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January 14, 2012


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Regardless of what the suits say publicly, Starbucks employees telling blond jokes is dumb business because 1) it disparages their own products and 2) opens up all kinds of civil rights stuff that Starbucks wants nothing to do with.

Employees can't make fun of color/nationality/sexual orientation of your choice in today's politically correct climate without exposing the employee to hostile workplace complaints.


Yet another example of how Starbucks has it's head stuck FAR up it's a**!


It does seem odd that a company in this day and age of political correctness would use a name that invokes immediate humor when tied to description of its product. Some customers have already commented as to why didn't Starbucks call it what it is... "light". The jokes will continue, customers are already using them, including females. Eventually the tired jokes may disappear and life will move on..By the way, a veranda is a porch. Thats an odd name for something to drink.


I don't see any real inconsistency. Some managers told their stores "don't make blonde jokes," and the company is simply saying that was never a company directive.

And I'll agree that "light" or even "mild" would've been more logical names.

Blondie Blondie NES

Please calling it blonde was funny and our RDO stated bye bye if we leverage "blonde humor" I will anyway or maybe we should spend our time correcting customers have at it its fun and im blonde

I <3 music

Blonde is a term that is use with beers. I don't think it's an odd choice at all.


Men like to say, "I'd like a tall blonde."
At which point, the bar barista replies, "me too."
It's made for more fun with the customers.

Jeff Tom

How were the taste test things supposed top run this weekend? I went today to two different stores - around noonish for one, and 2pm for the other. No mention of it, no effort made to offer it....

Are we (customers) supposed to beg for this?



The taste tests were available until 11am. After that, upon request. No begging necessary.

Jeff Tom

Ah. Noted. Would have helped if email to customers would have stated that.


@Jeff, Stores were instructed to do 3 tastings this week for three to 4 hours each. They needed to be scheduled for the busiest times. Hence, the morning.


Blonde was also a light colored furniture finish that was popular in the fifties...

Coffee Drinker

I went to my local last night and they were no longer brewing the Blonde. They know I like good coffee--gave me a couple Blonde Vias to try. With my luck, I'll probably like it after all, and want to buy some. Sneaky! ; )

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I, for one, have been having a blast with the blonde jokes. As long as they remain reasonably tasteful, I think we call all have fun with them. It would be nice if we could be jovial and light-hearted without worrying about offending one person (because usually, it is one person).


I don't mind the jokes at all. then again, I don't understand them because I'm blond.


I could so see my manager doing this. This manager does not allow any personal reaction to anything starbucks does. Anything. Every comment is squashed with condescension. No one can be themselves.

Tim Hargis

Yeah, may not be the right choice of words. I mean instead of blonde you can always substitute gold. Or maybe go in an entirely different direction.

Chris Anonymous

All of the stores in my area were told not to tell blonde jokes. They were taking it very seriously


Sorry to be off topic, but could anyone tell me how to access my electronic paystub from home? I did it once, but can't remember how. Thanks!



I'd like to taste the blonde too! Of course you are going to tell blonde jokes, unless if they all expect us to be f-ing robots. Which im not, so just want to say I HATE the coffee.


AustinSS... you can access your paycheck and a lot more at starbucks.com/partners


I am tired of my husband going to Starbucks with our kids and saying "can I have a skinny tall blonde please?". It's ok to say it once or twice. But it's getting old and annoying now.

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