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January 31, 2012


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Once again another Starbucksgossip "scoop" is shown to be completely false.


I hope you learned a lesson in professional maturity and composure. As a store manager don't turn to this site for advice. Grow up.

Starbucks Gossip webmaster

Waltie -- "Scoop"? It was a letter to the site, Don't damage your credibility with false portrayals of what's posted here.


Congratulations on your promotion! I will probably be the lone voice on this one. I agree that there should have been other actions taken, before posting to SG, but, I only get to see what's posted, and not the other actions you took without first telling us here. But as a current shift who was once an ASM, I say good job, and good luck! Train hard, keep working to better yourself, and never be afraid to talk to your DM for guidance! To everyone else, we don't know this person, besides the letter he sent in. Please don't judge so harshly, lest you be judged.


Don't worry, my creditability and integrity are without question. Yours however... Well, you post anything that has even a passing mention of Starbucks, including emails from people making totally false accusations about the company.

I'm just trying to keep score here, and so far I'm pretty sure you're the negative. Oh, and when I used the word "scoop," I was using hyperbole as a way of teasing you. I'm not surprised that you thought I was being serious.

Amazing Grace

Methinks Waltie doth protest too much about working for SBUX corporate? Wouldn't it be a coup for them to discredit this site? I am sure there would be a bonus involved of some sort. Or a troll of the year award?

I <3 music

I'm glad to read this follow up. I hope everyone who was quick to attack this partner reads this and learns from it.



Why do you care so much about the site that you respond so quickly? No one thought it was a "scoop" because the guy clearly reached out to multiple other partners. That his story resolved happily doesn't discredit the worry that this could happen because it has and does regularly. Go eat a cake pop.


Don't pay attention to Waltie it will only make him respond. While I do believe everyone even Waltie, are entitled to their opinions, I could care less what he thinks.


Waltie: I wish you weren't so rude all the time. I've read tons of your comments and they're always with such a nasty tone. Whether you're right or wrong is irrelevant, I just think you're constantly condescending for no reason.

Do you think you could be a little nicer, pretty please? I think this site would be better without all the unnecessary hostility.


I'm not rude. I simply correct people when they post false information that could harm the company that employees me.

You should actually read how rude the people who attack me are. People lie, post false information that others as well as my self point out to be untrue, and then I'm called a troll, told to shut up, and accused of working for the PR department specifically to post on this website.

No, I'm not rude. But a lot of people on this website are.

And why do I post here if I am critical of it? Honestly, there is so much misinformation and negativity on this board that I can't not attempt to correct the lies and add some positivity to the company.


But, you're right. It's impossible to fight a liar with the truth. It's impossible to counter illogic with logic. It's pointless to try to add positivity to a website site where the majority of people just want to complain and commiserate with one another about how much they hate their jobs, their company, and the customers they are expected to serve.

So it's pointless and it's just annoying, and if I have ever sounded rude, it's because the negativity, lying, and delusional posts that are 100% contrary to the company I've work for over the past half decade (in a dozen stores across multiple districts) has me sometimes feeling exasperated.

So... I'm done. In the words of Roger Murtaugh, I'm getting too old for this s#!t.


I <3 music

Good. I'm looking forward to enjoying the posts here with one less troll:)


He better not be kidding! It would suck to get our hopes up.


@ Waltie: My intention of that post was not to get you to leave forever. I agree that you do set a lot of things straight, and I haven't seen you ever really be wrong. Maybe I didn't agree with your opinions, but it didn't mean you were wrong. And you clearly know a ton about the company's standards and policies. That being said, even if you aren't trying to be mean, you come off that way all the time. I was just asking if it was possible for you to be a little more pleasant in the way you write. That's all.


Oh, and I completely agree that people are really nasty to you. I always figured it was because you'd comment with something mean, and they'd then reply with something mean. Maybe they wouldn't be so hostile if you changed your tone as well?


I like how Waltie tries to come off as some holy Starbucks martyr. There are plenty of people on here who try to post correct information and provide counterpoints to certain claims or lies. Most of them manage to do so while portraying themselves as polite human beings instead of condescending Starbucks gods. The guy pretends to know a lot but I've seen him post incorrect info plenty of times. No big loss.


Lucky you. They transferred me as an asm and forgot about me.

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