will sell at Christmas. Our cafe has at least 40 of these mugs today.


Online store is now showing them as unavailable. Looks like there may not be any way to get the tumbler.


our store also only got 6, and sold out by 10a. i'm interested to know if any stores got more than 6.


I bought two this morning around 6:50am-7am... Those working weren't even aware of the deal until the tumblers came to the store... I don't think any customers were aware of the deal either..


Re: "It's not dishonest." Is it honest for a car dealer to advertise in huge letters that they have autos on sale at cut-rate prices and then in tiny fine print to acknowledge that they have only one or two at that price? Along the continuum of honest-dishonest business practices, Starbucks is not that far away from the car dealer. Don't advertise a deal and then deliberately under-order the available quantities. I could see a mom and pop operation not being able to gauge consumer sentiment; a golliath like Starbucks can't credibly make that claim.


How will Starbuck's track how many coffees were drunk if it is only one a day ?


I work at a university, and finals ended last week. Almost no students on campus now, just faculty and staff. Our campus Starbucks had 6 in stock around 10:15 am. They were gone by 10:30.


@Disappointed - Starbucks did not intentionally send "only one or two". My manager tried to get as many as she could, and we still sold out two days ago! Its not under-ordering or a scam if they sell out of a desirable product, its just what happens natural to a desired product. You are attempting to fault starbucks for not have an endless supply of one product.


Whatever, FACT and BARISTA, you know that stores are automatically shipped all the Christmas stuff==there is no of choice on "how many". Our store only got 6 of these tumblers and we had disappointed customers by 9am--- but we sure havea plethera of VIA and marked out most of the woopie pies. The 12 days of gifting has been disappointing this year and most of the days a hard sell to the customers.


My local Starbucks only had 6 of these mugs as well. Do you have a Target with a Starbucks inside? I got mine there, they had more than 10 when I went.


Heard some guy came into our store very early this morning and bought ALL of them. Not sure how many we had in stock (around 10?). Great for us, bad for every other customer who would have liked to have taken advantage of the deal.

Peter Albertson

Starbucks has a holiday drink promo too...free gift cards for facebook users!



We sold 10 by 8am, then got another 15 and sold them by 10am. Another store in town sold 50 by 11am.


This item could have been 39.99 and I could have sold 100 as pre orders alone....thanks corp for only sending me 8.


The tumblers were autoshipped, which means the numbers each store received were determined by corporate, not stores. My store, which does about $35,000 a week, only received 6. I know the local mall store received 24.


@coco ignorant. Yes, x amount is auto shipped. You then choose what you would like and how much. Our store has much more than the auto ship. @dissapointed again, that is bad management. The management did not order enough. Starbucks didn't do this. Some poor managers did.


@The rage over stores having only a few units.
How is it any different than the doorbusters on black friday? You think Wally World really has enough $5 tvs for everyone that might want one?


I run a 24 hour location. We sold 12 (of 15 we were shipped) within the first half hour of the promotion (by 12:30am). Last one sold at 4am. Could've easily sold 50 of these.

Coffee Soldier

Can't wait for the I lost/forgot my mug in January!

Starbucksgossip.com Webmaster

Just Say No, Coffee Soldier.

Sam Brown

Local store had 5 mugs. What an incredible ripoff for a large outfit like SB being so petty about the deal!


I find it funny that people put them out on the floor before today - the portal strictly said not to put them out until the day that they were to go on sale.


And in other news, although people bought them all up like hot cakes (um, or something else, like the tantalizing desire for free things), I really can't think of anyone who would really make full use of the offer; it would be a FANTASTIC gift, but for personal use, well... I think the samplers were better.

SM Veteran

As a Starbucks Store Manager for 9 years I can honestly say that I was UNABLE to order this product. This was available on Auto-ship ONLY! Whatever else other "managers" are saying is complete crap. I tried to get locate this item on our order system and it was NOT available at anytime for me to order "extra" or increase the auto-ship. Some auto-ship items you can do this but this was NOT one of them. Think about, why would Starbucks make 10 million of these? Do we not want to turn a brewed coffee profit in January? I think any and all tumblers they did offer to sell this gave someone free coffee for an entire month was extremely generous!


I wanted one, just because I liked the tumbler, I don't drink coffee at all. I didn't even try to get one, I figured they would be gone as soon as the store opened.


i left my store at 6pm and we still had about 6 left. As for the rest of the 12 days it was pretty fantastic sales wise.


I don't understand why people are crying foul. How is this different form Walmart stocking only 20 big-screen TVs for $299 (or some other ridiculously low price) on Black Friday morning? It's a loss leader, but a little more extreme.


@af--That's because Starbucks customers as a whole have become increasingly self-entitled. It's only a matter of time before someone uses pepper spray or a taser to cut in line.

I <3 music

So no bonus this year?


How is this a controversy?


@SM Veteran

Do you not have a CSR you can request product from?

Coffee Drinker

I consider it a lost leader, a bait and switch. that's my opinion and frustration after alerting a friend of yet another great offering at Starbucks. On Saturday a barista alerted me that they only had 6 mugs and that one customer planned to be at the door before they opened. I asked if people could buy more than one, she didn't know. for all I know that customer bought all 6.

Fine. I'm embarrassed for Starbucks for this dishonesty, if that's what it was. I suppose it's possible that way up the manufacturing level, not enough mugs were made. But SBUX could've made a workaround.

I often tell friends who like Starbucks about deals, about Christmas offerings, and to get registered cards. I've sent SBUX plenty of business even in the last year. So that's why I'm embarrassed for them in this case for their dishonesty.

Some will see this as whining and complaining; fine, whine about me too while you're at it. I'm only stating facts in case Starbucks corp. is reading along here.

I didn't plan to buy the cup for myself, possible one as a gift. Mostly wanted my hard-working friend to get a break; not just the "free" coffee, but doing something wonderful for herself every day in January, because she helps so many others, all day long. But of course Starbucks couldn't know that.

I have registered cards and my own SBUX mugs, but I won't be at Starbucks in January.

Ho ho ho.

Jeff Tom

wah wah wah i did jnot get a limited item.

what did you expect? these would be available for everyone? starbucks does not stock enough PASTRIES on a daily basis for everyone that wants a particular one. why would this be any different. too many people here feel entitled to "something". here is one last clue. the ad DID say "subject to quantity" or somesuch.


This is a while supplies last promotion. I don't see what the outrage is.

Coffee Soldier

I'm outraged that the customers are the outraged about this...hahah just kidding... I really don't see what the big deal is...it was a limited to stock on hand one day sale. We ran out of tea samplers at my store too at about noon and no one is crying about that. I'm sure Starbucks will run a promotion like this again and we'll all get more cups now that they see there is a demand. It's just like a few summer's ago you couldn't find a cold cup tumbler anywhere and now they are buy one get one free today! We have 17,000 locations worldwide...not sure if all were participating in the 12 Days of Gifting but if they were...that is a whole ton of tumblers to mass produce not knowing if this would be a popular promotion or not. For the cry babies maybe they could quickly mass produce a special card and we can sell it to them for 20 bucks that entitles them to free coffee for a month. Then imagine that...the whiners wouldn't even have to carry their own cup! Someone above compared this to Walmart having 200 dollar tv's...it is the same thing...if Walmart opens at 5 am you would not expect to walk in at 8 am and buy the hot item...every shopper knows you would need to get there first.


As a store manager, I didn't want to order additional tumblers (even if I could have gone through the CSR). This item will be a total pain in the ass cone January. I laughed when I read that the cost of the tumbler and cost of coffee was factored into the price of $19.95. Most of our tumblers are near the $20 range anyways but a grande coffee in NYC is $2.24, multiply that by 30 days. And I cant wait for the "can I just pay the difference for a latte," "can I have an empty cup, so my friend can miraculously pull out their tumbler and get a free coffee too, and more "why couldn't I buy a tumbler?" I havent even touched on lost sales and controllable costs in already a tough fiscal month. Thanks but no thanks


I'm not sure I understand the expectation??? For Starbucks to sell enough tumblers for everyone to get free coffee in January???? It's limited! Similiar to Black Friday deals! Seriously?


OK, OK, I retract my complaint about dishonesty. Starbucks wasn't being dishonest, it just suffers from a competence deficit in middle management. The analogies being made by some posters to Black Friday are hilarious (I can't help wondering if they're not middle managers covering their tracks). Is that really the brand image to which Starbucks aspires -- to be thought of in the same breath as Wally World and Walmart? Should we coffee lovers be camping outside our local Starbucks at 5 a.m. so that we can be one of the two or three souls lucky enough to snag a deal when the doors open? So far as I can tell, Starbucks has endeavored to project a different image -- more sophisticated, laid back, classy. For me Tumbler-gate was completely NOT what I expected of the company (I guess that's why I thought it was dishonest, because it betrayed the brand). If I was in Starbucks upper management I'd be having agita over employees who get paid good money not to make numbskull decisions that undercut the brand.


Check out Ebay. Surprise surprise.


It was not available as auto ship only. We ordered a whole slew more. A couple boxes full.


My store still has 6 of those tumblers left. Just like I guessed, after yesterday, no one wants them.


betrayed? Been drinking too much kool aid I see.



So now you're stuck filling up tumblers from other stores without having reaped the financial benefits of the initial sale... Great thinking.

Barista Man

LOL Siberiabux. I didn't even think of the "can I pay the difference for a latte." I've had people come in with the grocery store empty bag and ask to pay the difference to upsize to a grande from the free tall. No one has gotten snarky when we say "no" as of yet, but I can't wait to see what happens come January.


@Siberiabux - Spot on; this is exactly what will happen. We will be making a lot of CM/WM in these tumblers. Just say yes! (sigh)

@Disappointed - That's a nice theory and all, but I doubt middle management is wont to engage customers on a gossip site...they're probably too busy cashing their giant checks. As a barista in a busy metro-area store, though, I really don't understand self-professed "coffee lovers" coming to Starbucks. Ever noticed how often we have French or Italian Roast as the bold pick? It's so Starbucks can use the cheapest, lowest-quality beans because they're just going to be roasted to death anyway.

I have to wonder if any of these people drinking the kool-aid (including some partners) have ever bothered to try the competition. I'm not even talking about indie shops, but places like Caribou and Panera that manage to deliver a vastly more flavorful cup of coffee within the same constraints that Starbucks has, as a nationwide chain, and without all the smarmy self-importance.


LMAO at anyone upset they couldn't get a tumbler. Typical entitled sbux customers. Wahhhhhh

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